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Latest CDs and DVDs
October 2016

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during October 2016. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

3hattrio Solitaire (America Desert Music)
Osama Abdulrasol Quintet Jedid (Home)
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith Night Hours (Fellside)
Erik Aliana & Picket Just My Soul (Buda)
Amala Resonance (Amala)
Andino Suns Madera (Andino Suns)
Freeland Barbour The Music & The Land: The Concert (Greentrax)
Beautiful Nubia & The Roots Renaissance Band Iwa (EniObanke)
Louise Bichan Out Of My Own Light/The Margaret S.Tait Project (Swanbister)
Don Bikoff Hallowed Ground (Don Bikoff)
Birlinn Jiarg Seamount (Birlinn Jiarg)
Jack Blackman Nearly Man (Tuery)
Bonga Recados De Fora (Lusafrica)
Bollywood Brass Band featuring Jyotsna Srikanth Carnatic Connection (Bollywood Brass Band)
Hank Bradley The Pescadero Blues (Sage Arts)
Hélene Brunet & Nicola Hayes The Inner Indian (Co-op Breizh)
The Ian Campbell Folk Group The Complete Transatlantic Recordings (Cherry Tree)
Cassie & Maggie The Willow Collection (Cassie & Maggie)
The Changing Room Names On A Wall (TCR)
Valentin Clastrier & Steven Kamperman Fabuloseries (Home)
Michael Cleveland Fiddler’s Dream (Compass)
Aidan Coffey with Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn & Colm Murphy The Corner House Set (Riverboat)
Pete Coutts Northern Sky (Fit Like)
Cunning Folk Ritual Land, Uncommon Ground (Dharma)
The Craggs Family The Craggs Family Album (Craggs Family)
Damakase Gunfan Yellem! (Captain Pouch)
Dipper Malkin Tricks Of The Trade (Dipper Malkin)
Furnace Mountain Shadow Of Plenty (Furnace Mountain)
Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach Waves Rise From Quiet Water (Braw Sailin’)
Gypsy Disco Vol. 1 (Gypsy Disco)
Jack Harris The Wide Afternoon (Rootbeat)
Heg & The Wolf Chorus Raising The Fires (Bessie)
Home Service A New Ground (Dotted Line)
John Lee Hooker The Modern Chess & Veejay Singles Collection 1949-62 (Acrobat Music)
Luke Jackson Tall Tales & Rumours (First Take)
Naïssam Jalal & Rhythms Of Resistance Almot Wala Amazala (Metisse)
JigJam Hello World (Jigjam)
Johns & Nowak Johns & Nowak (Johns & Nowak)
Kerekes Band Back to Følk (Kerekes Band)
Kern False Deceiver (Kern)
Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms Innocent Road (West Sound Music)
Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs Cats, Dogs & Ghosts (Asphalt Tango)
Lead Belly Midnight Special (Soul Jam)
Markku Lepistö Trio New Voices (Rapusaari)
Agustín Lira Songs Of Struggle & Hope (Smithsonian Folkways)
Dougie MacDougall of Alturlie & Special Friends At The End Of A Perfect Day (Brechin All)
Graham Mackenzie Crossing Borders (Blue Door Music)
Ewan Macpherson Fetch (Shoogle)
Amira Medunjanin Damar (World Village)
Merry Hell Bloodlines (Merry Hell)
Mitchell & Vincent Circling The Square (Mitchell & Vincent)
Moltenamba Slide To The Side (Moltenamba)
Na Mooneys Na Mooneys (Na Mooneys )
Nilamaye Las Flores Del Sol (Buda)
Steve Pledger Somewhere Between (Noisy Dog)
Ponk Post Folklor (Ponk)
Sophie Ramsay The Seas Between Us (Birnam)
Tao Ravao & Thomas Laurent Au Bout Du Petit Matin (Buda)
Duke Robillard Blues Full Circle (DixieFrog)
Pauline Scanlon Gossamer (Pauline Scanlon)
Simrit Songs Of Resilience (Simrit)
Speed Caravan Big Blue Desert (World Village)
Surpluz Dat Ik Zingen Moet! (Appel)
The Swanee Quintet The Complete Nashboro Releases 1951-62 (Acrobat Music)
Les Talents Du Monde RFI Talent (Talent)
Tenderlore Tenderlore (Tenderlore)
Stavridis Thanos A Suitcase Full Of Dreams (Kyklos)
Three Cane Whale Live At The Old Barn, Keston Roundhill (Kelston)
Kathryn Tickell & Friends Water Of Tyne (Magnetic North East)
Imarhan Timbuktu, Dintchéré & Ousmane Ag Aoumar Timbuktu Echoes (Clermont)  
Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Madjafalao (Because)
Trebunie-Tutki & Quintet Urmuli The Spirit Of The Mountains (Unzipped Fly)
Trio Dhoore Momentum (Folk Corner Den Appel)
Two’s Company Go Together (Two’s Company Folk)
Various Brexit Blues (Riverboat)
Various The Calais Sessions (The Calais Sessions)
Various The Food Of Love Project (Autolycos)
Various The Rough Guide To Delta Blues: Reborn & Remastered (World Music Network)
Voxtra The Encounter Of Vocal Heritage (Muziekpublique)
The Way Down Wanderers The Way Down Wanderers (TWDW)
Gillian Welch Boots No.1 The Official Revival Bootleg (Acony)
The Western Flyers Wild Blue Yonder (Versa-Tone)
Jenny Whiteley The Original Jenny Whiteley (Black Hen)
Brooks Williams Brooks’ Blues (Red Guitar Blue Music)
Hank Williams The Complete Singles As & Bs 1947-55 (Acrobat Music)
Chris Wood So Much To Defend (RUF)


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