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M'barali, Claude see MC Solaar

M'Barek, Sonia Takht (WDR/Network) 199/200

M'baw, Cherif Kham Kham (Detour/Warner France) 216

M'Baw, Cherif Demain (All Other Music) 274 ATR

M'Baye, Sérigne [Disiz La Peste] Itinéraire D'Un Enfant Bronzé (Barclay) 268

M'Carver, Kimberley Breathe The Moonlight (Philo) 99

M'Girl Fusion Of Two Worlds (own label) 302/303 E

M'Path Wanderer (Artemis/Rykodisc) 261 ATR

M'Toto I Paradisi [CS-023] 153 ATR

m-ZA m-ZA (Le Ragondin Masqué) 271/272 ATR

Ma, Yo-Yo & The Silk Road Ensemble Silk Road Journeys (Sony) 230/231

Ma, Yo-Yo (Mark O'Connor, Edgar Meyer, Yo-Yo Ma) Barbican, London 145 L

Maal, Baaba A Voice For Africa (Palm Pictures [DVD]) 271/272

Maal, Baaba African Soul Revolutionary (Nascente) 329/330 ATR

Maal, Baaba African Woman/Gorel (Mango [single]) 148

Maal, Baaba Baayo (Mango) 95

Maal, Baaba Best Of The Early Years (Wrasse) 239

Maal, Baaba Firin' In Fouta (Mango) 137

Maal, Baaba Lam Toro - The Remix Album (Mango) 125

Maal, Baaba Lam Toro (Mango) 111

Maal, Baaba Live At The Royal Festival Hall (Palm Pictures) 193

Maal, Baaba Missing You / Mi Yeewnii (Palm Pictures) 214

Maal, Baaba Nomad Soul (Palm Pictures) 182/183

Maal, Baaba On The Road (Palm Pictures) 304

Maal, Baaba Souka Nayo (Palm Pictures [single]) 189

Maal, Baaba Television (Palm Pictures) 312

Maal, Baaba Yele (Mango [single]) 123

Maal, Baaba & Dande Lenol Astoria, Charing Cross Rd, London 61 L

Maal, Baaba & Dande Lenol Royal Festival Hall, London 143 L

Maal, Baaba & Dande Lenol Wango (Stern's) 239

Maal, Baaba & Dande Lenol Wango (Syllart) 58

Maal, Baaba & Mansour Seck Djam Leelii (Rogue) 68

Maal, Baaba & Mansour Seck Djam Leelii (Yoff) 182/183

Maal, Baaba & Mansour Seck, Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh Hackney Empire, London 67 L

Maal, Baaba & S.E. Rogie Acoustic Sounds From Africa (Island Visual Arts [video]) 79/80

Maal, Baaba (Youssou N'Dour / Baaba Maal) Banjul/Bakau, The Gambia 69 L

Maalesh Yelela (Marabi) 309

Maalstroom From The Wood (Pigeon) 277 ATR

Maalstroom Open Window (Pigeon) 301 ATR

Maalstroom & Jo Freya Meet (No Masters) 333 ATR

Maans, Marianne Marianne Maans (Finlands Svenska Folkmusikinstitut) 262 ATR

Maans, Marianne, Maria Kalaniemi, Olli Varis I Ramunders Fotspår (Finlands Svenska Folkmusikinsitut) 221

Ma'aria Sugnari (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 313

Mabel Meldrum's Brownie Snaps (own label) 79/80

Mabeljoy Catherine (Hummingbird [single]) 97

Mabon Live At The Grand Pavilion (Easy On) 333

Mabon OK Pewter (own label) 295/296

Mabon Ridiculous Thinkers (Mabon) 254/255 ATR

Mabsant Chwar'e Chwyldro (Gwerin) 39

Mabsant Cofeb (Sain) 79/80

Mabsant Gwerin Cymreig (Gwerin) 21 (SR)

Mabsant The Best On Sain (Sain) 234 ATR

Mabsant Tôn Gron (Fflach) 94

Mabsant Trip To Glamorgan (Folktracks) 17 ATR (SR)

Mabsant Trwy'r Weiar (Sain) 55

Mabulu Karimbo (World Music Network) 210

Mabulu Soul Marrabenta (World Music Network) 218/219

Mabus, Joel Fairies And Fools (Flying Fish) 20 (SR)

Mabus, Joel The Banjo Monologues (Fossil) 293

Mabus, Joel The Naked Truth (Fossil) 79/80 ATR

Mabuse, Sipho Chant (Virgin [single]) 71

Mabuse, Sipho Chant Of The Marching (Virgin) 72

Mac Aoidh, Caoimhín Between The Jigs And The Reels (The Donegal Fiddle Tradition) (Drumlin Publications) 144 P

Mac Bones see Machar, Yirdy 'Mac Bones'

Mac Con Iomaire, Colm The Hare's Corner (Plateau) 338/339 ATR

Mac-talla Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol (Temple) 133

Macaco Rumbo Submarino (Edel) 235/236

MacAdam-Somer, Eden & Larry Unger Notorious (Black Socks) 293 ATR

Macal, Jards Jards Macal (Atrao) 198

Macalias Highwired (Greentrax) 208

Macalla Mná na hÉireann (Gael Linn) 24 (SR); 263 ATR

MacAndrew, Hector Legend Of The Scots Fiddle (Greentrax) 313 ATR

MacAskill, Ishbel Essentially Ishbel (own label) 209

MacAskill, Ishbel Leódhas Mo Ghràidh (Beloved Lewis) (Lapwing) 59

MacAskill, Ishbel Sìoda (Macmeanmna) 145

MacBeath, Jimmy & Davie Stewart Two Gentlemen Of The Road (Rounder) 241

MacBeath, Jimmy Tramps & Hawkers (Rounder) 227

MacCafferty, James (Eugene O'Donnell &) The Foggy Dew (Green Linnet) 74

MacCallum, Hugh A. The World's Greatest Pipers - Volume 2 [featuring Hugh A. MacCallum] (Lismor) 36 ATR

MacCavity's Cat Scratch (Cow Thrash) 81

MacColl, Angus D. The Clan MacColl (Lismor) 165 ATR

MacColl, Ewan Ballads: Murder, Intrigue, Love, Discord (Topic) 319/320

MacColl, Ewan Black And White (Cooking Vinyl) 89

MacColl, Ewan Bothy Ballads Of Scotland (Ossian Publications) 137

MacColl, Ewan Chorus From The Gallows (Topic) 190 ATR

MacColl, Ewan Journeyman (Sidgwick & Jackson) 90 P

MacColl, Ewan Solo Flight (Topic) 204 ATR

MacColl, Ewan Songs Of Robert Burns (Ossian Publications) 137

MacColl, Ewan The Essential Ewan MacColl Songbook - 60 Years Of Songmaking (Oak Publications) 230/231 P

MacColl, Ewan The Legend Of Ewan MacColl (Reactive Masters) 185 ATR

MacColl, Ewan The Real MacColl (Topic) 121

MacColl, Ewan & A.L. Lloyd Blow Boys Blow (Tradition) 163/164 ATR

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger Classic Scots Ballads (Tradition) 174 ATR

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger Naming Of Names (Cooking Vinyl) 87

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger The Mermaid, Birmingham 34 L

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger White Wind, Black Tide (Blackthorne) 45

MacColl, Ewan (Peggy Seeger &) Items Of News (Blackthorne) 47

MacColl, Ewan with Peggy Seeger Scottish Traditional Songs (Ossian Publications) 137

MacColl, Ewan with Peggy Seeger The Jacobite Rebellions (Ossian Publications) 137

MacColl, Ewan with Peggy Seeger Traditional Songs And Ballads Of Scotland (Ossian Publications) 137

MacColl, Ewan, A.L. Lloyd, Roy Harris Bold Sportsmen All (Topic) 187/188

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: On The Edge (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: Song Of A Road (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: Singing The Fishing (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: The Ballad Of John Axon (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: The Big Hewer (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: The Body Blow (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: The Fight Game (Topic) 193

MacColl, Ewan, Charles Parker & Peggy Seeger The Radio-Ballads: The Travelling People (Topic) 193

MacColl, Kirsty / The Pogues Miss Otis Regrets/Just One Of Those Things (Chrysalis [single]) 93

MacColl, Kirsty Tropical Brainstorm (V2) 204

MacCrimmon, Brenna Kulak Misafiri (Green Goat Music) 309

MacCrimmon, Brenna: Muammer Ketencoglu, Brenna MacCrimmon, Sumru Agiryürüyen & Cevdet Erek Ayde Mori (Kalan) 229

MacDara The Love Token (own label) 289 ATR

MacDiarmada, Oisín, Brian Fitzgerald, Micheál O'Ruanaigh Traditional Music On Fiddler, Banjo & Harp (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 220

MacDonald, Allan (Margaret Stewart &) Colla Mo Rùn (Greentrax) 228 ATR

MacDonald, Allan (Margaret Stewart &) Fhuar Mi Pog (Greentrax) 184

MacDonald, Angus, Dr a'Sireadh spor`s (Temple) 97

MacDonald, Angus, Dr Maidean Dubh' An Donais / The Black Sticks Of The Devil (Macmeanma) 324 ATR

MacDonald, Angus, Dr (Willie Morrison, Dr Angus MacDonald) The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Vol. 3 (Temple) 180 ATR

MacDonald, Anna You Held Out Your Hand EP (Firebeach) 336 ATR

Macdonald, Betty & Norman Water Of Tyne (own label) 96

Macdonald, Catriona Bold (Peerie Angel Productions) 201

Macdonald, Catriona Over The Moon (Peerie Angel Productions) 297

Macdonald, Catriona & Ian Lowthian Opus Blue (Acoustic Radio Label) 137

MacDonald, David Ross Southern Crossing (own label) 232 ATR

MacDonald, Eleanore (Paul Kamm &) Unbroken Chain (Freewheel) 114 ATR

MacDonald, Fergie Agus Na Muidartaich (Lismor) 129

MacDonald, Fergie The 21st Album (Greentrax) 175/176 ATR

MacDonald, Finlay: The Finlay MacDonald Band Pressed For Time (Footstompin') 253

MacDonald, Finlay: The Finlay MacDonald Band ReEcho (Greentrax) 292 ATR

MacDonald, Finlay, Simon McKerrell & Chris Gibb Highland Games (Macmeanmna) 270 ATR

MacDonald, Gillian (Frank McLaughlin &) Out Of The Wood (Claytara) 193

MacDonald, Iain Beneath Still Waters (Greentrax) 46

MacDonald, Iain This Land Once Was Free (Greentrax) 81

MacDonald, John The Singing Molecatcher Of Morayshire (Greentrax) 184 ATR

MacDonald, Kirsteen A'Chiad Sealladh (Smith/Mearns Recordings) 241 ATR

Macdonald, Norman: Betty & Norman Macdonald Water Of Tyne (own label) 96

MacDonald, Rod (Richard Dobson &) T&C2, London 111 L

MacDonald, Rod Bring On The Lions (Brambus) 83

MacDonald, Rod Into The Blue (Brambus) 198 ATR

MacDonald, Rod The Man On The Ledge (Shanachie) 139/140 ATR

MacDonald, Rod White Buffalo [MDR 001] 54

MacDonald, Roddy Good Drying (Greentrax) 246

MacDonald, William M. Piobaireachd Volume 1 (Highlander Music) 286 ATR

MacDonald, William M. Piobaireachd Volume 2 (Highlander Music) 299 ATR

MacDonald, William M. Piobaireachd Volume 3 (Highlander Music) 309 ATR

Macdonald, Willie Beul Aithris (Folk Song) (Norsound) 67

MacDonald Sisters, The Solas Clann Dhomhnaill (Rev-Ola/Poppy) 335 ATR

MacDougall, Lorne Hello World (Greentrax) 333 ATR

MacDougall, Toffy And The Primal Soup Troubadours Of The Last Frontier (TRG Music) 110 ATR

MacFadyen, Iain Ceol Mor - Ceol Beag (Temple) 29; 156 ATR

MacGillivray, Elspeth Inheritance (Norsound) 67

MacGillivray, Iain Rolling Home (Fellside) 42

MacGowan, Doug A Slight Remove (Sabre) 294 ATR

MacGowan, Geraldine & Anne Conroy Winds Of Change (Tara) 52

MacGowan, Geraldine & Friends Timeless (Magnetic Music) 202

MacGowan, Geraldine 'Till The Morning Comes (Magnetic Music) 161

MacGowan, Shane & The Popes Christmas Party (ZTT [EP]) 166

MacGowan, Shane & The Popes The Snake (ZTT) 139/140

MacGowan, Shane (Victoria Mary Clarke &) A Drink With Shane MacGowan (Sidgwick & Jackson) 217 P

MacGregor, Bruce Loch Ness (Blazin') 251 ATR

MacGregor, Bruce: MacGregor, Brechin & Ó hEadhra Sonas (Brechin All) 311

MacGregor, Pete When Years Were Long (Village Pump) 256 ATR

MacGregor, Brechin & Ó hEadhra Sonas (Brechin All) 311

Macha Trõ The Bear Dance (Sound as a Trout) 158/159 ATR

Machado, Lena Hawai'ian Song Bird - Hawai'ian Legends Vol.3 (Hana Ola) 184

Machai, Tami Levante (own label) 280 ATR

Machar, Yirdy 'Mac Bones': Mac Bones & the B Band Mac Bones & The B Band (Openear) 276 ATR

Machete Ensemble (John Santos & The) John Santos & The Machete Ensemble (Xenophile) 149

Machine Breakers, The Eight Men From Three Beams (Tinfoil) 273 ATR

Machine Breakers, The The Land Was Stolen (Tinfoil) 321 ATR

Machlis, Paul (Alasdair Fraser &) Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle - Volume 1 (Culburnie) 218/219

Machlis, Paul (Alasdair Fraser &) Skyedance (Culburnie) 47

Machlis, Paul (Alasdair Fraser &) The Road North (Sona Gaia) 76

Machlis, Paul The Bright Field (Culburnie) 153

Machlis, Paul The Magic Horse (Invincible) 118 ATR

Macias, Michel CaïCaïCaï (Daqui) 218/219

Macias, Michel Tout Et Son Contraire (Daqui) 269 ATR

MacInnes, Iain Sealbh (Macmeanmna) 324

MacInnes, Iain Tryst (Greentrax) 204

MacInnes, Kathleen Og-Mhadainn Shamhraidh/Summer Dawn (Greentrax) 283/284

MacInnes, Maggie Oran Na Mna / A Woman's Song (Marram Music) 293

MacInnes, Maggie Peaceful Ground (Talamh Sìtheil) (Marram Music) 254/255

MacInnes, Maggie Spiorad Beatha/The Spirit Of Life (Marram) 222

MacInnes, Maggie (Colum Sands &) The Seedboat (Bata an t-Sil) (Spring) 334 ATR

MacInnes, Maggie (George Jackson &) Cairistiona (Iona) 23 (SR)

MacInnes, Mairi Causeway (Lismor) 81

MacInnes, Mairi Orosay (Greentrax) 222

MacInnes, Mairi This Feeling Inside (Greentrax) 154

MacInnes, Mairi Ticketyboo (Greentrax) 233 ATR

MacInnis, James / Paul MacNeil Fosgail An Dorus (Iona) 167

MacIntosh, Iain Gentle Persuasion (Greentrax) 167 ATR

MacIsaac, Ashley Hi ™ How Are You Today? (A&M) 158/159

MacIsaac, Wendy That's What You Get (Lochshore) 180

Mack, Bobby Highway Man (Provogue) 186 ATR

Mack, Bobby Live At J&J Blues Bar (Provogue) 175/176 ATR

Mack & The Boys Downtime Love (Run River [single]) 117

Mack & The Boys Mack & The Boys (Run River) 115/116

Mackay, Iain Creag An Fhraoich (Macmeanmna) 273 ATR

Mackay, Iain SeÚladh (Macmeanmna) 154

Mackay, Norman The Perfect Squeeze (Cawdor) 298 ATR

MacKay, Rhona Ceol Na Clàrsaich (Lismor) 23 (SR)

Mackenzie (William Jackson &) Notes From A Hebridean Island (Linn) 223/224

Mackenzie, Ally & Colin Melville Fits O' Giggles (Spagnum Moss) 270 ATR

MacKenzie, Angus: Kenneth & Angus MacKenzie Piob Is Fidheall (Mabou Mines) 336

Mackenzie, Dave Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (Black & Tan) 209

Mackenzie, Dave Rats In My Bedroom (Hey Baby) 133

Mackenzie, Dave Slender Man Blues (Hey Baby!) 151/152

Mackenzie, Eilidh Bel Canto (Macmeanmna) 323 ATR

Mackenzie, Eilidh Eideadh Na Sgeulachd/The Raiment Of The Tale (Temple) 118

Mackenzie, Eilidh, Fiona & Gillian: William Jackson & Mackenzie Notes From A Hebridean Island (Linn) 223/224

Mackenzie, Fiona Duan Nollaig - A Gaelic Christmas (Greentrax) 295/296 ATR

Mackenzie, Fiona: Fiona J. Mackenzie A Good Suit Of Clothes - Songs Of The Emigrant Gael (Greentrax) 321

Mackenzie, Fiona: William Jackson & Mackenzie Notes From A Hebridean Island (Linn) 223/224

Mackenzie, Gillian: William Jackson & Mackenzie Notes From A Hebridean Island (Linn) 223/224

MacKenzie, Joan see Niccoinich, Seonag

MacKenzie, Kate Let Them Talk (Red House) 141

MacKenzie, Kate The Age Of Innocence (Red House) 162

MacKenzie, Kenneth & Angus Piob Is Fidheall (Mabou Mines) 336

Mackenzie, Kevin: Kevin Henderson, Jenna Reid, Kevin Mackenzie Da Hömin (HRM) 288 ATR

