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fRoots Radio
February 2012 Edition

  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Melingo Elo Dia Que Te Fuiste from the CD Corazón y Hueso (World Village)
  3. Little Axe Keep On Drinking from the CD If You Want Loyalty, Buy A Dog (On U Sound)
  4. Billy Bragg Never Buy The Sun from the CD Fight Songs (Billy Bragg)
  5. Ani DiFranco Which Side Are You On? from the CD Which Side Are You On? (Righteous Babe)
  6. Banda Olifante Le Chemin Du Griot from the CD 10,000 Migrants (Felmay)
  7. Nfaly Kouyate Diarabi from the CD Kora Strings (Namun)
  8. Sproatly Smith The Blue Flame from the CD The Minstrel's Grave (Reverb Worship)
  9. Venereum Arvum Long Lankin from the CD A Pentacle Of Pips (Reverb Worship)
  10. Telling The Bees Wood from the CD John Barleycorn Reborn Rebirth (Cold Spring)
  11. Kurash Sultan Bändä from the CD Ärkäk Su (Caprice)
  12. Teta Tsakorarake from the CD Fototse (Buda)
  13. Elizabeth LaPrelle Locks And Bolts from the CD Birds' Advice (Old 97 Wrecords)
  14. Jackie Oates Gathering Rushes - free download
  15. Lucy Mimurabushi from the CD Hiyamikachi (Takara)
  16. Peter & Zoe Stampfel Demon In The Ground from the CD Ass In The Air (Jolly Olga Records)
  17. Anoushka Shankar w. Concha Buika Casi Uno from the CD Traveller (Deutsche-Grammofon)
  18. Amadou Ballaké & Le Super Volta Sali from the CD Bambara Mystic Soul (Analog Africa)
  19. Jess Cahill La Sansonette from the CD Long Time Have I Been Waiting (Jess Cahill)

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