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July 2018 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Kobo Town London Town from the CD Where The Galleon Sank (Stonetree)
  3. Malphino Molienda from the CD Visit Malphino (Lex)
  4. Delyth & Angharad Y Grimson Felfed from the CD Llinyn Arian (Sienco)
  5. The Poozies Ailein from the CD Punch (Poozies)
  6. Dafné Kritharas Aïdinikos Choros from the CD Djoyas De Mar (Lior Editions)
  7. Eugenia Georgieva Gyul Devoyche / A Maiden Like A Rose from the CD Po Drum Mome / A Girl On The Road (Riverboat)
  8. Nancy Wallace Yellow Tail from the CD A Place To Dwell (Southend YMCA)
  9. Lori Watson Fause, Fause from the CD Yarrow Acoustic Sessions (Isle)
  10. Patsy Reid The Quartz Jig/The Double Rise/Halloween Jig from the CD A Glint O' Scottish Fiddle (Classy Trad)
  11. Jean Bosco Mwenda Mwendo Tulikwenda from the CD Listen All Around (Dust To Digital)
  12. Blind Willie McTell Searching The Desert For The Blues from the CD The Rough Guide To Blind Willie McTell (World Music Network)
  13. Mariza Verde Limao from the CD Mariza (Warner Music Portugal)
  14. Moonlight Benjamin Port-Au-Prince from the CD Siltane (Ma Case)
  15. Mélissa Laveaux Jolibwa from the CD Radyo Siwel (No Format)
  16. My Bubba Big Bad Good from the CD Big Bad Good (My Bubba)
  17. Haley Heynderickx The Bug Collector from the CD I Need To Start A Garden (Mama Bird)
  18. The Turbans Hackney from the CD The Turbans (Six Degrees)
  19. Don Kipper Opa Ela from the CD Seven Sisters (Riverboat)
  20. Toby Hay The Longest Day from the CD The Longest Day (The State51 Conspiracy)

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