MacKenzie, Laura Evidence (New Folk) 251 ATR

MacKenzie, Laura Laura & The Lads (New Folk) 251 ATR

Mackenzie, Ruth Kalevala - Dream Of The Salmon Maiden (Omnium) 185

MacKenzie, Talitha Indian Summer (SONAS Multimedia) 295/296 ATR

MacKenzie, Talitha Sòlas (Riverboat) 126

MacKenzie, Talitha Spiorad (Spirit) (Shanachie) 173

MacKenzie, Tom Back In Paradise (Lightening Ridge Music) 268 ATR

MacKenzie, Tom Wake Me When It's Over (Lightening Ridge Music) 228

MacKillop, Rob Flowers Of The Forest (Greentrax) 187/188

MacKillop, Rob The Healing (Greentrax) 232 ATR

MacKillop, Rob & William Taylor Graysteil (Dorien Discovery) 172 ATR

MacKinnon, Maeve Fo Smuain (Macmeanmna) 154

MacKinnon, Niall The British Folk Scene - Musical Performance And Social Identity (Open University Press) 130 P

MacKintosh, Iain & Brian McNeill Stage By Stage (Greentrax) 157

MacKintosh, Iain Gentle Persuasion (Greentrax) 64

MacKintosh, Iain Risks And Roses (Greentrax) 103/104

Mackintosh, James (Luke Plum with) A Splendid Notion (Shoogle) 311 ATR

Macklin, Kersti: Kersti Macklin Och Midgårds Ensemble L'agréable (Tongång) 173

MacLean, Dougie Butterstone (Dambuster) 21 (SR)

MacLean, Dougie Craigie Dhu (Dunkeld) 18 (SR)

MacLean, Dougie Dougie MacLean's Caledonia - The Plant Life Years (Osmosys) 154 ATR

MacLean, Dougie Fiddle (Dunkeld) 25

MacLean, Dougie Indigenous (Dunkeld) 109

MacLean, Dougie Marching Mystery (Dunkeld) 139/140

MacLean, Dougie On A Wing And A Prayer (Plant Life) 12 (SR)

MacLean, Dougie Perthshire Amber (Dunkeld) 210

MacLean, Dougie Real Estate (Dunkeld) 64

MacLean, Dougie Riof (Dunkeld) 175/176

MacLean, Dougie Snaigow (Plant Life) 5 (SR)

MacLean, Dougie The Dougie MacLean Collection (Putumayo) 165

MacLean, William (Pipe-Major William MacLean) Scottish Tradition 10 - Pibroch (Greentrax) 154

MacLellan, Donald The Dusky Meadow (Rounder) 242/243 ATR

MacLennan, Ken featuring Storm Highland Tempest - "A Celtic Rock Experience!" (Moidart) 172 ATR

MacLeod, Alan: Bourne & MacLeod Dance & Celebrate (Attic World) 114

MacLeod, Ali 'Beag' & Kevin MacLeod Braes Of Badentarbat (own label) 333 ATR

MacLeod, Allan: Holdstock & MacLeod Deepwater Shanties (own label) 62

MacLeod, Angus The Silent Ones (Torquil Productions) 209 ATR

Macleod, Bobby Simply Solo (Mull Recordings) 73

MacLeod, Donald (Pipe Major Donald MacLeod M.B.E.) The New York Recordings 1968 (Lismore) 65

MacLeod, Doug The Utrecht Sessions (Black & Tan) 301 ATR

MacLeod, Doug You Can't Take My Blues (Audioquest) 181 ATR

MacLeod, Kate Feel The Earth Spin (Wind River) 225 ATR

MacLeod, Kate Trying To Get It Right (Waterbug) 149 ATR

MacLeod, Kate & Kat Eggleston Drawn From The Well (Wind River) 244 ATR

MacLeod, Kevin Dorney Rock (Greentrax) 286 ATR

MacLeod, Kevin Springwell (Greentrax) 202

MacLeod, Kevin & Alec Finn Polbain To Oranmore (Greentrax) 246 ATR

MacLeod, Kevin (Ali 'Beag' MacLeod &) Braes Of Badentarbat (own label) 333 ATR

Macleod, Mac Copenhagen Lites (Shagrat [single]) 209

MacLeod, Robert & Friends All Aboard (Mull Recordings) 88

MacLeod, Roddy (Ian Duncan &) The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Vol. IV (Temple) 193 ATR

MacMahon, Niall Later (Kaleidoscope Sound) 62

MacMahon, Tony (Noel Hill &) I gCnoc na Graí (Gael Linn) 264 ATR

MacMaster, Buddy Cape Breton Tradition (Rounder) 240 ATR

MacMaster, Buddy Glencoe Hall (own label) 110

MacMaster, Buddy The Judique Flyer (Stephen MacDonald Productions) 209

MacMaster, Natalie A Compilation (Greentrax) 173

MacMaster, Natalie Blueprint (Rounder) 246

MacMaster, Natalie Fiddle Lesson With Natalie MacMaster (Greentrax) 173

MacMaster, Natalie Fit As A Fiddle (CBC-Maritimes) 144

MacMaster, Natalie In My Hands (Greentrax) 196

MacMaster, Natalie Live (Rounder) 230/231

MacMaster, Natalie My Roots Are Showing (Greentrax) 185

MacMaster, Natalie No Boundaries (Greentrax) 173

MacMaster, Natalie: MacMaster/Hay Love And Reason (own label) 317/318

MacMaster, Natalie, Tracy Dares & The Royal Scottish National Orchestra Edinburgh Folk Festival 168 L

MacMathuna, Lorcan Rógaire Dubh (own label) 300 ATR

MacMathuna, Padraig Blas Na Meala (Gael Linn) 121

Macmillan, Gillebrìde Thogainn Ort Fonn (Macmeanmna) 287 ATR

Macmillan, Ruairidh: Rua Macmillan Tyro (Greentrax) 326/327 ATR

MacMurrough MacMurrough (Kissing Spell) 304 ATR

MacMurrough Merry & Fine (Kissing Spell) 304 ATR

MacMurrough: Shades Of MacMurrough Carrig River (Kissing Spell) 304 ATR

MacNamara, Christy & Peter Woods The Living Note - The Heartbeat Of Irish Music (The O'Brien Press) 165 P

MacNamara, Mary The Blackberry Blossom (Claddagh) 216

MacNamara, Mary Traditional Music From East Clare (Claddagh) 139/140

MacNaughtons Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band, The Live 'n Well - The Motherwell Concert (Greentrax) 167 ATR

MacNeil, Flora Craobh Nan Ubhal (Temple) 133

MacNeil, Flora Orain Floraidh - The Songs Of Flora MacNeil (Temple) 209

MacNeil, Madeline Soon It's Going To Rain (Kicking Mule) 34

MacNeil, Paul (James MacInnis / Paul MacNeil) Fosgail An Dorus (Iona) 167

MacNeill, Donald Winter Sun (Standing Stone) 81

MacNeill, Finlay Fonn Is Furan (A Tune And Welcome) (Temple) 15 (SR); 206/207 ATR

Macon, Uncle Dave Classic Sides 1924-38 (JSP) 262

Macon, Uncle Dave Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy (Bear Family) 254/255

MacPhee, Catherine-Ann Cànan Nan Gàidheal (Language Of The Gael) (Greentrax) 59; 121

MacPhee, Catherine-Ann Chi Min Gearnhradh (I See Winter) (Greentrax) 98

MacPhee, Catherine-Ann Sings Mairi Mhor (Greentrax) 138

MacPhee, Catherine-Ann Sùil Air Ais (Looking Back) (Greentrax) 254/255

MacPhee, Doug (David Greenburg &) Tunes Until Dawn (Marquis/EMI Canada) 206/207

MacUmba Bruhuhho! (Greentrax) 197 ATR

MacUmba Don't Hold Your Breath (Greentrax) 160

Mad Dog McRea Sophisticated Hat Manoeuvres (Cough) 287 ATR

Mad Dogs & Englishmen Going Down With Alice (Whippet/Downwarde Spiral) 210

Mad Professor Meets Marcelinho Da Lua In A Dubwise Style (Discmedi) 288 ATR

Mad Pudding Dirt & Stone (Fiendish) 156

Mad Pudding Grand Hotel (Fellside) 202

Mad Pudding Rattle On The Stovepipe (Iona) 174

Mad Rush Music Of Time (Ell) 240 ATR

Madagascar Slim OmniSource (own label) 194/195

Madagascar Slim: Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau & Madagascar Slim Continental (Tradition & Moderne) 213

Madala & Max Lasser Madamax (M.E.L.T.) 193

Madala Kon'Ko Man (B & W Music) 160

Madcap Macclesfield Town Hall, Cheshire 51 L

Madden, Bill Chillin' In Hades (MadMuse) 156 ATR

Madden, Joanie A Whistle In The Wind (Green Linnet) 141

Madden, Joanie, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan Pride Of New York (Compass) 317/318 ATR

Maddiver, Mick Look Who Came To Church On Sunday (Mick O'Treats) 114 ATR

Maddox Brothers (The) & Rose Live - On The Radio (Arhoolie) 190 ATR

Maddox Brothers (The) & Rose On The Air, 1940 & 1945 (Arhoolie) 20 (SR)

Maddox Brothers (The) & Rose On The Air: The 1940s (Arhoolie) 168

Maddox Brothers (The) & Rose On The Air, Vol. 2 (Arhoolie) 34

Maddox Brothers (The) & Rose That'll Learn Ya Durn Ya: A Proper Introduction To... (Proper) 259/260 ATR

Maddox Brothers (The) & Rose Volume 2 - America's Most Colorful Hillbilly Band (Arhoolie) 154

Maddox, Rose $35 And A Dream (Arhoolie) 144

Maddox, Rose A Beautiful Bouquet (Arhoolie) 20 (SR)

Maddox, Rose California Rose (See For Miles) 76

Maddox, Rose Rose Of The West Coast Country (Arhoolie) 103/104

Maddox, Rose This Is Rose Maddox (Arhoolie) 14 (SR)

Maddox, Rose: The Maddox Brothers & Rose Live - On The Radio (Arhoolie) 190 ATR

Maddox, Rose: The Maddox Brothers & Rose On The Air, 1940 & 1945 (Arhoolie) 20 (SR)

Maddox, Rose: The Maddox Brothers & Rose On The Air: The 1940s (Arhoolie) 168

Maddox, Rose: The Maddox Brothers & Rose On The Air, Vol. 2 (Arhoolie) 34

Maddox, Rose: The Maddox Brothers & Rose That'll Learn Ya Durn Ya: A Proper Introduction To... (Proper) 259/260 ATR

Maddox, Rose: The Maddox Brothers & Rose Volume 2 - America's Most Colorful Hillbilly Band (Arhoolie) 154

Maddox, Rose With The Vern Williams Band Beautiful Bouquet (Arhoolie) 292 ATR

Maddy & Girls see Prior, Maddy

Madera Limpia La Corona (Out Here) 306

Madigan Uncorked (Transatlantic Roots) 184

Madiko, Wes see Wes

Madilu System La Bonne Humeur (Stern's Africa) 295/296

Madilu System Sans Commentaire (Stern's Africa) 134/135

Madleys (Bratko Bibic & The) In The Family Garden (Slovenska Kinoteka/Nika) 235/236 ATR

Madman's Butterfly Keep Nine Goldfish In Your Home (own label) 197 ATR

Madoré, Henri Le Dernier Chanteur De Rue (Takamba) 211/212

Madosini Power To The Women (MELT 2000) 184

Madredeus Antologia (EMI-Valentim de Carvalho) 210 ATR

Madredeus Electronico (Capitol) 239 ATR

Madredeus Movimento (EMI) 217 ATR

Madrid De Los Austrias Amor (Sunshine) 228 ATR

Madsen, Catherine Grey Sabbath (Wormwood Productions) 73 ATR

Madsen, Gunnar The Power Of A Hat (G-Spot) 189 ATR

Madsen, Pete Good Time Music: Blues And Rags (Buzzy Frets) 251 ATR

Mady, Kasse Fode (Sterns) 70

Mady, Kasse Kela Tradition (Stern's) 91/92

Mady, Kasse: Kasse Mady Diabate Kassi Kasse - Mande Music From Mali (Corason/Hemisphere) 238

Mady, Kasse: Kasse Mady Diabate Manden Djeli Kan (Universal/Wrasse) 312

Mady, Kasse / Four Brothers Hammersmith Palais 78 L

Maëlstrom Quartet À Cordes De Bretagne (Keltia) 250 ATR

Maerlock, The Sofa (Fellside) 302/303

Maes, Christian & Sandy Miller Tilted House (Saltarelle) 127/128

Maes, Christian & Wolfram Zimmermann Dublin - Sofia (own label) 75

Maestro King Kiki Raisi Jakaya M Kikwete (135 Planet) 305

Maffia, Pedro Masters Of Tango Argentine Vol. 1 (Danza Y Movimiento) 245 ATR

Maftirim Ihaliler Korusu (Hazan Aaron Kohen Yasak &) Maftirim (Kalan) 230/231

Magam Suonando L'Allegrezza (Robi Droli) 61

Magatte, Baye Aywa (Brambus) 306

Magee, Sterling ['Satan']: Satan And Adam Harlem Blues (Flying Fish) 101

Magee, Sterling ['Satan']: Satan And Adam Living On The River (Flying Fish) 189 ATR

Magee, Sterling ['Satan']: Satan And Adam Mother Mojo (Demon) 126

Mageean, Jim & Johnny Collins Strontrace (Greenwich Village) 23 ATR (SR)

Mageean, Jim (Silly Sisters / Rory McLeod / Jim & Johnny) The Arts Centre, Darlington 73 L

Magenta Canterbury Moon (Kissing Spell) 238

Magenta Recollections (Little Stan) 10 ATR (SR)

Magenta Wot's Next Then (Little Stan Productions) 19 (SR)

Maggs, Dave: Mark T. / Paul Hancock / Dave Maggs The Gift (Circle of Sound) 165

Maghett, 'Magic' Sam see Magic Sam

Maghrebika with Bill Laswell Neftakhir (Barbarity) 289

Magic Frankie & Kaz Lux Hearts In Sorrow (MW) 163/164 ATR

Magic Malik, Minino Garay & Jaime Torres Altiplano (Accords Croisés) 301

Magic Malik Orchestra Magic Malik Orchestra (Label Bleu) 216 ATR

Magic Sam Live (Delmark) 99

Magic Sam Magic Touch (Black Top) 120 ATR

Magic Sam: Magic Sam Blues Band West Side Soul (Delmark) 336 ATR

Magic Slim Alone And Unplugged (Wolf) 160 ATR

Magic Slim & The Teardrops Blue Magic (Blind Pig) 233 ATR

Magic Slim & The Teardrops Raising The Bar (Dixiefrog) 331/332 ATR

Magic Slim & The Teardrops with Lefty Dizz The Bear Tavern, Birmingham 121 L

Magic Slim/Joe Carter That Ain't Right (Delmark) 287 ATR

Magic Sounds (Boozoo Chavis & The), Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas Zydeco Live! (Rounder) 74

Magic System Cessa Kiè La Vérité (EMI) 270

Magic System Premier Gaou/Remixes (Sono/Next) 242/243

Magical Strings Above The Tower (Flying Fish) 34

Magical Strings Bell Off the Ledge (Flying Fish) 134/135

Magical Strings Crossing To Skellig (Flying Fish) 95

Magical Strings Islands Calling (Earthbeat! Traveler) 162 ATR

Magical Strings Legend Of Inishcahey (own label) 197

Magical Strings On The Burren (Flying Fish) 47

Magical Strings Where Dragons Dance (Alula) 256 ATR

Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree, The The Soup And The Shilling (Deserted Village) 324 ATR

Magna Carta Forever (Mooncrest) 218/219 ATR

Magna Carta Live In Bergen (Mercury) 11 (SR)

Magna Carta Lord Of The Ages/Martin's Café (Mercury) 197 ATR

Magna Carta Magna Carta (Mercury) 197 ATR

Magna Carta Seasons/Wasties Orchard (Mercury) 197 ATR

Magna Carta State Of The Art (Hypertension) 143

Magna Carta State Of The Art (Talking Elephant) 228 ATR

Magna Carta Two By Four [Big 8001 - Luxembourg] 13 (SR)

Magnant, Fabienne Le Sens Des Sens (Buda) 250

Magness, Janiva Do I Move You? (Northern Blues Music) 281 ATR

Magnetic Band (Okay Temiz Magnetic Band) Magnetic Orient (Jaro) 235/236

Magnetic Fields, The Distant Plastic Trees (Red Flame) 95

Magnetic Fields, The The Wayward Bus (PoPuP) 114 ATR

Magnetic North The Miller's Jig (Yorkshire Dales Workshops) 172

Magnolia Sisters Chers Amis (Rounder) 211/212

Magnolia Sisters Prends Courage (Arhoolie) 150

Magone, Barbara Macdonald The Fiddler's Friend (own label) 87

Magou & Dakar Transit Africa Yewul (Network) 274

Magpie Augusta Concert (SCS) 51

Magpie Living Planet (Collector) 91/92 ATR

Magpie Lane A Taste Of Ale (Beautiful Jo) 214 ATR

Magpie Lane Jack-In-The-Green: English Songs And Tunes (Beautiful Jo) 184 ATR

Magpie Lane Knock At The Knocker, Ring At The Bell (Beautiful Jo) 294

Magpie Lane Six For Gold (Beautiful Jo) 242/243

Magpie Lane Speed The Plough: Songs And Tunes Of Rural England (Beautiful Jo) 136

Magpie Lane The Oxford Ramble - Songs And Tunes Of Oxfordshire (Beautiful Jo) 123

Magpie Lane Wassail! A Country Christmas (Beautiful Jo) 154

Magraw, Dean Broken Silence (Acoustic Music Best) 134/135

Magrew, Dean Kitchen Man (Acoustic Music) 175/176 ATR

Magriel, Nicolas (Kiranpal Singh, Dharambir Singh & Nicolas Magriel) Josiah Mason Lecture Theatre, Birmingham 73 L

