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Latest CDs and DVDs
December 2015/January 2016

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during December 2015/January 2016. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Afro Celt Sound System The Source (ECC Records)
Duane Andrews Conception Bay (own label)
Frankie Armstrong What’s She Got To Smile At...? Songs Of Brecht, Weill & Eisler (Pirate Jenny)
Roseanna Ball Time (Haven Records)
Banjo Dan & The Mid-Nite Plowboys 18 (Rootstock Records)
Beltaine Miusjik (own label)
Boreas Ahoy Hoy (Isle Music Scotland)
M.G.Boulter With Wolves The Lamb Will Lie (Harbour Song Records)
The Boxcar Boys Cicada Ball (own label)
Aziza Brahim Abbar El Hamada (Glitterbeat)
The Brothers Gillespie Songs From The Outlands (own label)
The Brothers Nazaroff The Happy Prince (Smithsonian Folkways)
Jo’ Jo’ Buddy meets Funky Kingstone (Ram-Bam Records)
Buika Vivir Sin Miedo (EastWest)
Bush Gothic The Natural Selection Australian Songbook (Fydle Records)
Cara Yet We Sing (Artes Records)
Jim Causley Forgotten Kingdom (Hands On Music)
Companhia Crestian Josuer Bal Gascon II (Menestrers Gascons)
Joe Cuba Merengue Loco: Out Of This World Cha Cha (Malanga Music)
The Curst Sons The Jumping Flea (own label)
Steve Crawford & Sabrina Palm In Balance (own label)
Luke Daniels Revolve Rotate: Polyphon Part 1, Disc 1 (Gael Music)
Deti Picasso Motherland (Trottel Records)
Divanhana Zukva (ARC Music)
Kris Drever If Wishes Were Horses (Reveal Records)
Edward II Manchester’s Improving Daily (own label)
Elof & Wamberg Byen Sover (Go’ Danish Music)
The Fair Rain Behind The Glass (Transition Records)
Massimo Ferrante Populaj Kantoj (Felmay Records)
Firefay The King Must Day (own label)
FolkBeatRF In Mixt (Sketis Music)
Josephine Foster No More Lamps In The Morning (Fire Records)
Adam Franklin Outside Man (Blind Lemon Records)
Dori Freeman Dori Freeman (Free Dirt Records)
Lefty Frizell The One And Only / Listen To Lefty (Hoodoo Records)
Brad Gallagher, Bill Lowman, Alasdair Roberts Missed Flights & Fist Fights (own label)
Filippe Gambetta Otto Baffi (own label)
Gnoss Gnoss (Blackfly Records)
Gluepot Lulu The Bear & Other Stories EP (Harbour Song)
Alexander D. Great After The Windrush: RumShop Kaiso Chronicles Vol. 3 (own label)
Mairearad Green Summer Isles (Buie Records)
Half Deaf Clatch The Life & Death Of A.J.Rail (own label)
Halka O Ljubavi (Gramofon)
John Lee Hooker The Country Blues Of (Soul Jam Records)
Horehronie Trnki A Ich Hostia (Cultura Ethnica)
Sierra Hull Weighted Mind (Rounder Records)
Raphaël Imbert & Co Music Is My Home (Jazz Village)
The James Brothers The James Brothers (Drover Records)
The James Hunter Six Hold On! (Daptone Records)
Hilary James You Don’t Know (Acoustics)
Bert Jansch Avocet (Earth Recordings)
Diana Jones Live In Concert (Proper Records)
Kapela Maliszów Inconceivable Mazurkas (Karrot Komando)
Aly Keïta, Jan Galega Brönnimann, Lucas Niggli Kalo-Yele (Intakt Records)
Nuala Kennedy Behave The Bravest (Under The Arch Records)
Gemma Khawaja Such Mortal Sport (own label)
B.B.King Here’s One You Didn’t Know About (Ace Records)
Georgi Koev Legend Of The Bulgarian Clarinet (1910–1983) (BMA Productions)
Kroke Ten (Oriente Musik)
Simo Lagnawi The Gnawa Caravan: Salt (Waulk Records)
Las Hermanas Caronni Navega Mundos (Les Grands Fleuves)
Leveret In The Round (Root Beat Records)
Oisín Mac Diarmada The Green Branch (Ceol Productions)
Lorcán Mac Mathúna The Arrows That Murder Sleep (own label)
Magic Sam Blues Band Black Magic (Delmark)
Taj Mahal Brothers / Music Fuh Ya’ / Evolution (The Most Recent) (BGO Records)
Bridget Marsden When I Listen To Bingsjö (Dimma Sweden)
Marsupialias Carnaval Marsupial (Icaria)
Tim May & Steve Smith Tim May & Steve Smith (own label)
Simon Mayor The Mandolin Albums (Acoustics)
John Meed The Hills Of Arran (own label)
Buddy Miller & Friends Cayamo Sessions At Sea (New West Records)