Maguire, Cyril (transcriptions by Sharon Creasey) Hidden Fermanagh: Traditional Music And Song From County Fermanagh (Fermanagh Traditional Music Society) 250 P

Maguire, Dónal Michael Davitt - The Forgotten Hero? (Rossendale) 289 ATR

Maguire, Sarah (June Tabor &) Riverside Bar, Walton-on-Thames 141 L

Maguire, Tom An Irish Whistle Book (Ossian) 174 P

Maguire, Tom The Tin Whistle Book (Ossian Publications) 33 L

Magyarpalatkai Banda Esküvö Mezökeszüben (FolkEurópa) 266/267

Magyarpalatkai Banda Wedding At Magyarpalatka In 1984 (FolkEurópa) 282

Magyar Tekerözenekar (The Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra) Vitézek Az Végeknél (Periferic) 226

Magyar, Kálmán (Alexander Fedoriouk &) Crossing Paths: Ethno-Jazz From Eastern & Central Europe (Folk Sounds) 246

Magyar, Kálmán Exposed (Hungaria) 249 ATR

Magyarszovát Original Village Music Of The Transylvanian Heath (Fono) 232

Mahal, Taj An Evening Of Acoustic Music (T&M) 141

Mahal, Taj Dancing The Blues (Private Music) 132

Mahal, Taj Giant Step/De Ole Folks At Home (Edsel) 61

Mahal, Taj Like Never Before (Private Music) 98

Mahal, Taj Oooh So Good 'N Blues / Mo' Roots (BGO) 328 ATR

Mahal, Taj Phantom Blues (Private Music) 155

Mahal, Taj Señor Blues (Private Music) 170/171

Mahal, Taj Taj (Sonet Gramavision) 48

Mahal, Taj Taj Mahal & The Hula Blues (Tradition & Moderne) 177

Mahal, Taj Taj Mahal (Edsel) 32

Mahal, Taj The Best Of... (Columbia/Legacy) 211/212 ATR

Mahal, Taj The Natch'l Blues (Edsel) 50

Mahal, Taj The Rising Sun Collection (Just a Memory) 132

Mahal, Taj & The Hula Blues Band Hanapepe Dream (Tradition and Moderne Musikproduction) 223/224

Mahal, Taj & The Phantom Blues Band Shoutin' In Key (Hannibal) 205

Mahal, Taj with Stephen Foehr Taj Mahal: Autobiography Of A Bluesman (Sanctuary Publishing) 223/224 P

Mahal, Taj, Toumani Diabate & Co. Kulanjan (Hannibal) 194/195

Mahal, Taj: Bhatt/Mahal/Ravikiran Mumtaz Mahal (Water Lily Acoustics) 148

Mahal, Taj: Rising Sons Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder (Columbia/Legacy) 121

Mahal, Taj: Taj Mahal Meets The Culture Musical Club Of Zanzibar Mkutano (Tradition & Moderne) 261

Mahal, Taj: Taj Mahal Trio Live Catch (Tradition & Moderne) 247/248 ATR

Mahala Gypsies (Fulgerica & The) Gypsy Music From The City Of Bucharest (World Connection) 239

Mahala Raï Banda Mahala Raï Banda (Crammed) 259/260

Mahaleo [Tadidiko] (Soundways) 175/176

Mahaleo En Concert [WDR 39914] 98

Mahaleo Madagascar (Playasound) 151/152 ATR

Maharaj, Acharya Goswami Gokulotsav Ramapriya / Deshkar (Asian Music Circuit) 221

Mahesh: Dr JSM Turn On the Dreams (Plateau Arts) 268 ATR

Mahjoub, Maalem & Les Gnawa De Marrakech Maalem Mahjoub & Les Gnawa De Marrakech (Sound of World) 252

Mahlasela, Vusi Guiding Star / Naledi Ya Tsela (Wrasse) 294

Mahlasela, Vusi The Collection (BMG) 264 ATR

Mahlasela, Vusi The Voice (ATO) 245 ATR

Mahlasela, Vusi When You Come Back (Shifty Music) 115/116

Mahlasela, Vusi (Jive Connection &) Special Delivery (Helikopter) 222 ATR

Mahlathini King Of Groaners (Earthworks/Virgin) 121

Mahlathini The Lion Of Soweto (Earthworks) 56

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens Let's Dance, Jubilee Gardens, London 62 L

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens Mbaqanga (Kaz) 103/104

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens Stoki Stoki (Shanachie) 160

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens The Best Of... (Kaz) 117

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens Thokozile (Earthworks) 59

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens / The Soul Brothers Jive & Soul: The Very Best Of (Nascente) 333 ATR

Mahlathini: Mahotella Queens, Mahlathini & Other Stars Putting On The Light (Hannibal) 127/128

Mahlathini: The Mahotella Queens, Mahlathini & Others Phezulu Eqhudeni (Earthworks) 21 (SR)

Mahmoud, Karim Egyptian Oud & Vocal (Global Village) 254/255

Mahogany Gaspipes (Noel Murphy & The) A Session (Fine Hairy Rope) 192

Mahone, The Family see The Family Mahone

Mahotella Queens, The Izibani Zomgqashiyo (Earthworks) 35

Mahotella Queens, The Reign & Shine (Wrasse) 281

Mahotella Queens, The Sebai Bal (Indigo/Label Bleu) 213

Mahotella Queens, The The Best Of... The Township Idols (Wrasse) 242/243 ATR

Mahotella Queens, The The Very Best Of... (Manteca) 269 ATR

Mahotella Queens, The Women Of The World (Flame Tree) 123

Mahotella Queens (Mahlathini & The) Let's Dance, Jubilee Gardens, London 62 L

Mahotella Queens (Mahlathini & The) Mbaqanga (Kaz) 103/104

Mahotella Queens (Mahlathini & The) Stoki Stoki (Shanachie) 160

Mahotella Queens (Mahlathini & The) The Best Of... (Kaz) 117

Mahotella Queens (Mahlathini & The) Thokozile (Earthworks) 59

Mahotella Queens (Mahlathini & The): Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens / The Soul Brothers Jive & Soul: The Very Best Of (Nascente) 333 ATR

Mahotella Queens (The), Mahlathini & Other Stars Putting On The Light (Hannibal) 127/128

Mahotella Queens (The), Mahlathini & Others Phezulu Eqhudeni (Earthworks) 21 (SR)

Mahube Music From Southern Africa (Earthsong) 194/195

Mahube Quubeka! (Sheer Sound) 256 ATR

Mahwash Ghazals Afghans (Accords Croisés) 292

Mahwash Radio Kaboul (Accords Croisés) 244

Mai Peace In Erin (Lake) 202

Mai: Mai Hernon Mai Fein (Lake) 286

Maider see Zabalegi, Maider

Maigh Seola Beyond The Mearing Wall (own label) 257

Mainer, J.E. The Early Years 1935-1939 (JSP) 317/318

Mainer, J.E.: J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers Run Mountain (Arhoolie) 169

Mainprize, Jossy 'Pop': Robert Leng & Jossy 'Pop' Mainprize with Jim Eldon Let's Haul, Boys, Haul! (Stick) 101

Maio Moco Portugal Novo (Playa Sound Auvidis) 103/104

Mair, Marilynn: Mair-Davis Duo Joyful Tidings (North Star) 129 ATR

Mair, Marilynn: Mair-Davis Duo & Friends Vienna Nocturne (North Star) 105 ATR

Mairs, Julie Give Me A Sign (Plant Life) 21 (SR)

Maissoneuve, Arnaud Ouilet Men Deulagad (Keltia) 161

Maitra, Kamalesh Raag Symphonia (Werkstatt der Kulturen) 257

Maixa Ta Ixiar Bexamela Ta Pastela (Triki [single]) 170/171

Maixa Ta Ixiar Mantalgorri (Triki-Elkar) 173

Maixa Ta Ixiar Solasin (Triki Elkarlanean) 192 ATR

Maixa Ta Ixiar Uhinez Uhin (Triki/Elkar) 160

Majaivana, Lovemore & The Zulu Band Amandla! (Zim) 56

Majaivana, Lovemore & The Zulu Band Jiri (Unit Dance Africa) 56

Majalisa, Patricia: Splash, The Dalom Kids, Patricia Majalisa Mpantsula Jive (Flame Tree) 131

Majmouat Abde ElHakim Majmouat Abde Elhakim (Postworld Industries) 254/255 ATR

Majorosi, Marianna Think It Over Young Lass! (FolkEurópa) 275 ATR

Majorstuen Jorun Jogga (Majorstuen Fiddlers Co) 264

Majorstuen Juledrøm (Majorstuen Fiddlers Company) 297 ATR

Majorstuen Majorstuen (2L) 240 ATR

Majorstuen Skir (Majorstuen Fiddlers Company) 323 ATR

Majumdar, Ronu A Sacred Space (Sense World Music) 268

Majumdar, Ronu Bansuri (India Archive Music) 242/243

Majumdar, Ronu Jewels Of India (Sense World Music) 242/243

Majumdar, Ronu [&] Abhijit Banerjee Raga Bageshri (Blue Kapibara) 242/243

Majumdar, Ronu & Kadri Gopalnath Evolution (Sense World Music) 307/308 E

Majumdar, Ronu & Tarun Bhattacharya Natural (Sense World Music) 307/308 E

Majumdar, Ronu: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ronu Majumdar & Tarun Bhattacharya Song Of Nature (Original Music Impresssions) 136

Majumdar, Tejendra Narayan (Shujaat Khan &) Lalit (India Archives) 221

Majumdar, Tejendra Narayan Sarod (IAM) 221

Makale Kingztanbul (Barbarity) 235/236 ATR

Makám Almanach (Folk Europa) 262

Makám Anzix (FolkEurópa) 256 ATR

Makám Kozelitesek (Approaches) (Hungaroton) 83

Makám Orient-Occident (Z Paraván) 305 E

Makám MU Szinház, Budapest 275 L

Makám (Irén Lovász &) 9 Colinda (Fonó) 233 ATR

Makapuu Sand Band Winds Of Waimanalo (Hana Ola) 256 ATR

Makaroff, Eduardo: Müller & Makaroff El Gaucho (Mañana) 325

Makeba, Miriam Africa (RCA Novus) 107 ATR

Makeba, Miriam Her Essential Recordings - The Empress Of African Song (Manteca) 275

Makeba, Miriam Live At Bern's Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden, 1966 (Union Square [DVD]) 275

Makeba, Miriam Homeland (Putumayo) 205

Makeba, Miriam Live From Paris & Conakry (DRG) 162

Makeba, Miriam Mama Africa - The Very Best Of (Manteca) 213

Makeba, Miriam Mama Afrika 1932-2008 (Gallo) 321 ATR

Makeba, Miriam Pata Pata (Warner) 227 ATR

Makeba, Miriam Sangoma (Warner Brothers) 58

Makeba, Miriam Sing Me A Song (Sonodisc) 129

Makeba, Miriam South Africa's Skylark (Nascente) 328 ATR

Makeba, Miriam The Best Of - The Early Years (Wrasse) 237

Makeba, Miriam The Definitive Collection (Wrasse) 228

Makeba, Miriam The Guinea Years (Stern's) 223/224

Makeba, Miriam Usher Hall, Edinburgh 61 L

Makeba, Miriam & The Skylarks The Best Of... (Kaz) 117

Makem, Tommy Live At The Irish Pavilion (Shanachie) 121

Makem, Tommy Songs Of Tommy Makem (Tradition) 180

Makem, Tommy The Tommy Makem Songbag (Shanachie) 100

Makem, Tommy: Makem & Clancy Live At The National Concert Hall (Shanachie) 102

Makem, Tommy (The Clancy Brothers &) Reunion (Ogham) 23 (SR)

Makem, Tommy (The Clancy Brothers &) The Best Of The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (Columbia/Legacy) 233

Makem, Tommy (The Clancy Brothers &) Reunion Concert at Fairfield Halls, Croydon 25 L

Makem & Clancy Live At The National Concert Hall (Shanachie) 102

Makem Brothers, The [Conor, Rory & Shane] Stand Together (Red Biddy) 228

Makem Brothers, The [Conor, Rory & Shane] Who Fears To Speak (Red Biddy) 181

Makem Brothers, The [Conor, Rory & Shane]: The Makem & Spain Brothers Up The Stairs (Red Biddy) 337 ATR

Makiadi, Francois Luambo see Franco

Makiese, Jean Bialu see Madilu System

Makin, Mike (Mike Cooper / Mike Makin) Breedon Bar, Birmingham 74 L

Makina Loca (Ricardo Lemvo &) Ay Valeria! (Mopiato) 250

Makina Loca (Ricardo Lemvo &) Isabela (Mopiato Music) 299

Makina Loca (Ricardo Lemvo &) Sao Salvador (Putumayo) 211/212 ATR

Makina Loca (Ricardo Lemvo &) Tata Masamba (Mopiato Music) 165

Makobi, Henry New Memories (Music & Words) 138

Mákvirág Békesség (Greentrax/Stoneyport) 86

Mákvirág Crosskeys, Llantrisant 60 L

Makwerhu Somandla (African Dance) 134/135

Makyo Shringara (Dakyo) 192 ATR

Mal, Karen Dark-Eyed Sailor (Waterbug) 270 ATR

Malabo Strit Band MSB (NubeNegra) 249 ATR

Malaco All-Stars Blues Blast Hammersmith Odeon, London 75 L

Malagasy Orchestra, The see Ny Malagasy Orkestra

Malagugini, Silvia Vaga Luna (Buda Musique) 341/342

Malaney, Rob The Fair Maid Of Ribblesdale [from Friendly Overtures] 112 ATR

Malaurie, Jean Chants Et Tambours Inuit De Thule Au Detroit De Bering (Ocora) 72

Malavoi Legende: Best Of (Déclic) 139/140 ATR

Malbruk Malbruk (Shirak) 74

Malcolm, Jim Acquaintance - Jim Malcolm Sings Songs Of Robert Burns (Beltane) 290/291 ATR

Malcolm, Jim Home (Beltane) 249

Malcolm, Jim Live In Glenfarg (Beltane) 257 ATR

Malcolm, Jim Resonance (Beltane) 216

Malcolm, Jim Rohallion (Greentrax) 181

Malcolm, Jim Tam O'Shanter & Other Tales (Beltane) 286 ATR

Malcolm, Jim: James Malcolm Sconeward (Greentrax) 149

Malcolm's Interview Breakfast In Bedlam (Special Delivery) 53

Malcolm's Interview Dingwalls, London 57 L

Malcolm's Interview Finer Points Of Feeling/Blow The Man Down (Special Delivery [single]) 53

Malcolm's Interview Malcolm's Interview (own label [cassette EP]) 19 ATR (SR)

Malcolm's Interview Malcolm's Interview (own label) 23 (SR)

Malcolm's Interview Shadows/You Don't Listen/Cruel Mother (Eggs Will Walk - via Cartel [single]) 26

Malecon Social Club Una Aventura Mas (Le Chant Du Monde) 286 ATR

Malena, Curro Calor De Fragua (Cambaya) 131

Malgache Connexion Bilo (Silex) 118

Malherbe, Didier: Hadouk Trio (Malherbe/Ehrlich/Shehan) Baldamore (Naive) 304 ATR

Malicanti Tarantelle E Canti Tradizionali Delle Puglie (Finisterre) 271/272

Malicorne Legende (Deuxième Epoque) (Hannibal) 99

Malicorne Les Cathedrales De L'Industrie (Celluloid [France]) 47

Malik, Magic see Magic Malik

Malika Tarabu (Shanachie) 175/176 ATR

Malika Tarabu (Wergo) 214

Malina, Lubos Piece Of Cake (Compass) 196 ATR

Malinky 3 Ravens (Greentrax) 232

Malinky Flower And Iron (Greentrax) 307/308

Malinky Last Leaves (Greentrax) 205

Malinky The Unseen Hours (Greentrax) 276

Malkhasian, Mkrtich: Djivan Gasparian, Sergei Karapetian & Mkrtich Malkhasian The Art Of The Armenian Duduk (ARC) 225 ATR

Malkies, The Suited And Booted (Limbo Music) 306 ATR

Mallet Playboys (Terrance Simien & The) Roaring Brook Nature Centre, Canton, Conn. 38 L

Mallet Playboys (Terrance Simien & The) Zydeco On The Bayou (Demon) 111

Mallett, Carol Old & New From The Mountains (Folkroots Entertainment) 151/152 ATR

Mallett, David: Dave Mallett For A Lifetime (Flying Fish) 74

Mallett, David Vital Signs (Flying Fish) 44

Mallik, Premkumar In Praise Of The Goddess - Devotional Songs From North India (Celestial Harmonies) 297 E

Mallinson, Dave Mally's Cotswold Morris Books 1 & 2 (Dave Mallinson Music) 73 P

Mallinson, Dave Mally's Melodeon Methods: Detailed Melodeon Tuition (Dave Mallinson Music) 41 P

Mallinson, Dave Melodeon Man&oeliguvres Books & Soundtrack Cassettes (Dave Mallinson Music) 73 P

Mallinson, Dave (ed.) Mally's 100 Essential Irish Session Tunes (Dave Mallinson Publications) 150 P

Mally's North West Morris Book [ed. Carolyn Wade] (Dave Mallinson Music) 73 P

Malmquist, Dan Gisen Eldringen (Xource) 216 ATR

Malmquist, Dan Gisen Nattljus (Xource) 173

Malo Poets Malo Poets (EMI) 32

Maloko Soul On Fire (African Music Gallery) 67

Malombo (Philip Tabane &) Malombo (Kijima) 88

Malombo Malombo (Kijima) 67

Maloney, Darren Who? (own label) 263

Maloney, David & Ginny Reilly Backstage (Freckle) 49 ATR

Maloney, David Going To Town (Pelican) 167 ATR

Maloney, David Listen To The Pipes (Heartwood) 31

Malope, Rebecca Free At Last (Hemisphere) 173

Malopoets, The Life Is For Living (Virgin) 67

Malouma Desert Of Eden (Shanachie) 182/183

Malouma Dunya (Marabi) 242/243

Malouma Nour (Marabi) 288

Maltese Rock Downtown Rock (Aurasia Off Note) 331/332

Malthouse Passage Over A Barrel (Malt) 290/291

Malumba Where Many Paths Meet (own label) 204 ATR

Malungs Spelmanslag Malungs Spelmanslag 50 År (Giga) 187/188

Maluzerne Dans Les Fermes, Dans Les Tavernes (Le Chant du Monde) 20 (SR)

MAM Gouttes D'Eau (Buda Musique) 214 ATR

Mama Rosin Black Robert (Gut Feeling) 319/320

Mama Rosin Brûle Lentement (Voodoo Rhythm) 319/320

Mama Rosìn Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin (Voodoo) 301

Mamadou, Soumahoro Ben see Soum Bill

Mamar Kassey Alatoumi (World Village) 221

Mamar Kassey Denké-denké (Daqui) 208

Mamat, Ayshamgul Central Asia: Music Of The Uighurs: Traditions Of Ili And Kashgar (Inedit) 257

Mamer Eagle (Real World) 312

Mami, Cheb Dellali (Virgin France) 220

Mami, Cheb Maghreb Soul - Cheb Mami Story 1986-1990 (Because Music) 288

Mami, Cheb Meli Meli (Totem/Virgin) 185

Mami, Cheb Prince Of Rai (Triple Earth) 62

Mami, Cheb Saïda (Totem) 142

Mami, Cheb: Remmy Ongala, Cheb Mami, The Sabri Brothers & Les Musiciens Du Nil World Roots Vol. 1 (Milkyway) 109 ATR

Mammals, The Born Live (Humble Abode) 229 ATR

Mammals, The Evolver (Humble Abode Music) 237 ATR

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Bayou Ruler (Rounder) 184

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Best Of (Rounder) 302/303

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Dominos (Rounder) 273

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Happytown (Rounder) 216

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) La Toussaint (Rounder) 155

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Live! (Rounder) 133

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys (Bon Rêve Rounder) 249

Mamou Playboys (Steve Riley & The) Trace Of Time (Rounder) 125

Mamud Band Opposite People (Felmay) 331/332 ATR

Man Upstairs, The Sad In My Heart/Country Boy (Sideline [single]) 29

Manana, Erick Bonjour Madame La Guitare - A Tribute To Razilina (Buda Musique) 118

Manana, Erick Vakoka (Editions Celia) 169

Manawatu Scottish Society Pipe Band, The The Calling (Greentrax) 258 ATR

Mance, Junior: Buddy Guy Buddy & The Juniors (BGO) 181 ATR

Mancotal (Billy Bragg, Luis Enrique, Mejia Godoy, And Mancotal) Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 56 L

Mancotal (Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy &) Loving In Times Of War (Amando En Tiempo De Guerra) (Redwood) 67

Mandel, Robert: Robert Mandel's East European Folk Group Robert Mandel's East European Folk Group (Goat Bag) 19 (SR)

Mandel, Robert: The Robert Mandel Collection Live Album (Goatbag) 42 ATR

Mandeng Eletrik Mandeng Eletrik (Mulatta) 259/260 ATR

Mandingo Watto Sitta (Celluloid) 29

Mandinka (Mamadou Doumbia with) Yafa (JVC) 168 ATR

Mandinka Independence (JVC) 158/159

Mandinkas, The: Hank Jones, Cheick Tidiane Seck & The Mandinkas Sarala (Verve/Gitanes) 155

Mando Boys, The The Mando Boys (Red House) 46

Mando Mafia Get Away (Black Rose) 261

Mando Mafia Mando Liniment (Black Rose) 169

Mandolin All Stars Waterman's, Brentford, Middlesex 151/152 L

Mandolin Orchestra, The A Dream Comes True (T.A.R.O.M.A) 118 ATR

Mandolinquents (Simon Mayor & The) Dance Of The Comedians (Acoustics) 290/291 ATR

Mandragora Live Vol 2 (own label) 225 ATR

Mandukhai Ensemble Mandukhai Ensemble (Playasound) 139/140

Mane, Kaba Chefo Mae Mae (Disques Esperance) 65

Mane, Kaba Kunga Kungake (Kaba Mane/Melodie) 76

Mané, Sona (Kéno Diatta &) Songs From Senegal (Lyrichord) 23 (SR)

Mané, Sona (Pascal Diatta &) Simmadé (Rogue) 75

Manel, Zé Maron Di Mar (Cobiana) 240

Manet, Raghunath Veena Dreams (Iris Music) 341/342 E

Manfila, Kante Ni Kanu (Hemisphere) 146/147

Manfila, Kante N'na Niwale (PAM) 132

Manfila, Kante Tradition (Sterns Africa) 61

Manfila, Kante & Balla Kalla Kankan Blues (Out Of Africa) 102

Manfila, Kante & Sorry Bamba Clash Mandingue (Oriki) 304 ATR

Manfila, Kante (Salif Keita &) "The Lost Album" (Syllart/Cantos) 264

Manfred Mann see Mann, Manfred

Manganyi, Foster: Foster Manganyi Na Tintsumi Ta Tilo Ndzi Teke Riendzo No. 1 (Honest Jon's) 334

Mangas, Yiorgos Yiorgos Mangas (Globestyle) 52

Mangeshkar, Asha see Bhosle, Asha

Mangeshkar, Lata Lata - The Greatest Film Songs Of Lata Mangeshkar (Nascente) 223/224

Mangeshkar, Lata Lata Mangeshkar [Rough Guide To Bollywood Legends series] (World Music Network) 252

Mangeshkar, Lata The Legend (Manteca) 281 E

Mango Jam Circulato Vital - Contemporary World Music (from Peregrine World Music) 126 ATR

Mango Jam Mambo Jambo (own label) 190 ATR

Mangsen, Cindy Songlines (Compass Rose) 120 ATR

Mangsen, Cindy Songs Of Experience (Redwing) 187/188

Mangsen, Cindy (Anne Hills &) Never Grow Old (Flying Fish) 141

Mangsen, Cindy (Steve Gillette &) A Sense Of Place (Redwing Music) 217

Mangsen, Cindy (Steve Gillette &) Live in Concert (Brambus) 106 ATR

Mangsen, Cindy (Steve Gillette &) The Light Of Day (Compass Rose) 155 ATR

Mangsen, Cindy: Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen Voices (Flying Fish) 97

Mangwana, Sam Aladji (Sterns/Syllart) 62

Mangwana, Sam Cantos De Esperança (Next/Sono) 244

Mangwana, Sam Maria Tebbo (Stern's) 145

Mangwana, Sam Sings Dino Vangu (Stern's Africa) 210

Mangwana, Sam Town & Country Club, London 64 L

Manhattan Brothers, The The Very Best Of... (Stern's) 205

Manhattan Valley Ramblers, The Ballads And Barnburners (Crusty Stone) 323 ATR

Mani, Karaikudi R. Layapriya (Audiorec) 148

Maniapoto, Moana see Moana

Maniacs vs Sharkiat Don't Climb The Pyramids (Barbarity) 189

Manigat, Eval & Tchaka Creolite (Tropical Music) 184 ATR

Manigold Tracce Di Sud (Finisterre) 241

Mankala Speak Your Mind (own label) 294 ATR

Mann, Charles Walk Of Life (Gumbo [single]) 81

Mann, Charles Walk Of Life (Gumbo) 83

Mann, Claire Claire Mann (Footstompin') 223/224

Mann, Claire & Aaron Jones Secret Orders (Tradmusic) 269

Mann, Claire: 2 Duos Until The Cows Come Home (Artes) 316

Mann, Geoff (Mac Catley &) Fine Difference (Plankton) 112 ATR

Mann, Manfred: Manfred Mann's Plain Music Plains Music (Kaz) 112

Mann, Woody Cat Burglar (The Sampler) (Lee Haywood Studio) 210 ATR

Mann, Woody Heading Uptown (Shanachie) 177

Mann, Woody Road Trip (Acoustic Music) 275 ATR

Mann, Woody Stairwell Serenade (Acoustic Music) 146/147

Mann, Woody Stories (Flying Fish) 146/147

Mann, Woody The Complete Robert Johnson - Guitar Tablature Edition (Oak Publications) 103/104 P

Mann, Woody The Guitar Of Blind Blake (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop [tapes/booklets]) 103/104

Mann, Woody The Guitar Of Lonnie Johnson (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop [tapes/booklets]) 103/104

Mann, Woody Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier 127/128 L

Mann, Woody & Bob Brozman Get Together (Acoustic Music) 204

Mann, Woody (Susanne Vogt &) When I've Got The Moon (Lee Haywood) 184 ATR

Mann, Woody: John Cephas, Woody Mann, Orville Johnson Together In Las Vegas (Acoustic Sessions) 258 ATR

Manners, Chris Glad Of What I Got (own label) 198

Manning, Matt I'll Be Loving You (Roundtower [single]) 170/171

Manning, Phil Migrants Dance (Black Market) 257

Manning, Phil Take A Note (Tamborine Music) 213

Manning, Phil The Back Shed (Tamborine Music) 150

Manning, Phil Two Roads (Tambourine Music) 178

Manning, Roger Roger Manning (SST) 73 ATR

Mannish Boys, The Big Plans (Delta Groove) 292 ATR

Mano, Malavoi Et La Formation Malavoi Premiers Enregistrements Inédits (Frémeaux & Associés) 282 ATR

Mano Negra Best Of... (EMI France) 276 ATR

Mano Negra Marquee, London 82 L

Manole, Viorica & Ionitsa see Viorica & Ionitsa

Manos Warm (Music of the Continents) 199/200 ATR

Manoukian, Guy: REG Project II REG Project II (EMI Music Arabia) 250 ATR

Manquina, Madosini see Madosini

Mansano, Joe & Friends Joe The Boss (Trojan) 288 ATR

Mansfield, Brian (Neal Walters &) (eds) MusicHound Folk: The Essential Album Guide (Visible Ink) 186 P

Mansfield, Darrell Give Him Your Blues (GMI) 134/135 ATR

Mansfield, Mark Love's Final Round (One Horse) 108

Mansfield, Pam & E. Arthur Prieve Elements Of Folk Music Festival Production (University of Wisconsin) 37 P

Mansono, Jean-Michel: Jean Baron, Christian Anneix, Jean-Michel Mansono Bombarde - Biniou Koz - Orgue (Keltia) 206/207

Månsson, Göran Inland (Drone) 240 ATR

Månsson, Göran Mon (Nordic Tunes) 286

Månsson, Göran: Månsson & Åberg Ålvdans (dB Productions) 316 ATR

Månsson, Göran: Månsson Åberg Spår (Ear Ethno) 223/224 ATR

Mansurov, Malik: Agha Karim, Marc Loopuyt, Malik Mansurov, Natig Shirinov Azerbaijan: Chants Du Grand Caucase (Musique du Monde) 228

Manuela, María Para Miguel (Do Fol) 202 ATR

Manufactures Verbales Sonets - Bernat Manciet (Menestrèrs Gascons) 325 ATR

Manx, Harry Isle Of Manx (Dog My Cat) 333 ATR

Many A Mickle What Fortunes Guide A Sailor? (own label) 340 ATR

Manyeruke, Machanic & The Puritans Machanic Manyeruke And The Puritans (Cooking Vinyl) 77

MAP The View From Here (Scarlett) 232 ATR

Mapangala, Samba & Orchestre Virunga Malaka (Earthworks/Rough Trade) 22 (SR)

Mapangala, Samba & Orchestre Virunga [Orchestra Virunga] Maisha Bi Matamu (Life Is Sweet) (Virunga) 340

Mapangala, Samba & Orchestre Virunga Song & Dance (Virunga) 275

Mapangala, Samba & Orchestre Virunga [Orchestra Virunga] Ujumbe (Stern's/Earthworks) 214

Mapangala, Samba & Orchestre Virunga Virunga Volcano (Earthworks) 85

Mapangala, Samba & Orchestre Virunga West Indian Club, Spon Street, Coventry 97 L

Mapfumo, Thomas Chimurenga Forever (The Best Of) (Hemisphere) 151/152

Mapfumo, Thomas Choice Chimurenga (Sheer Sound) 256

Mapfumo, Thomas Collected (Nascente) 220 ATR

Mapfumo, Thomas Corruption (Mango) 79/80

Mapfumo, Thomas Shumba (Stern's/Earthworks) 232

Mapfumo, Thomas Singles Collection 1977-1986 (Zimbob) 160

Mapfumo, Thomas Spirits To Bite Our Ears (DBK Works) 273

Mapfumo, Thomas The Chimurenga Singles, 1976-1980 (Earthworks) 21 (SR)

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Chamunorwa (Mango) 98

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Chimurenga '98 (Anonym) 192

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Chimurenga Explosion (Anonym) 208

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Chimurenga For Justice (Rough Trade) 37

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Chimurenga: African Spirit Music (WOMAD Select) 174

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Gwindingwi Rine Shumba (Earthworks) 35

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Hupenyu Wangu (Rough Trade [single]) 38

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Live At The El Rey 30-7-95 (Anonym) 192

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Mabasa (Earthworks/Rough Trade) 24 (SR)

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Manhungetunge/Chimurenga Rebel (Anonym) 234

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Mr Music (Earthworks) 27

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Ndangariro (Earthworks) 21 (SR)

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Rise Up (EMI/Real World) 277

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Shumba - Vital Hits Of Zimbabwe (Earthworks) 93

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited Toi Toi (Anonym) 245

Mapfumo, Thomas (Wadada Leo Smith &) Dreams And Secrets (Anonymous Web) 218/219 ATR

Mapfumo, Thomas & The Blacks Unlimited South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell 27 L

Mara! Don't Even Think (Sandstock) 91/92

Mara! Hereford Shire Hall 51 L

Mara! Mara! (Plant Life) 23 (SR)

Mara! On The Edge (Sandstock Music) 55

Mara! Ruino Vino (Rufus) 154

Mara! with Martenitsa Choir Sezoni (Real World) 198 ATR

Mara, Cheb: Mara & Jalal Immigri (Barbarity) 170/171 ATR

Maraca ¡Descarga Total! (Warner Music France) 210

Maraca Lounge (Indies) 250 ATR

Maraca ¡Tremenda Rumba! (Warner Jazz) 230/231 ATR

Maraca: Maraca-Zimbova Bloody Ballads (Indies) 275 ATR

Maraire, Chiwoniso see Chiwoniso

Maraire, Dumisani Chaminuka (Music of the World) 79/80

Maraire, Dumisani & Ephat Mujuru Shona Spirit (Music of the World) 151/152

Maraire, Dumisani: Maraire, Kouyate, Damessae African Odyssey (Music of the World) 133

Marakbar, Al-Harmoniah & Blindman Kwartet Marockin' Stories (MW) 174

Maralung, Alan Bunggridj-bunggridj: Wangga Songs (Smithsonian/Folkways 'Traditional Music of the World' series, Vol. 4) 130

Maramas Maramas (Bokbandet) 316 ATR

Maran, Mike Penny Whistles: Contemporary Songs By Mike Maran (Blackie) 55 P

Marar, Maniyan Festive Drums Of Kerala [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Maravillas De Florida (Ritmo Oriental Y) Mano A Mano (Sono Cuba) 211/212

Marcandelli, Enrico Temporale Nel Parco (Madau) 22 (SR)

Marcano, Neville The Growling Tiger Of Calypso (Rounder) 181

Marce Et Tumpak Zouk Chouv' (Globestyle) 70

Marcellesi, Charles Corsicaboverde (Lusafrica) 216 ATR

Marchand, André (Grey Larsen &) The Orange Tree (Sugar Hill) 124

Marchand, André, Normand Miron & Lisa Ornstein Le Bruit Court Dans La Ville (Mille-Pattes) 175/176

Marchand, Erik Unu Daou Tri Chtar (Innacor) 277

Marchand, Erik & Le Taraf De Caransebes with Thierry Robin Say An Tan Ell (Silex) 136

Marchand, Erik & Les Balkaniks Pruna (Le Chant du Monde) 253

Marchand, Erik & Thierry Robin An Heñchoú Treuz (Ocora) 215

Marchand, Erik & Thierry Robin Chants Du Centre-Bretagne (Ocora) 94

Marchand, Erik: Bourin, Marchand & Dautel Chants À Repondre De Haute Bretagne (Le Chasse-Marée) 68

Marchand, Erik: Trio Erik Marchand An Tri Breur (Silex) 105

Marcos Flamenco Horizons (Stoptime) 20 (SR)

Marcos Flamenco Legend: In Search Of Camarón De La Isla (Tempus) 289 P

Marcos with Pastorito Flamenco Paseo (Guitar Specialists) 26

Marcucci, Alfredo Timeless Tango (Channel Crossing) 181 ATR

Marcy d'Arcy (Prodigal Sons &) The Anvil (Smiddymade) 168

Mardi Alligatorsoup (Hazelwood) 216 ATR

Marenostrum Almadrava (Condado Azul/Som Livre) 274

Margolin, Steady Rollin' Bob Down In The Alley (Alligator) 130

Margolin, Steady Rollin' Bob My Blues & My Guitar (Alligator) 151/152 ATR

Margolin, Steady Rollin' Bob Up & In (Alligator) 170/171 ATR

Margolin, Steady Rollin' Bob: Bob Margolin In North Carolina (Steady Rollin') 289 ATR

Maria, Cheba Jenentinie (Night & Day) 254/255 ATR

Mariachi Cobre Mariachi Cobre (Kuckuck) 117

Mariachi Coculense De Cirilo Marmolejo 1933-1936, Historic Recordings Of Mexican Music Vol. 2 (Folklyric) 46

Mariachi Coculense De Cirilo Marmolejo Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis Vol. 1 (Arhoolie Folklyric) 132