Memphis Minnie Keep On Goin’ 1930 –1953 (Soul Jam Records)
Dimitris Mystakidis Esperanto (Fishbowl)
Ninebarrow Releasing The Leaves (own label)
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Hold On/Workin’ Band (BGO Records)
Les Nuages Ensemble Mazel Tov! (Felmay Records)
Maz O’Connor The Longing Kind (Restless Head)
Jason O’Rourke The Northern Concertina (own label)
Olli Goes To Bollywood Olli Goes To Bollywood (Label Caravan)
Oranitza Folktron (own label)
Marilis Orionaa La Destinada (Darenla)
Clive Palmer Clive: ‘Live’ At Pipers Folk Club (Whole-In-One Records)
Parakalamos Field Recordings From Pogoni, Epiris (JSP Records)
Peverlamm Deltu (Paker Prod)
Plu Tir A Golau (Sbrigyn Ymborth)
Kirsty Potts The Seeds Of Life (own label)
Nelson Da Rabeca / Rolf-Erik Nystrøm / Celio De Carvalho / Dona Benedita Bem-Ti-Vi ((TRAP)
Bonny Raitt Dig Deep (Redwing Records)
RAM 6 Manman M Se Ginen (own label)
Diana Rasina Romanian Tales (Bayla Records)
Red Squirrel Chasers Shakin’ Down The Acorns (Vigortone Records)
Tony Reidy Round Tower Blues (own label)
Riserva Moac Babilona (Bayla Records)
Carrie Rodriguez Lola (Luz Records)
Rosenfink Strala Stjarna Ren Och Klar (own label)
Leon Rosselson Where Are The Barricades? (PM Press)
The Rude Mechanicals Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot (own label)
Runrig The Story (Ridge Records)
Kate Rusby The Frost Is All Over (Pure Records)
The Ric Sanders Trio Standin’ On The Corner (Dottedline)
Segue-Me A Capela San’Joanices, Paganices E Outras Coisas De Mulher (Tradisom)
Seriouskitchen The Whispering Road (WildGoose Records)
Tom Shaka Sweet & Mean (Blind Lemon Records)
Shantel Viva Diaspora (Essay Recordings)
Sheesham & Lotus & ‘Son 78rpm (Sepiaphone Records)
Joan Shelley Over & Even (No Quarter)
Pete Shirley Sunset Katy & Other Stories (own label)
Sidestepper Supernatural Love (RealWorld)
Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus Wayward Sons (Nugene Records)
Jamie Smith’s Mabon The Space Between (Easy On The Records)
Sodagreen Winter Endless (Wrasse Records)
Soul Sok Séga Séga Sounds From Mauritius 1973 - 1979 (Strut)
Stanley & The Ten Sleepless Knights Quelbe! Music Of The US Virgin Islands (Smithsonian Folkways)
Steeleye Span Catch Up (Park Records)
Pantilis Spyrou Daimon Eaytos (Zexfis)
Stranded Horse Luxe (Talitres)
Suistamon Sähkö Suistamon Electricity (Kihtinäjärvi Records)
Suns Of Arqa Wadada (Starman Records)
Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston The Watchmaker’s Wife (Hands On Music)
Takimi Of Epirus Vitsa: Field Recordings From Greece (JSP Records)
Tartine De Clous Sans Folklore (own label)
Tegie Chlopy Dansing (own label)
Threaded Of What We Spoke (own label)
Three Cane Whale Palimpsest (own label)
Djelimady Tounkara Djely Blues (Label Bleu)
Rokia Traoré Né So (Nonesuch)
Erik Truffaz Quartete Doni Doni (Foufino Productions)
Uncle Sinner Let The Devil In (own label)
Uwolnione Dzwieki Released Sounds (Poznan)
Variomatic Winki (Appel Rekords)
Various Beef Ball Baby! The New Orleans R&B Sessions (Ace Records)
Various The Best World Music You’ve Never Heard (World Music Network)
Various Classic Chicago Blues (Soul Jam Records)
Various Fellside At 40 (Fellside)
Various From Sacred To Secular: A Soul Awakening (History Of Soul Records)
Various Have Moicy 2: The Hoodoo Bash (Red Newt Records)
Various I Wish There Was No Prisons (Musical Traditions)
Various Scotia Nova: Songs For The Early Days Of A Better Nation (Greentrax)
Various Time For Joy: Folk Songs Of Southern & Central Regions Of Russia (Sketis Music)
Värttinä Viena (Westpark Music)
Champion Doug Veitch The King (Champion Recordings)
Lotus Wight Lotus Wight’s Ode To The Banjo (own label)
Winter Wilson Ashes & Dust (own label)
Martin Wylde The Child Ballads Vol. 1 (own label)
Yat-Kha Live at Stray Dog Club (Sketis Music)
Yorkston-Thorne-Khan Everything Sacred (Domino)


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