Mariachi Dos Mundos El Nuevo Sonido (Oriente Musik) 286 ATR

Mariachi Los Camperos De Nati Cano Amor, Dolor Y Lágrimas: Música Ranchera (Smithsonian Folkways) 302/303 ATR

Mariachi Los Camperos (Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos) Lessons In Mariachi Performance (Smithsonian Folkways [DVD]) 329/330

Mariachi Los Camperos (Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos) ¡Viva El Mariachi! (Smithsonian Folkways) 235/236

Mariachi Los Gavilanes De Oakland Corrido Del Mono (Arhoolie) 265 ATR

Mariachi Los Toritos Mariachi Mexico (Gumbo) 288 ATR

Mariachi Real De San Diego Mariachi Classics (Mardi Gras) 314/315 ATR

Mariachi Reyes Del Aserradero Sones From Jalisco (Corason) 132

Mariachi Sol Mexico Lindo [EUCD 1249] 132

Mariachi Tapatio De Jose Marmolejo 'El Autentico' - Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis Vol. 2 (Arhoolie Folklyric) 132

Mariam (Amadou &) 1990-1995: Le Meilleur Des Années Maliennes (Because) 273

Mariam (Amadou &) 1990-1995: L'Integral Des Années Maliennes (Because) 273

Mariam (Amadou &) Paris Bamako (Because Music [DVD]) 280

Mariam (Amadou &) The Best Of (Universal) 268 ATR

Mariam (Amadou &) Wati (Universal France) 238

Mariam (Amadou &) Welcome To Mali (Because) 305

Mariam: Amadou & Mariam Feat. Manu Chao Dimanche À Bamako (All Other/Wagram) 262

Mariam: Amadou Et Mariam With Idrissa Keita Away From The Light Of Day (Route Publishing) 326/327 P

Marie Louise Iwacu (Alma Music/Rasta Snob) 241 ATR

Marimba Ava Murewa Mazuva Ano (Zimbob) 170/171

Marimba Chapinlandia Marimba Music Of Guatemala (Smithsonian Folkways) 294

Marimba Tropicana Marimba Tropicana (Respect) 193 ATR

Marimba Yajalón Echoes Of Chiapas (Heart of Wood Project) 182/183 ATR

Marin, Mikael & Mia Gustafsson Mot Hagsätra (Dimma) 313 ATR

Marin, Mikael: Jonsson, Carr & Marin Timber! (Nordic Tradition) 299 ATR

Marinbach, Bernie & The Israeli Klezmer Ensemble Sounds Of Safed (Syncoop) 120 ATR

Maring, Wil The Turning Of The Century (Roan Pony) 225

Marini, Giovanna La Vie Au-dessus Et En-dessus Des Mille Mètres (Silex) 134/135 ATR

Marinoni, Nicola: Alain Bruel, Nicola Marinoni, Eric Montbel, Yvon Bayer, Gilles Chabenat La Charmeuse De Serpents (Modal Pleinjeu) 287

Mário Lucío see Lucio, Mário

Mariposa Toronto, Ontario, Canada 112 L

Mariza Concerto Em Lisboa (World Connection/EMI) 282

Mariza Fado Curvo (Virgin) 240

Mariza Fado Em Mim (World Connection) 223/224

Mariza Fado Tradicional (EMI) 333

Mariza Mariza (EMI) 301

Mariza Terra (EMI Portugal) 304

Mariza Transparente (EMI) 263

Mark T. see T., Mark

Mark, Jon (Deirdre Starr &) Quiet Land Of Erin (White Cloud) 251 ATR

Mark, Jon Standing Stones Of Callanish (Kuckuck) 73 ATR

Marker, Mike & Larry Hanks The Truth For Certain (Dandelion) 266/267 ATR

Markley, Craig The Lone Raven (Lone Raven Music) 197

Markley, Craig & Kara Once Upon A Winter Moon (Lone Raven Music) 258 ATR

Marko Melkon Marko Melkon (Traditional Crossroads) 166

Markoviç, Boban: Boban & Marko Markoviç Orchestra v. Fanfare Ciocarlia Balkan Brass Battle (Asphalt Tango) 337

Markovic, Boban: Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar Devla: Blown Away To Dancefloor Heaven (Piranha) 324 ATR

Markovic, Boban: Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar Go Marko Go! (Piranha) 295/296

Markovic, Boban: Boban Markovic Orkestar feat. Marko Markovic The Promise (Piranha) 273

Markovic, Boban: Boban Markovic Orkestar Bistra Reka (X-Produkscio) 230/231 ATR

Markovic, Boban: Boban Markovic Orkestar Boban I Marko (Piranha) 258

Markovic, Boban: Boban Markovic Orkestar Live In Belgrade (Piranha) 233

Markovic, Boban: Boban Markovic Orkestar Millenium (X-Produkcio) 217

Markovic, Boban: Boban Markovic Orkestar Srce Cigansko (X-Produkcio) 217

Markoviç, Marko: Boban & Marko Markoviç Orchestra v. Fanfare Ciocarlia Balkan Brass Battle(Asphalt Tango) 337

Markovic, Marko: Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar Devla: Blown Away To Dancefloor Heaven (Piranha) 324 ATR

Markovic, Marko: Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar Go Marko Go! (Piranha) 295/296

Markovic, Marko: Boban Markovic Orkestar feat. Marko Markovic The Promise (Piranha) 273

Marlevar Marlevar (Forrest Hill) 242/243

Marley, Bob Easy Skanking (Tuff Gong [single]) 149

Marley, Bob Songs Of Freedom (Tuff Gong) 117

Marley, Bob Sugar Sugar/Rock To The Rock (Koch [single]) 186

Marley, Bob The Essential Bob Marley - The Best Of The Early Years (Metro Triples) 270 ATR

Marley, Bob The Essential Bob Marley - The Very Best Of The Early Years (Metro Doubles) 266/267 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers African Herbsman (Trojan) 241 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Another Dance - Rarities From Studio One (Heartbeat) 297 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers One Love (Heartbeat) 107

Marley, Bob & The Wailers One Love: At Studio One 1964-1966 (Heartbeat) 282 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Reggae Legends (Trojan) 306 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Reggae With Soul: The Roots Of... (Demon) 326/327 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Roots Of A Legend (Trojan) 256 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Soul Revolutionaries - The Early Jamaican Albums (Trojan) 266/267 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Sun Is Shining - The Early Years (Trojan) 277 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers The Complete... 1967 to 1972 Part 2 (JAD) 197 ATR

Marley, Bob & The Wailers The Early Classics (Charly) 204

Marley, Bob & The Wailers The Real Sound Of Jamaica (Milan) 170/171

Marley, Bob & The Wailers Trenchtown Rock (Anthology '69-78) (Trojan) 229

Marley's Ghost Across The River (Sage Arts) 191 ATR

Marley's Ghost Ghost Country (Sage Arts) 100 ATR

Marmolejo, Cirilo: Mariachi Coculense De Cirilo Marmolejo 1933-1936, Historic Recordings Of Mexican Music Vol. 2 (Folklyric) 46

Marmolejo, Cirilo: Mariachi Coculense De Cirilo Marmolejo Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis Vol. 1 (Arhoolie Folklyric) 132

Marmolejo, Jose: Mariachi Tapatio De Jose Marmolejo 'El Autentico' - Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis Vol. 2 (Arhoolie Folklyric) 132

Marnie Legitimo Polvo (Sinistral) 196 ATR

Marooan (Barry McDonald &) Where The Sun-Lights On The Dew-Drops Shine (Harbourtown) 202

Marouf, Karwan see Karuan

Marra, Jan These Crazy Years (Flying Fish) 73

Marra, Michael Candy Philosophies (Eclectic) 129

Marra, Michael Pax Vobiscum - In Concert (Eclectic) 169

Marre, Jeremy & Hannah Charlton Beats Of The Heart (Pluto Press/Channel Four) 29 P

Marriott, Beryl Weave The Mirror (Woodworm) 106

Marriott, Beryl (Chris Leslie with) The Gift (Beautiful Jo) 136

Marriott, Beryl (Hilary James with) Love, Lust & Loss - English, Scottish & Irish Folksongs (Acoustics) 157

Marriott, Beryl (Richard Greene &) Hands Across The Pond (Richard Greene Productions) 223/224

Mars, Johnny King Of The Blues Harp (JSP) 68

Mars, Johnny Life On Mars (BGO) 117

Marsada Pulo Samosir (Dug Up Music) 256

Marsden, Graham Picking Sooty Blackberries: The Songs Of Graham Marsden [edited by Val Marsden, John O'Hagan & Graham Pirt] (Fellside Music Publishing) 118 P

Marsden, Val, John O'Hagan & Graham Pirt (eds) Picking Sooty Blackberries: The Songs Of Keith Marsden (Fellside Music Publishing) 118 P

Marsh, Josephine Josephine Marsh (own label, via Claddagh) 153

Marsh, Josephine: The Josephine Marsh Band I Can Hear You Smiling (own label) 226

Marsh, Lainie The Hills Will Cradle Thee (Bait & Tackle) 324 ATR

Marsh, Steve (Judy Dunlop &) Friends In Passing (Vidsync) 82

Marshal, King Wasiu Ayinde Talazo Fuji Music Party (WOMAD Select) 174

Marshall, Brian & His Tex Slavic Playboys Texas Polish Roots (Arhoolie) 182/183 ATR

Marshall, Erynn Calico (Merriweather) 269 ATR

Marshall, Evan Evan Marshall Is The Lone Arranger (Rounder) 154

Marshall, Evan Mandolin Magic (Rounder) 97

Marshall, Jody Cottage In The Glen (Maggie's Music) 269 ATR

Marshall, Johnnie & His Blues Buddies 98c In The Bank (JSP) 220 ATR

Marshall, Johnnie Live For Today (JSP) 182/183 ATR

Marshall, Johnnie With All My Might (JSP) 196 ATR

Marshall, Mike Brasil (Duets) (EarthBeat) 169

Marshall, Mike & Chris Thile Into The Cauldron (Sugar Hill) 242/243 ATR

Marshall, Mike & Darol Anger Chiaroscuro (Windham Hill) 41

Marshall, Mike & Darol Anger With Väsen Mike Marshall & Darol Anger With Väsen (Adventure Music America) 317/318 ATR

Marshall, Mike (Darol Anger &) The Duo (Rounder) 274 ATR

Marshall, Mike (Darol Anger &) Woodshop (Adventure Music America) 309 ATR

Martenitsa Choir (Mara! with) Sezoni (Real World) 198 ATR

Mártha, István The Wind Rises (ReR) 184 ATR

Martha's Vineyard Martha's Vineyard (Roo Art) 88

Martha's Vineyard Old Beach Road (Rooart [single]) 83

Marti, Virgilio Saludando A Los Rumberos (Globestyle) 50

Martin, Anne & Ingrid Henderson Nighean Nan Geug (Whitewave Music) 209

Martin, Anne Co..? (Whitewave Music) 184

Martin, Bob The River Turns The Wheel (Riversong) 178

Martin, Calum Gael Force (Croft Recordings) 40

Martin, Calum The Megantic Outlaw: A Gaelic Legend (Ridge) 299 ATR

Martin, Carl & Willie '61' Blackwell Complete Recordings 1930-41 (Document) 139/140 ATR

Martin, Christine Traditional Tunes For Two Fiddlers Book 1 (Taigh na Teud) 126 P

Martin, Christine (compiler) Ceol Na Fidhle: Highland Tunes For The Fiddle Vol. 1 (Harpstring House) 36 P

Martin, Christine (compiler/arramger) Ceol Na Fidhle: Highland Tunes For The Fiddle Vol. 2 (Harpstring House) 41 P

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Martin, Christine & Anne Hughes (compilers/arrangers) Cruinn Cómhla (Taigh na Teud) 150 P

Martin, Christine & Anne Hughes (eds) Fourth Ceilidh Collection For Fiddlers (Taigh na Teud) 199/200 P

Martin, Christine & Anne Hughes (eds) Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh - Vol. 2 (Taigh na Teud) 199/200 P

Martin, Christine & Anne Hughes Failte Gu Fidheall - The Scottish Folk Fiddle Tutor Book 1 (Taigh na Teud [Harpstring House]) 126 P

Martin, Christine (ed.); Norman Stewart (compiler) Folksongs From The Highlands "Orain Thormaid" (Taigh na Teud) 55 P

Martin, Christine: Susie Petrov, Christine Martin (comps & eds) We're A' Connected: 95 Traditional Scottish Songs With Their Dance Tunes Arranged For Fiddle And Pipes (Taigh Na Teud) 271/272 P

Martin, Daisy & Ozie McPherson Complete Recorded Works 1921-26 (Document) 168 ATR

Martin, Doug & Sara Reelin' (Munro) 74

Martin, Eddie Folk & Blues (Blueblood) 334

Martin, Eddie Keep On Working (Blueblood) 226

Martin, Eddie Solo In Soho (Blueblood) 167

Martin, Eddie Play The Blues With Feeling (Blueblood) 271/272

Martin, Eddie & The Texas Blues Kings Pillowcase Blues (Blueblood) 232

Martin, Eddie: Eddie Martin Band Blue To The Bone (Blueblood) 167

Martin, Eddie: Eddie Martin Band Fires & Floods (Blueblood) 191

Martin, Fread E. see King, Little Freddie

Martin, Hannah (Phillip Henry &) Singing The Bones (Dragonfly Music) 337

Martin, Janet Cloud Cover (Planetary) 174 ATR

Martin, Janick: Hamon Martin Quintet L'Habit De Plume (Coop Breizh) 254/255

Martin, Jimmy Don't Cry To Me (Thrill Jockey) 254/255 ATR

Martin, Jimmy You Don't Know My Mind (Rounder) 95

Martin, John (Billy Ross &) Braes Of Lochiel (Springthyme) 94

Martín, Juan Arte Flamenco Puro, Presentando Antonio Aparecida (Flamencovision) 191

Martín, Juan Camino Latino (Flamencovision) 235/236 ATR

Martín, Juan Luna Negra: Flamenco Clasico (Flamenco Vision) 131

Martín, Juan Solo (Flamencovision) 311 ATR

Martín, Juan The Andalucian Suites I-IV (Flamencovision) 102

Martín, Juan Y Su Compania Flamenca Live En Directo (Flamenco Vision) 254/255 ATR

Martín, Juan, Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Martin Taylor The Four Martins (P3 Music [DVD]) 247/248

Martin, Lecil Travis see Boxcar Willie

Martin, Mac (Buzz Matheson &) Echoes Of The Past (White Oak) 191

Martin, Marcus When I Get My New House Done (Southern Folklife Collection) 300

Martin, Mayte Al Cantar A Manuel (World Village) 326/327

Martin, Neil (Tomás Ó Canainn with) The Pennyburn Piper (Outlet) 187/188 ATR

Martin, Philip G. see Drohne

Martin, Sara In Chronological Order 1922-28 Vols 1-4 (Document) 157

Martin, Steve The Crow (Rounder) 319/320 ATR

Martin, Steve & The Steep Canyon Ramblers Rare Bird Alert (Rounder) 337

Martin, Terence Waterproof (Good Dog) 216

Martin, Tom Released (own label) 72

Martin-Daye, Peter Down In The Cellar (Daviton) 24 ATR (SR)

Martineau, Danielle Les Secrets Du Vent (own label) 273

Martinez, Aurelio Garifuna Soul (Stonetree) 259/260 ATR

Martinez, Aurelio: Aurelio Laru Beya (Realworld) 334

Martinez, Bixente: Joseba Tapia, Bixente Martinez Hiru Truku (Nuevos Medios) 149 ATR

Martinez, Hansel Enriquez Salsa, Charanga Con Un Toque De Son (pa'ti pa'mi) 189 ATR

Martinez, Narciso Father Of The Texas-Mexican Conjunto (Arhoolie) 131

Martínez, Osvaldo 'Chihuahua': Chihuahua All-Stars Descarga Cubana (Caney) 269 ATR

Martinez, Petrona Colombie: Le Bullerengue (Ocora) 194/195

Martinez, Sabu Sabu's Jazz Espagnole (Vampi Soul) 254/255 ATR

Martínez, Santiago: Carlos Puebla, Santiago Martínez Y Pedro Sosa La Bodeguita Del Medio (Milestone-Riverside) 206/207

Martinez, Sergio Homenaje A Mi Tierra (Discos Coyote) 238 ATR

Martinotti, Maurizio (Urbàlia Rurana &) Territoris Amables (Resistencia) 235/236

Martyn, Beverley No Frills (Mystic Small Productions) 191

Martyn, Beverley Sweet Honesty: The Beverley Martyn Story (Grosvenor House Publishing) 338/339 P

Martyn, Beverley The Weavers' Arms, London 98 L

Martyn, Beverley: John & Beverley Martyn Stormbringer (Island) 100

Martyn, Beverley: John & Beverley Martyn The Road To Ruin (Island) 124

Martyn, John Bless The Weather (Island) 100

Martyn, John Live (Permanent) 153 ATR

Martyn, John Live At Leeds (Cacophony) 50

Martyn, John London Conversation (Island) 100

Martyn, John Lonely Love/May You Never (Permanent [single]) 117

Martyn, John No More Little Boy (Permanent) 126

Martyn, John Patterns In The Rain (Mooncrest) 216 ATR

Martyn, John Serendipity (An Introduction To John Martyn) (Island Masters) 191

Martyn, John Sunday's Child (Island) 124

Martyn, John The Apprentice (Permanent) 84

Martyn, John & Beverley Stormbringer (Island) 100

Martyn, John & Beverley The Road To Ruin (Island) 124

Martyn, Tina Lying In My Bed (ABC Country [single]) 166

Martz, Stuart: Stuart Martz Band Threesome Reel (Atomic Theory) 174

Marulanda, Diego & Pacandé ¡La Verraquera! (Naxos World) 208 ATR

Marvin, Brett see Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts

Marwick, Gavin (Jonny Hardie &) Up In The Air (Lochshore) 142

Marxer, Marcy (Cathy Fink &) A Parent's Home Companion (Rounder) 145

Marxer, Marcy (Cathy Fink &) Postcards (Community Music) 247/248 ATR

Mary-Anne Me (Sunbeam) 277 ATR

Mary Jane The Gates Of Silent Memory (September Gurls) 194/195 ATR

Marya, Rupa see Rupa

Maryo The Grande Dame From Greece (Lyra/Musurgia) 206/207

Maryo & Lizeta Kalimeri Devotees Of The Asian Muse: Songs From Cafe Aman (Lyra) 177

Maryport Bitter & Blues Festival Maryport, Cumbria 280 L

Mas & Rallo Tamiz (Harmonia Mundi Iberica) 209

Más Y Más Agarrate! (Luminoso) 261 ATR

Más Y Más La Bala (Luminoso) 319/320 ATR

Mas, Javier: Mas & Rallo Tamiz (Harmonia Mundi Iberica) 209

Masao Esewe (Boulevard) 174 ATR

Masasu Band Tuwele (Digital Networks International) 209

Mascarimiri Dieci Anni - Live Tour (Dilinò) 316

Mascarimiri Gitanistan (Dilino) 337

Mascarimiri Tríciu (Sensible) 278/279

Masco, King Moseley Dance Centre, Birmingham 122 L

Masdongar, Clément: Masdongar Let The Sunshine (Cobalt) 217 ATR

Masekela, Hugh BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (Strange Fruit) 226 ATR

Masekela, Hugh Beatin' Aroun' De Bush (Yellow Label) 314/315

Masekela, Hugh Hope (Trikola) 131

Masekela, Hugh If You Don't Know Me By Now (Novus [single]) 87

Masekela, Hugh Phola (Four Quarters/Times Square) 314/315

Masekela, Hugh Sixty (Sony Jazz/Columbia) 199/200

Maseko, Robert & The CongoBeat African Keen (Afric Arts Music Connections) 251

Maseko, Robert & The CongoBeat La Cremeria [RMCD 7768-1] 216

Maseko, Robert & The CongoBeat Live At The Compass Club (Afric Arts Music Connections [DVD]) 274

Masel, Andreus: Rainer E. Lotz, Andreus Masel & Susanne Ziegler Discographie Der Ethnischen Aufnahmen (Birgit Lotz) 190 P

Mash, Alan A Meaning To Life (Part 4 [single]) 34

Mashasha Mashasha (Elegwa) 340 ATR

Mashiyane, Spokes King Of Kwela: Penny Whistle Jive From Johannesburg 1958-1959 (Trojan World) 91/92

Mason, Brent River Songs (own label) 201 ATR

Mason, Brent Stony Plain (own label) 182/183

Mason, John Anne's Favourite (Mountain Song) 87

Mason, John Blue Ridge Breezes (Mountain Song) 115/116 ATR

Mason, John Westering Home (Mountain Song) 96

Mason, John-Alex Town And Country (Naked Jaybird) 304 ATR

Mason, Molly (Jay Ungar &) Relax Your Mind (Angel) 242/243 ATR

Mason, Paul: Landermason The Reason (Lama) 292 ATR

Massaoubre, Thierry & Jefferson Louvat A Walk With You (Best) 336 ATR

Massel Klezmorim Jewish Travels (Arc Music) 247/248 ATR

Massengill, David Coming Up For Air (Flying Fish) 112 ATR

Massengill, David The Great American Bootleg Tape (own label) 53

Massengill, David The Kitchen Tape (own label) 61

Massengill, David The Return (Plump) 158/159 ATR

Massey, Will T. Kickin' Up Dust (from Canadian River Music) 78

Massi, Souad Acoustic - The Best Of Souad Massi (Wrasse) 297

Massi, Souad Deb (Wrasse) 239

Massi, Souad Honeysuckle/Mesk Elil (Wrasse) 271/272

Massi, Souad O Houria (Liberty) (Wrasse) 333 ATR

Massi, Souad Raoui (Island France) 220

Massie, Anna Glad Company (Footstompin') 251

Massie, Anna, Jenn Butterworth & Mairearad Green The Missing Gift (Footstompin') 286 ATR

Massie, Anna (Mairearad Green &) Mairearad & Anna (Shouty) 328 ATR

Massilia Sound System 3968 CR13 (Adam) 208

Massilia Sound System Marseille London Experience (Eve) 228 ATR

Massilia Sound System Occitanista (Adam) 240

Massoubre, Thierry: Massoubre & Seguret Guitares (Silex) 134/135

Massukos Bumping (Poo Productions) 293

Master Drummers Of Dagbon, The The Master Drummers Of Dagbon (Rounder) 27

Master Drummers Of Dagbon, The Volume 1 (Rounder) 115/116

Master Musicians Of Joujouka, The Joujouka Black Eyes (Blue Moon) 254/255 ATR

Master Musicians Of Joujouka, The Joujouka Black Eyes (Le Coeur du Monde) 148

Master Musicians Of Jajouka, The The Source (Le Son du Maquis) 331/332

Master Musicians of Jajouka (The) featuring Bachir Attar Jajouka Between The Mountains (WOMAD Select) 154

Master Musicians of Jajouka (The) with Bachir Attar Live Volume 1 (Jajouka) 313

Masters Of Classical Persian Music Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 247/248 L

Masters Of Persian Music Faryad (World Village) 246

Masters Of Persian Music Without You (World Village) 237

Masterson, Declan Deireadh An Fhomhair (Gael Linn) 121

Masterson, Declan Tropical Trad [STARC 1093] 137

Masu, Franca Alguímia (Daus) 252 ATR

Masuka, Dorothy Pata Pata (Mango) 99

Masuka, Dorothy The Definitive Collection (Wrasse) 237

Masullo, Pino Gadd (Chiano) 204 ATR

Masure, Philip: Munnelly, Flaherty, Masure Whenever (Music & Words) 289 ATR

Masure, Philip: Piccard & Masure Webbesnaren (Wild Boar) 206/207

Masusu Band Masusu (Mondeca) 79/80

Matamaros, Miguel: El Trio Matamoros En San Juan (Nuevos) 257 ATR

Matapat Que De Peine Et D'Amour (Intermede) 286

Matato'a Ma' Ohi (Tupuna Productions) 237

Matato'a Tatoo (Tupuna Productions) 256 ATR

Matchatcha (Diblo &) Dance Centre, Bristol 139/140 L

Matchonov, Ochilbek Music From Central Asia: Uzbekistan On The Silk Road (ARC Music) 271/272 E

Matebis Matebis (Iris Musique) 193 ATR

Mateta, Verckys Kiamuangana see Verckys

Matharu, Chloe Next Market Day (Jonesy & Jock) 334

Matheson, Buzz & Mac Martin Echoes Of The Past (White Oak) 191

Matheson, Karen Downriver (Vertical) 276 ATR

Matheson, Karen The Dreaming Sea (Survival) 162

Matheson, Karen Time To Fall (Vertical) 228 ATR

Matheson, Niall The Shores Of Loch Ness (Macmeanmna) 311 ATR

Matheson, Patsy Daddy's Gone Crazy (Harbourtown [single]) 105

Matheson, Patsy With My Boots On (Tomorrow) 163/164

Matheson, William Gaelic Bards And Minstrels (Greentrax) 134/135

Matheson, William Scottish Tradition 16: Gaelic Bards & Minstrels (Greentrax) 215 ATR

Mathews, Tony Condition: Blue (HMG/High Tone) 172 ATR

Mathieson, Kenny (ed.) Celtic Music (Backbeat Books) 230/231 P

Mathieson, Robert (Pipe Major Robert Mathieson) Ebb-Tide (Lismor) 93

Mathieson, Robert (Pipe Major Robert Mathieson) Grace Notes (Lismor) 65

Mathieson, Robert (Pipe Major Robert Mathieson) The Big Birl (Lismor) 177

Mathis, Kane Bantam Ba Kouyate (Kaira) 210

Matias, Dulce Razâo D'Existi (Ideal Songs Music) 230/231 ATR

Matikinca, Zolile see Zoro

Matlubeh Uzbekistan - The Turquoise Of Samarkand (Long Distance) 166

Matlubeh Yar Kelour (Iris Musique) 202

Matou, Vivick: Mbilia Bel, Rigo Star & Vivick Matou Yalowa (IMA) 167

Matsuda, Mio Atlântica (Victor Entertainment) 278/279 ATR

Matt Glaser Quintet Play Fiddle Play (Flying Fish) 99

Mattalla, Moudou Ould & Les Chanteuses D'El Mouna Mauritanie: Guitare Des Sables (Buda) 276

Mattanza Il Meglio Dei Mattanza (Italian World Music) 335

Mattea, Kathy Asking Us To Dance (Mercury [single]) 98

Mattea, Kathy Walk The Way The Wind Blows (Mercury) 49

Matthews, Ansel Working Of The Heart (Palmetto) 155 ATR

Matthews, Ceri Rhys Pibddawns (Fflach:Tradd) 288

Matthews, Cerys Tir (Rainbow City) 331/332

Matthews, Dave: Dave Matthews Band Before These Crowded Streets (RCA/BMG [single]) 182/183

Matthews, Iain A Tiniest Wham (Perfect Pitch) 205

Matthews, Iain Excepts From Swine Lake (Demon) 181

Matthews, Iain Excepts From Swine Lake (Tangible Music) 210 ATR

Matthews, Iain Journeys From Gospel Oak - Expanded Edition (Castle) 288 ATR

Matthews, Iain Live And Alone (Perfect Pitch) 119

Matthews, Iain Nights In Manhattan (And Points West) (DCC) 177

Matthews, Iain Nights In Manhattan (Taxim) 106

Matthews, Iain Orphans And Outcasts Volume 1 1969-1979 (Dirty Linen) 108

Matthews, Iain Pure And Crooked (Virgin/Goldcastle) 89

Matthews, Iain: Ian Matthews Journeys From Gospel Oak (Mooncrest) 96

Matthews, Iain: Ian Matthews Walking A Changing Line (Windham Hill) 62

Matthews, Iain: Ian Matthews & Mark Haliman The Winning Post, York 83 L

Matthews, Iain: Fairport Convention & Matthews Southern Comfort Fairport Convention & Matthews Southern Comfort (Voiceprint [DVD]) 300

Matthews, Iain & Andy Roberts Half Moon, Putney, London 88 L

Matthews, Iain (Al Stewart / Iain Matthews) Royal Festival Hall, London 96 L

Matthews, Ian see Matthews, Iain

Matthews, Julie Such Is Life (Road Goes On Forever) 156

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Here & Now (Fat Cat) 277 ATR

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Higher Potential (Fat Cat) 198

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Hitting The Ground Running (Fat Cat) 331/332

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Perfect Mistake (Fat Cat) 261

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Piecework (Fat Fledgling) 178

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Quest (Fat Cat) 223/224

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Stages (Fat Cat) 213

Matthews, Julie (Chris While &) Together Alone (Fat Cat) 310

Matthews, Julie (Pat Shaw &) Lies And Alibis (Fat Cat) 124

Matthews, Julie: Kathleen Deighton, Rosalie Deighton, Julie Matthews, Kathryn Roberts, Kate Rusby, Pat Shaw Intuition (Fat Cat) 125

Matthews, Larry & Terry: Matthews/Wilson/Doonan Matthews/Wilson/Doonan (Rola) 9 (SR)

Matthews, Sarah (Doug Eunson &) On Shining Wings (Coth) 297 ATR

Matthews, Sarah (Doug Eunson &) Proper Swell (Coth) 285 ATR

Matthews, Sarah (Gill Redmond &) Personally Speaking (Coth) 285 ATR

Matthews, Wall & Aleta Greene The Color Of Dusk (Clean Cuts) 156 ATR

Matthews Southern Comfort (Fairport Convention &) Fairport Convention & Matthews Southern Comfort (Voiceprint [DVD]) 300

Matthews/Wilson/Doonan Matthews/Wilson/Doonan (Rola) 9 (SR)

Mattlar, Marja Lumi (Isis/Buda) 167

Mattlar, Marja Pariisi Vuorenkylä (Buda) 141

Matura, Roger Abandoned (Folk 'n' Roll Music) 198 ATR

Matura, Roger Blues Shadows (Hotcon) 118 ATR

Matura, Roger Live In Thessaloniki (Hotcon) 196 ATR

Matura, Roger Night Of Falling Stars (HotCon Folk!) 98

Matura, Roger On Folkways (Folk ! Hot [Hotcon]) 162 ATR

Matveinen, Liisa & Tellu Virkkala Mateli (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 202 ATR

Matveinen, Liisa Ottilia (Olarin Musiikki) 160

Mau Mau Dea (Felmay) 290/291

Mau Mau Sauta Rabel (Vox Pop/EMI Italy) 119

Maude, Tony Almost True (Autogram) 17 ATR (SR)

Maulidi & Musical Party Mombasa Wedding Special (Globestyle) 98

Maulidi & Musical Party: Zuhuru Swaleh with Maulidi Musical Party) Jino La Pembe (GlobeStyle) 114

Maung, Inle Myint & Yi Yi Thant Mahagitá: Harp & Vocal Music Of Burma (Smithsonian Folkways) 237

Maurice & The Minors Run By The Moon (Used Car Music) 59 ATR

Mauritzson, Gunnel Åter (Xource) 222

Mauritzson, Gunnel Raisu Äut (Xource) 247/248 ATR

Mauvais Sort Droit Devant (NG Productions) 322

Mauvais Sort Jetatura (Productions Serge Paré) 250 ATR

Mavericks, The The Mavericks (Y&T) 100

Mavounzy, Robert: Orchestre De Biguine Robert Mavounzy / Ensemble De Quadrille Elie Cologer Album D'Or De La Biguine - Guadeloupe (Frémeaux & Associés) 317/318 ATR

Mavroidi, Martha The Garden Of Rila (Wesaw Productions) 326/327

Mawby, Mark Waters Rising (own label) 282 ATR

Mawkin Extended Procrastination (Good Form) 264

Mawkin The Fair Essex (Good Form) 281

Mawkin:Causley see also Causley, Jim

Mawkin:Causley Cold Ruin (Navigator) 304

Mawkin:Causley The Awkward Recruit (Navigator) 311

Maxie & Mitch Double Trouble (Rubber) 21 (SR)

Maxou Le Vol Du Bourdon (AMTA) 245

Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, The Wedding Party (Global Village) 114 ATR

Maxwell, David & Friends Max Attack (Dixiefrog) 245

Maxwell, David Maximum Blues Piano (Tone-Cool) 172 ATR

May, Adrian 1999½ Or The End Of The World Review (Mayday) 66

May, Adrian Anarchy In The Ukulele (MAYDAY) 25

May, Andy Happy Hours (Fellside) 313 ATR

May, Andy Yellow Haired Laddie (Fellside) 246

May, Brother Joe Live 1952-55 (Ace) 134/135

May, Chris (Chris Stapleton &) African All-Stars - The Pop Music Of A Continent (Quartet) 57 P

May, Joe see May, Brother Joe

May, Tim (Francis Hanly &) (eds) Rhythms Of The World (BBC Publications) 79/80 P

May, Tom Open Spaces, Prairie Winds (Vignette) 73

May Monday Midnight (May Monday Adventures) 299

Maya, Jesus: Maya Y Cantú El Primero Conjunto Norteo Famoso (Arhoolie) 202 ATR

Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers Blues For The Lost Days (Silvertone) 170/171 ATR

Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers Spinning Coin (Silvertone) 146/147

Maybelles, The White Trash Jenny (Little Red Hen) 269

Maycock, Emer Merry Bits Of Timber (Key) 172

Mayer, Hans Just A Little Hug (Windwall) 160 ATR

Mayer, John Shiva Nataraj: King Of Dance (FMR) 228

Mayer, John: John Mayer's Indo-Jazz Fusions John Mayer's Indo-Jazz Fusions (FMR) 209

Mayer, Nathaniel I Just Want To Be Held (Fat Possum) 261

Mayer, Peter Bountiful (Silent Planet) 174

Mayer, Peter Million Year Mind (Blue Boat) 208

Mayes, Pete For Pete's Sake (Antone's) 189 ATR

Mayfield, Percy My Blues (SPV Blue) 293

Mayfield, Percy Vol 2 Memory Pain (Ace) 119

Mayflies, The Jerusalem Ridge (own label) 292 ATR

Mayfolk Then And Now (Sleepytown) 206/207 ATR

Maynard, Ken Sings The Lone Star Trail (Bear Family) 311 ATR

Mayor, Simon *see also Spredthick

Mayor, Simon The English Mandolin (Acoustics) 145

Mayor, Simon The Mandolin Album (Acoustics) 88

Mayor, Simon The Mandolin Tutor (The First Twenty Mandolin Lessons) (Acoustics) 151/152

Mayor, Simon The Second Mandolin Album (Acoustics) 102

Mayor, Simon Winter With Mandolins (Acoustics) 118

Mayor, Simon & Hilary James Children's Favourites (Acoustics) 273 ATR

Mayor, Simon & Hilary James Duos (Acoustics) 223/224 ATR

Mayor, Simon & Hilary James Lullabies With Mandolins (Acoustics) 266/267 ATR

Mayor, Simon with Hilary James Music From A Small Island (Acoustics) 285 ATR

Mayor, Simon (Hilary James &) Children's Favourites From The Musical Mystery Tour (Acoustics) 90

Mayor, Simon (Hilary James &) Laughing With The Moon (Acoustics) 256 ATR

Mayor, Simon (Hilary James &) Musical Mystery Tour (Faber Music) 115/116 P

Mayor, Simon (Hilary James &) Musical Mystery Tour 2 - Up In A Big Balloon (Acoustics) 66

Mayor, Simon, Hilary James & Co. The Acoustics Collection (Acoustics) 169 ATR

Mayor, Simon (Hilary Jones &) Musical Mystery Tour (own label) 28

Mayor, Simon (Hilary Jones &) The Christmas Lullaby (Acoustic [single]) 23 (SR)

Mayor, Simon & Hilary Jones (Spredthick) Craving The Dew (Waterfront) 18 (SR)

Mayor, Simon & The Mandolinquents Dance Of The Comedians (Acoustics) 290/291 ATR

Mayor, Simon: The Simon Mayor Quintet Mandolinquents (Acoustics) 177 ATR

Maytals (Toots & The) From The Roots (Trojan) 250 ATR

Maytals (Toots & The) Hold On (Atom Music/Brook) 288 ATR

Maytals (Toots & The) Pressure Drop: The Definitive Collection (Trojan) 266/267 ATR

Maytals (Toots & The) Reggae Legends (Trojan) 306 ATR

Maytals (Toots & The) Roots Reggae (Trojan) 270 ATR

Maytals (Toots & The) Sweet And Dandy - The Best Of Toots & The Maytals (Trojan) 241

Maytals (Toots & The) Town & Country Club, London 84 L

Maytals, The Monkey Man (Trojan) 242/243 ATR

Maywa Kendal, Cumbria 138 L

Mayweather, Earring George Whup It! Whup It! (Tone Cool) 114 ATR

Maza Meze Unleavened (AVA Music) 182/183 ATR

Maza, Bob Music And Dreamtime Stories Of My People (Twintrack Prods) 114

Mazapegul Piccolo Canto Nomade (CNI/Studio B) 186

Mazel Mazel Tov! (Kjuchek) 225 ATR

Mazella, Kavisha Fisherman's Daughter (ABC) 191

Mazeltones, The Latkes & Lattes (Global Village) 134/135

Mazeltones, The Odessa, Washington (Global Village) 73

Mazlyn Jones see Jones, Mazlyn

Mazumdar, Gaurav Gaurav Mazumdar (Global) 274 E

Mazumdar, Gaurav In Search Of Peace [SD004097] 184

Mazumdar, Ronu Hollow Bamboo (Water Lily Acoustics) 213

Mazur, Marilyn: Kirsten Bråten Berg, Marilyn Mazur, Lena Willemark Stemmenes Skygge (Heilo) 271/272 ATR

Mazwai, Thandiswa see Thandiswa

Mazzeltov Tsores & Cheyn (Fréa) 246

Mazzeltov : Rolinha Kross Amsterdam (Fréa/Music & Words) 314/315

Mbaaw, Cherif Sing For Me (World Village) 329/330 ATR

Mbappe, Etienne Misiya (O+ Music) 254/255 ATR

Mbasalala: Ricky & Mbasalala Vocal Music From Madagascar (Wergo/Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt) 142

Mbassi, Coco Sepia (Tropical Music) 223/224 ATR

Mbassi, Coco Sisea (Tropical Music) 244 ATR

Mbassi, Coco Tour (Conser Prod [DVD]) 274

Mbawula Southern Grooves (Dancing Rhino) 229

Mbayah Mbayah (Intuition) 197 ATR

Mbaye, Jimi Dakar Heart (Shanachie) 172 ATR

Mbaye, Mamadou Black Story (Mbalax) 126 ATR

Mbenza, Syran & Ensemble Rumba Kongo Immortal Franco (Riverboat) 317/318

Mbing, Inka Gaga (Trees Music & Art) 306

Mbuli, Letta Not yet Uhuru (Flame Tree) 120

Mbuli, Mzwakhe Resistance Is Defence (Earthworks) 106

Mbuti Pygmies Of The Rainforest Mbuti Pygmies Of The Rainforest (Smithsonian/Folkways) 111

MC Solaar Mach 6 (East/West) 254/255

McAdams, Linda Born To Love This Way (Steel & Wood) 139/140 ATR

McAdams, Linda Linda McAdams (Steel and Wood Music) 87

McAlinden, Peter Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part (PMC) 333 ATR

McAllister, Archie A Fiddler's Tapestry (Lochshore) 324 ATR

McAllister, Archie (Ross Kennedy &) The Gathering Storms (Lochshore) 166

McAllister, Archie (Ross Kennedy &) Twisted Fingers (Lochshore) 143

McAllister, Randy Diggin' For Sofa Change (JSP) 189 ATR

McAllister, Randy Grease, Grit, Dirt And Spit (JSP) 189 ATR

McAloon, Sean, John Rea, Packie Duigan & Seamus Horan Irish Traditional Music (Temple) 215

McArdle, Gabriel: Bob Lennon, Séamus Quinn, Gabriel McArdle, Ciaran Curran Dog Big And Dog Little (Claddagh) 82

McArthur, Doug & Garnet Rogers Doug McArthur With Garnet Rogers (Snowgoose) 83

McArthur, Margaret An Almanac Of New England Farm Songs (Green Linnet) 17 (SR)

McAuley, Chaz Tales From The Jordan Valley Jail (Sunwest) 144 ATR

McAuley, Jack-E Fretwork (Road Goes On Forever) 163/164 ATR

McAuley, Jack-E Shadowboxing (Road Goes On Forever) 189 ATR

McAuley, Mick & Winifred Horan Serenade (Compass) 276 ATR

McAuliffe, Adrian & Cathal Flood Between The Strings (own label) 337 ATR

McAuliffe, Leon Everybody Dance, Everybody Swing (Stetson) 76

McBeath, Jimmy Wild Rover No More (Springthyme) 73

McCain, Jerry Strange Kind Of Feeling (Alligator) 123

McCallister, Randy Double Rectified Bust Head (JSP) 198 ATR

McCallum, Craig: The Craig McCallum Scottish Dance Band In A Different Light (Greentrax) 91/92

McCallum, William & Bob Worrall The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 1 (Temple) 186 ATR

McCallum, William Hailey's Song (Temple) 149 ATR

McCalmans, The Coming Home (Live) (Greentrax) 312

McCalmans, The Festival Lights (Greentrax) 154 ATR

McCalmans, The Flames On The Water (Greentrax) 90

McCalmans, The High Ground (Greentrax) 177

McCalmans, The Honest Poverty (Greentrax) 126

McCalmans, The Keepers (Greentrax) 197

McCalmans, The Listen To The Heat (Greentrax) 68

McCalmans, The Peace And Plenty (Greentrax) 44

McCalmans, The: McCalmans Scots Abroad (Greentrax) 286

McCalmans, The Smuggler / Burn The Witch (Essential) 173 ATR

McCalmans, The Tangled Web (own label) 258 ATR

McCalmans, The The Best Of The McCalmans (Playasound) 214 ATR

McCalmans, The The Ettrick Shepherd (Greenwich Village) 9 (SR)

McCalmans, The The Greentrax Years (Greentrax) 323 ATR

McCalmans, The The McCalmans In Harmony - 30th Anniversary Compilation Album (Greentrax) 146/147 ATR

McCalmans, The Where The Sky Meets The Sea (Greentrax) 232

McCamy, Fiddlin' Ian & His Celtic Reelers The Drunken Landlady (Frémeaux & Associés) 257 ATR

McCann, Eamon Touch Wood (Ritz) 175/176 ATR

McCann, Leo If Anyone Can! (Canndhu) 214

McCarron, Rachel see Rapunzel

McCarters, The The Gift (Warner Bros.) 66

McCarthy, Cormac Picture Gallery Blues (Green Linnet) 154 ATR

McCarthy, Cormac Troubled Sleep (Green Linnet) 91/92

McCarthy, Jacqueline (Tommy Keane &) The Wind Amongst The Reeds (Maree Music) 150

McCarthy, Jacqueline The Hidden Note (Maree Music) 205

McCarthy, Johnny (Pat Crowley &) Fool's Dream (Dara) 185 ATR

McCarthy, Marie Passing It On (Cork University Press) 205 P

McCarthy, Mikeen Musical Traditions Club, King and Queen, Foley Street, London W1 107 L

McCarthy, Timmy Call The Set (Cork Folk Publishing) 73

McCarthy, Tommy Round Top Wagon (own label) 329/330

McCarthy, Tommy Sporting Nell (Maree Music) 172

McCaslin, Mary Better Late Than Never (Mary McCaslin Music) 289

McCaslin, Mary Old Friends (Philo) 166

McCaslin, Mary Prairie In The Sky (Philo) 154

McCaslin, Mary Rain - The Lost Album (Bear Family) 199/200

McCaslin, Mary The Best Of Mary McCaslin (Philo) 26

McCaslin, Mary Things We Said Today (Philo) 115/116

McCauley, Cory (McCauley, Reed & Vidrine) The Bear Tavern, Birmingham 111 L

McCausland, Caroline Songs For Simon's Garden (own label) 66

McCavity's Cat The Genever Convention (MNW) 121

McClain, Mighty Sam Give It Up To Love (Audioquest) 126 ATR

McClain, Mighty Sam Joy And Pain (Crosscut) 182/183

McClain, Mighty Sam Sweet Dreams (Telarc) 220

McClain, Mighty Sam / Knut Reiersrud One Drop Is Plenty (KKV) 341/342 ATR

McClain, Tommy The Crazy Cajun Recordings (Edsel) 197

McClatchy, Debby Apples In Winter (Plant Life) 19 (SR)

McClatchy, Debby Chestnut Ridge (Trails End) 246

McClatchy, Debby Lady Luck (Green Linnet) 2 (SR)

McClatchy, Debby Light Years Away (Plant Life) 138

McClatchy, Debby Off To California (Wildebeest) 14 (SR)

McClatchy, Debby Sweet Sunny South - The Legacy Of Charlie Poole (Trails End) 273

McClatchy, Debby 'Til The Good Times Come (Trails End) 193

McClatchy, Debby (Roger Watson &) Radioland (Plant Life) 63

McClatchy, Debby with The Red Clay Ramblers Debby McClatchy With The Red Clay Ramblers (Trails End) 217 ATR

McClellan, Jeff: McClellan, Robedeaux & Stoner Prayers For Life (Canyon) 283/284 E

McClennan, Jamie (Emily Smith &) Adoon Winding Nith (White Fall) 322 ATR

McClennan, Tommy: Tommy McClennan / Robert Petway Cotton Pickin' Blues (ABM) 205 ATR

McCleod, Doug A Little Sin (Black & Tan) 259/260 ATR

McClintock, Lil: Julius Daniels / Lil McClintock Atlanta Blues (1927-30) (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 46

McCloskey, Maranna At Last (own label) 314/315

McCluskey Brothers, The Aware Of All (Thrush) 43

McCluskey Brothers, The Aware Of All (Vinyl Japan) 115/116

McCluskey Brothers, The Housewives Choice (Linn) 215

McCluskey Brothers, The Wonderful Affair (Line) 157 ATR

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McClymont, Jepther see Luciano

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McConville, Tom Cross The River (Old Bridge Music) 100

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McConville, Tom & Kieran Halpin The Streets Of Everywhere (Black Crow) 13 (SR)

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McConville, Tom (Pauline Cato &) The Surprise (Tomcat) 199/200

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McCormack, Alyth see Alyth

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McCoury, Del: The Del McCoury Band 100 Club, London 122 L

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McCoy, Kansas Joe see Kansas Joe

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McCray, Larry Ambition (Pointblank) 87

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McCrory, Dave & Sam see FOS Brothers

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McCulloch, Alistair Wired Up (Fellside) 250 ATR

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McCusker, John Yella Hoose (Temple) 208

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McDades, The For Reel (Free Radio) 245 ATR

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McDermott's 2 Hours Vs Levellers Disorder (Hag) 258

McDermott's 2 Hours vs Levellers World Turned Upside Down (Hag) 215

McDevitt, Chas Skiffle (Robson Books) 178 P

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McDonald, Country Joe see Country Joe

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McDowell, Fred see McDowell, Mississippi Fred

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McDowell, Mississippi Fred Mama Says I'm Crazy (Fat Possum) 234

McDowell, Mississippi Fred Mississippi Fred McDowell (Rounder) 150

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McGee, Big Bo see Big Bo

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McGhee, Brownie: Chris Barber's Jazz Band With Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Sonny, Brownie & Chris (Lake) 328 ATR

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McGhee, Wes Zacatecas (TRP) 43

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McIntosh, Sylvester see Blinky

McIntyre, Geordie (Alison McMorland &) Rowan In The Rock (Living Tradition) 228 ATR

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McIntyre, Pete see Maxie

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McLean, Don Homeless Brother (BGO) 142 ATR

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McLean, Don Tapestry (BGO) 142 ATR

McLean, Don The River Of Love (Curb) 157 ATR

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McLeod, Allan see Macleod, Allan

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McLeod, Heather Bones (BellaMuse Productions) 232 ATR

McLeod, Rory Angry Love (Forward) 32

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McLeod, Rory Footsteps And Heartbeats (Cooking Vinyl) 69

McLeod, Rory I'm A Rebel Trying To Govern Myself (Talkative [single]) 21 (SR)

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McNamara, Rory Still Got That Look In His Eye (Kicking Mule) 23 (SR)

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McNeill, Brian No Gods (Greentrax) 157

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McNeill, Brian The Baltic Tae Byzantium - Tales Of The Scots In Europe (Greentrax) 319/320 ATR

McNeill, Brian The Busker And The Devil's Only Daughter (Temple) 94

McNeill, Brian The Road Never Questions - The Best Of Brian McNeill, Volume 1 (Greentrax) 338/339 ATR

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McNeill, Brian (Alan Reid &) Sidetracks (Topic) 8 (SR)

McNeill, Brian (Iain MacKintosh &) Stage By Stage (Greentrax) 157

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McNeill, Jack & Charlie Heys The Northern Road (Fellside) 323 ATR

McNevin, Michael Secondhand Story (own label) 115/116 ATR

McNulty, Pat The Glasgow Irish Flourish (Piperama Productions) 106

McPartlan, Mary Petticoat Loose (Mac P Productions) 299

McPartlan, Mary The Holland Handkerchief (McP) 252

McPeak Brothers, The Pathway To Heaven (Copper Creek) 158/159 ATR

McPeak Brothers, The The McPeak Brothers (Fundamental) 59

McPeake Family, The Wild Mountain Thyme (Topic) 323 ATR

McPeake Family, The Arts Centre, Nun's Island, Galway 122 L

McPeake Family, The Brewery Arts Centre, Cirencester 150 L

McPherson, Donald & Tetuzi Akiyama Vinegar & Rum (Bo'Weavil) 285 ATR

McPherson, Ozie (Daisy Martin &) Complete Recorded Works 1921-26 (Document) 168 ATR

McQuaid, Noel & Sarah Carnloch (Darach) 101

McQuaid, Noel & Theresa Larkin In The Middle Of The Night (Rosemount Music) 187/188

McQuaid, Sarah I Won't Go Home Till Morning (own label) 309 ATR

McQuaid, Sarah The Irish DADGAD Book (Ossian Publications [reviewed under 'Tutorials']) 156

McQuaid, Sarah When Two Lovers Meet (Round Tower) 203

McQuaid, Sarah When Two Lovers Meet (own label) 294 ATR

McQuaid, Sarah: Noel & Sarah McQuaid Carnloch (Darach) 101

McQuillen, Bob (Applejack, with) Contra Dance Music, New England Style (Green Linnet) 9 (SR)

McQuillen, Bob (Rodney Miller &) Pure Quill (Great Meadow Music) 215

McRae, Jimi Earthdance (Offbeat Scotland) 225 ATR

McRae, Jimi Global Gathering - Music Of The Clan McRae (McRae Music) 321 ATR

McReynolds, Jesse *see also Jim & Jesse

McReynolds, Jesse: Eddie Adcock, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves, Jesse McReynolds The Masters (CMH) 82

McReynolds, Jim see Jim & Jesse

McShane, Rachael No Man's Fool (Navigator) 321

McShane, Ronnie: Peader Ó Riada, Cóir Chúil Aodha (Coolea Choir), with Maidhí Ó Suilleabháin & Ronnie McShane Dord 2 (WEA) 87

McShee, Jacqui, Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens About Thyme (GJS) 148

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McShee, Jacqui: Jacqui McShee's Pentangle Feoffees' Lands (GJS) 265

McShee, Jacqui: Jacqui McShee's Pentangle In Concert (Park [DVD]) 300

McShee, Jacqui: Jacqui McShee's Pentangle Passe-Avant (Park) 186

McShee, Jacqui (John Renbourn &) In Concert (Hard Road [DVD]) 265

McSherry, John Soma (Compass) 331/332

McSherry, John: Bob Brozman, John McSherry & Dónal O'Connor Six Days In Down (Riverboat) 328

McSherry, John (Michael McGoldrick &) At First Light (Vertical) 220

McSherry, John, Dónal O'Connor Tripswitch (Vertical) 278/279

McSherry, Paul: Brendan Mulholland, Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry Tuned Up (own label) 309

McTell, Blind Willie Blind Willie McTell 1940 (RST) 96

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McTell, Blind Willie Statesboro Blues (Indigo) 143

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McTell, Blind Willie The Definitive Blind Willie McTell 1927-1935 (Catfish) 235/236

McTell, Blind Willie The Early Years 1927-33 (Yazoo) 88

McTell, Blind Willie Travelling Blues (Catfish) 198

McTell, Ralph 8 Frames A Second (Transatlantic) 298 ATR

McTell, Ralph Alphabet Zoo (Road Goes On Forever) 131

McTell, Ralph Angel Laughter: Autobiography Vol. One (Heartland Publishing) 218/219 P

McTell, Ralph Bridge Of Sighs (Mays) 45

McTell, Ralph My Side Of Your Window (Transatlantic) 298 ATR

McTell, Ralph National Treasure (Leola) 230/231

McTell, Ralph Not Till Tomorrow (Leola Music) 194/195

McTell, Ralph Ralph Albert And Sydney (Leola Music) 194/195

McTell, Ralph Red Sky (Leola Music) 266/267 ATR

McTell, Ralph Sand In Your Shoes (Transatlantic) 151/152

McTell, Ralph Slide Away The Screen & Other Stories (Road Goes On Forever) 141

McTell, Ralph Somewhere Down The Road (Leola Music) 329/330

McTell, Ralph Spiral Staircase (Transatlantic) 298 ATR

McTell, Ralph Spiral Staircase (Wooded Hill) 166 ATR

McTell, Ralph Streets Of London: The Best Of... (Metro) 275 ATR

McTell, Ralph Summer Lightning: Autobiography Vol. 2 (Amber Waves) 244 P

McTell, Ralph The Best Of - The Transatlantic Years (Essential) 209 ATR

McTell, Ralph The Definitive Transatlantic Collection (Essential/Castle) 177 ATR

McTell, Ralph The Essential Ralph McTell (Metro Doubles) 316 ATR

McTell, Ralph The Ferryman (Mays) 44

McTell, Ralph The Guitar And Songs Of Ralph McTell (Misty River Music) 23 P (SR)

McTell, Ralph Travelling Man (Leola Music) 194/195

McTell, Ralph Water Of Dreams (Mays) 15 (SR)

McTell, Ralph Winners/Geordie's On The Road (Mays [single]) 23 (SR)

McTell, Ralph You Well Meaning Brought Me Here (Leola Music) 194/195

McTell, William see McTell, Blind Willie

McVarish, Gabe Eclection (Greentrax) 328 ATR

McVicar, Ewan Doh Ray Me, When Ah Wis Wee - Scots Children's Songs And Rhymes (Birlinn) 302/303 P

McVicar, Ewan One Singer One Song (Glasgow City Libraries) 94 P

McVicar, Ewan (Hamish Imlach &) Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice: Reminiscences Of A Fat Folk Singer (Mainstream Publishing) 117 P

Mdendera, George Khale (Pamtondo) 232

Mdungu Afro What!? (ZimBraz/Music & Words) 321 ATR

Me Naiset Me Naiset (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 151/152

Meads, David see Scroobius Pip

Mean Red Spiders Dark Hours (Gray Brothers) 99

Means, Kieron Far As My Eyes Can See (Fellside) 273

Means, Keiron Run Mountain (Tradition Bearers) 247/248

Meantime The Blue Men Of The Minch (own label) 261 ATR

Meantime The Natives Are Friendly (own label) 230/231 ATR

Mears, Pat There Goes The Rainbow (Silenz) 107 ATR

Meat Purveyors, The More Songs About Buildings And Food (Bloodshot) 198

Meat Purveyors, The Sweet In The Pants (Bloodshot) 181

Mec Yek Antikrisis (Choux De Bruxelles) 304

Mec Yek: Jaune Toujours / Mec Yek Re:Plugged (Choux de Bruxelles) 331/332

Mechan, Susie (Chris Prosser &) Wee Happy & The Lounge Bears (Kauri Music) 237

Mecyssne, Victor Personal Mercury (Villa) 161 ATR

Med Kærlig Hilsen (Danish Folk Council) 199/200

Media Aetas & Roberto De Simone Li Turchi Viaggiano (Oriente) 250

Medicine Beat (Jerry Alfred & The) Nendaä - Go Back (Red House) 172

Medicine Drum Supernature (Changing World) 193 ATR

Medicine Shack Battle Of The Drum (Electric Lizard [single]) 111

Medioni, Maurice El Et Son Pianoriental Café Oran (Pirahna) 166

Mediterranean Celtic Dub Connection Mediterranean Celtic Dub Connection (Eipe) 263

Mednick, Lisa Artifacts Of Love (Dejadisc) 132

Mednick, Lisa Semaphore (Texas Music Group) 228 ATR

Medunjanin, Amira see Amira

Meehan, Bob (Mark Patton &) Acoustic Blues (Yee Haw) 198 ATR

Meek, Bill (John Conolly &) The Singing River: Songs by John Conolly and Bill Meek (Humberside Leisure Services) 27 P

Meek, Bill Paddy Moloney And The Chieftains (Sidgwick & Jackson) 61 P

Meek, Graeme Straw Plait And Bone Lace (Luton Museum) 22 P (SR)

Mega Death Morris Men (Shamus O'Blivion & The) Yee Ha (Listenear [single]) 158/159

Megadrums Layers Of Time (Intuition) 162 ATR

Megson On The Side (EDJ) 264

Megson Smoke Of Home (EDJ) 292

Megson Take Yourself A Wife (EDJ) 306

Megson The Longshot (EDJ) 325

Mehbooba Band Fanfare De Calcutta (Signature) 223/224

Mehmet, Dogan Gypsyhead (Hobgoblin) 317/318

Mehta, Manju (Sultan Khan &) Umeed (Sense World Music) 307/308 E

Mei Han & Randy Raine-Rausch Distant Wind (ZA Discs) 226 ATR

Meidah, Malouma Mint Moktar see Malouma

Meikle, George & The Lothian Scottish Dance Band Scottish Dances Vol. 10 (Highlander Music) 204 ATR

Meissa Night In Casamance (Elephant) 197 ATR

Meitus, Robert Shannon & The Dorkestra Robert Shannon Meitus And The Dorkestra (Scratch) 95 ATR

Meiway Extraterrestre: 600% Zoblazo (Lusafrica) 201

Meiway Golgotha (Lusafrica) 256

Meiway M20 (Lusafrica) 323

Mekons, The Ancient & Modern 1911-2011 (Westpark) 340

Mekons, The Crime And Punishment [Sin 002 [EP]] 34

Mekons, The Fear And Whiskey (Sin/Quarterstick) 223/224 ATR

Mekons, The Heaven & Hell: The Very Best Of The Mekons (Cooking Vinyl) 257

Mekons, The Hole In The Ground/Sin City/Prince Of Darkness (Sin [single]) 53

Mekons, The Honky Tonkin' (Sin) 46

Mekons, The Journey To The End Of Night (Quarterstick) 204

Mekons, The Me (Quarterstick) 184 ATR

Mekons, The Natural (Quarterstick) 292

Mekons, The Oooh! (Quarterstick) 230/231 ATR

Mekons, The Slightly South Of The Border (Sin [EP]) 42

Mekons, The So Good It Hurts (Sin/Cooking Vinyl) 58

Mekons, The The Edge Of The World (Sin) 38

Mekons, The The Mekons (Quarterstick) 184 ATR

Mekons (The) & Kathy Acker Pussy, King Of The Pirates (Quarterstick) 153 ATR

Mèkurya, Gétatchèw Ethiopiques 14: Negus Of Ethiopian Sax (Buda) 240

Melanie Born To Be (C5) 115/116 ATR

Melanie Gather Me (C5) 115/116 ATR

Melanie Old Bitch Warrior (BMG) 165

Melanie On Air (Strange Fruit) 174 ATR

Melanie The Four Sides Of... (Wooded Hill) 165 ATR

Melao (Azuquita Y Su Melao) La Salsa C'est Pas Compliqué! (Frémeaux & Associés) 244 ATR

Melarkey, Patsy, Colin Higgins & Andy Dickson Rotterdam Bar, Belfast 47 L

Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club Reel Cool (own label) 238 ATR

Meldrum, Sandy Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax) 282 ATR

Melech Mechaya Budja Ba (Ovação) 325 ATR

Melingo Maldito Tango (Mañana) 298

Melis, Efisio Les Launeddas En Sardaigne (Silex) 134/135

Meliyara Meliyara: Women Of The World Vol. 3) (Riverboat) 109

Melkon, Marko see Marko Melkon

Mellessé, Netsanet Dodge (Musidisc) 114

Mellow Fellows (Big Twist & The) Playing For Keeps (Alligator) 100 ATR

Mellow Fellows, The Street Party (Alligator) 96

Mellstock Band, The Entertaining Strangers by David Edgar (featuring The Mellstock Band), Cottesloe Theatre, London 54 L

Mellstock Band, The Ghosts & Lovers (Serpent Press) 252

Mellstock Band, The Glad Tidings (Serpent Press) 270

Mellstock Band, The Tenants Of The Earth (WildGoose) 167

Mellstock Band, The The Dance At The Phoenix: Village Band Music From Hardy's Wessex And Beyond (Beautiful Jo) 199/200

Mellstock Band, The The Leaves Of Life (Serpent Press) 333 ATR

Mellstock Band, The Under The Greenwood Tree (Saydisc) 43

Mellstock Band & Singers, The Songs Of Thomas Hardy's Wessex (Saydisc) 144

Mellstock Band (The Oxford Waits with The) Hey For Christmas (Beautiful Jo) 210

Mellstock Quire, The The Mellstock Quire (Forest Tracks) 14 ATR (SR)

Mellul, Eli Eli Hatov (My Good Lord): Oriental & Occidental Jewish Song (Global Village) 167

Melodeon Man&oeliguvres Books & Soundtrack Cassettes (Dave Mallinson Music) 73 P

Melrose, Ian A Scottish Legacy (Acoustic Music) 225 ATR

Melrose, Ian Around The Corner In 80 Minutes (...More Or Less) (Acoustic Music) 319/320 ATR

Melrose, Ian (Manfred Leuchter &) Vis-À-Vis (Acoustic Music) 314/315 ATR

Mélusine France: Folk (Auvidis Ethnic) 162

Melville, Cody Cadillac Crown (Duetto Disc) 175/176 ATR

Melville, Colin (Ally Mackenzie &) Fits O' Giggles (Spagnum Moss) 270 ATR

Mémoire Et Racines Joliette, Quebec, 29-31 July 2005 268 L

Memory Band, The Apron Strings (Peacefrog) 282

Memphis Jug Band Complete Recorded Works Vol 1 (Document) 95

Memphis Jug Band He's In The Jailhouse Now (ABM) 202

Memphis Jug Band The Remaining Titles (1927-34) (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 46

Memphis Jug Band Vol 1 (JSP) 133

Memphis Jug Band Vols 2 & 3 (Document) 101

Memphis Jug Band Volume Three (JSP) 120

Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe 1929-34 Vols. 1, 2 & 4 (Document) 101

Memphis Minnie American Blues Legends (Charly)

Memphis Minnie Black Widow Stinger - The Essential Recordings Vol. 2 (Indigo) 202 ATR

Memphis Minnie Bumble Bee (Indigo) 137

Memphis Minnie Crazy Crying Blues (Fabulous) 239 ATR

Memphis Minnie Hoodoo Lady (1933-37) (Columbia) 98

Memphis Minnie Me And My Chauffeur (Proper) 242/243 ATR

Memphis Minnie Pickin' The Blues (Catfish) 211/212 ATR

Memphis Minnie Queen Of The Blues (Columbia/Legacy) 175/176

Memphis Nighthawks: State Street Ramblers, Memphis Nighthawks, Chicago Rhythm Kings 1931-1936 (RST Jazz Perspectives) 143

Memphis Slim At The Gate Of Horn (Charly) 191 ATR

Memphis Slim Blues Greats (Universal Blues Greats) 340 ATR

Memphis Slim Broken Soul Blues (BGO) 180 ATR

Memphis Slim The Bluebird Recordings 1940-41 (RCA) 167

Memphis Slim The Folkways Years 1959-73 (Smithsonian Folkways) 203 ATR

Memphis Slim The Legacy Of The Blues (Sonet [14 CD set - various artists]) 70

Memphis Slim (Lightnin' Hopkins / Memphis Slim) Staying Home With The Blues (Spectrum) 180

Memphis Slim (Muddy Waters &) Chicago Blues Masters Vol. 1 (Capitol Blues Collection) 222

Men They Couldn't Hang, The 25 Year Anniversary (Vinyl Star [DVD]) 329/330

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Alive Alive O (Fun After All) 102

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Devil On The Wind (Irregular) 314/315

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Gold Rush/The Ghosts Of Cable Street (MCA [single]) 38

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Greenback Dollar (Demon [single]) 31

Men They Couldn't Hang, The How Green Is My Valley (MCA) 42

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Ironmasters/Donald Where's Your Troosers/Rawhide (Imp [single]) 26

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Majestic Grill (Demon) 180

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Night Of A Thousand Candles (Imp) 26

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Rain, Steam & Speed (Silvertone [single]) 72

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Shirt Of Blue (MCA [single]) 42

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Silvertown (Silvertone) 73

Men They Couldn't Hang, The The Colours (Magnet [single]) 59

Men They Couldn't Hang, The The Crest (Magnet [single]) 64

Men They Couldn't Hang, The The Domino Club (Silvertone) 87

Men They Couldn't Hang, The The Green Fields Of France (Imp [single]) 23 (SR)

Men They Couldn't Hang, The The Lion & The Unicorn/Kingdom Of The Blind (Silvertone [single]) 91/92

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Waiting For Bonaparte (Magnet) 59

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Waiting For Bonaparte (Warner/Chappell) 59 P

Men They Couldn't Hang, The London Subterranea 95 L

Men They Couldn't Hang, The Shepherds Bush Empire, London 155 L

Men They Couldn't Hang (The) / The McCluskey Brothers / The Company The Town & Country Club, London 44 L

Menabò, Roberto A Bordo Del Conte Di Biancamano (Coco Dischi) 36

Menabò, Roberto Il Profumo Del Vinile (Faredollars Music & Records) 227

Menabò, Roberto John Fahey: La Storia, La Discografia Consigliata (Lapis Lapsus Edizioni) 238 P

Menabò, Roberto Laughing The Blues (Combo Jazz Club) 148

Ménagerie À Trois St Donats Arts Centre, Llantwit Major 134/135 L

MeNaiset Mastorava (MeNaiset) 229

Menard, D.L. Cajun Saturday Night (Rounder) 26

Menard, D.L. No Matter Where You Are, There You Are (Rounder) 69

Menard, D.L., Eddie LeJeune & Ken Smith Greenwich Festival, London 110 L

Menard, D.L. & Eddie Le Jeune Royton Assembly Halls 85 L

Menard, D.L. / Austin Pitre The Swallow Recordings (Ace) 103/104

Menard, D.L.: Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy & D.L. Menard En Bas Du Chêne Vert (Arhoolie) 93

Mendelssohn, Felix & His Hawaiian Serenaders Paradise Isle (Harlequin) 223/224

Mendes, Boy Ge Lagoa (Tinder) 193 ATR

Mendoza Sisters, The [Juanita & Maria] Las Hermanas Mendoza (Arhoolie) 22 (SR)

Mendoza Sisters, The [Juanita & Maria]: Las Hermanas Mendoza Juanita Y Maria (Arhoolie) 149 ATR

Mendoza, Lydia La Alondra De La Frontera (Arhoolie) 226 ATR

Mendoza, Lydia La Gloria De Texas (Arhoolie) 132

Mendoza, Lydia The Best Of... (Arhoolie) 301

Mendoza, Nicolas 'Colacho' (Diomedes Diaz &) ¡Cantando! (GlobeStyle) 87

Menduto, Tiziano: Trio Coltri Menduto Morelli El Petun Del Diàul (Folkest Dischi) 326/327

Menescal, Robert (Bossacucanova &) Brasilidade (Ziriguiboom/Crammed Discs) 216 ATR

Menestra Dog Of Pride (Coop Briezh) 211/212

Menhaden Chanteymen, The Won't You Help Me To Raise 'Em (Global Village) 103/104; 129 ATR

Menheim, Nicolas & Le Super Sabador Comandante Ché Guevara (Popular African Music) 235/236

Mensa (Paapa J's Mensa) Around The World In 48 Minutes (Fante) 179 ATR

Mensah, E.T. All For You (RetroAfric) 52; 185 ATR

Mensah, E.T. Day By Day - The King Of Highlife Music (Retroafric) 102

Mensah, Paapa J.: Paapa J's Mensa Around The World In 48 Minutes (Fante) 179 ATR

Menter, Will Can Y Graig - A Celebration Of Slate (Resonance) 112 ATR

Menton, Todd The Dolmen Field (New Folk) 319/320 ATR

Menton, Todd Where Will You Land? (New Folk) 270 ATR

Menuhin, Yehudi (Ravi Shankar &) West Meets East - The Historic Shankar/Menuhin Sessions (Angel) 204

Menuhin, Yehudi (Ravi Shankar &) West Meets East (BGO) 204

Menwar Ay Ay Lolo (Marabi) 278/279

Mercé, Jose Aire (Virgin) 214

Merchant, Natalie Leave Your Sleep (Nonesuch) 323

Merchant, Natalie Retrospective 1995-2005 (Rhino) 270

Merchant, Natalie The House Carpenter's Daughter (Myth America) 242/243

Meridian Prime (Harbourtown) 249 ATR

Meridian Second (Reiver) 280

Merino Brothers Vallenato Dynamos (Globestyle) 81

Méristem Méristem (own label) 73

Merit Queen Of Swedish Hammond Folk Groove (Amigo) 278/279 ATR

Merlin's Keep Of This World (own label) 328 ATR

Merlons, The Water, Naked, Nature (Musical Tragedies) 169

Merriam, Buddy Back Roads Mandolin (Lily Pad) 321 ATR

Merriweather, Big Maceo see Big Maceo

Mes Souliers Sont Rouges 5 (Trema) 242/243 ATR

Mescaleros (Joe Strummer & The) Global A Go-Go (Helicat) 220

Mescaleros (Joe Strummer & The) Streetcore (Hellcat) 245

Mesirow, Larry A Ladino Songbook (Global Village) 100

Messaoud, Bellamou Hackney Empire, London 66 L

Messaoud, Bellemou Le Pere Du Rai (World Circuit) 74

Messaoud, Bellemou Wahran - Live At Extrafesta (Radio Popolare) 162 ATR

Messaoudi, Kamel The Best Of (Buda Musique) 148

Messer, Michael Diving Duck (PT) 62

Messer, Michael Guitar Maestros (Sound Techniques [DVD]) 280

Messer, Michael King Guitar (Catfish) 216

Messer, Michael Moonbeat (Appaloosa) 156 ATR

Messer, Michael National Avenue (Scratch) 172 ATR

Messer, Michael Second Mind (Catfish) 240

Messer, Michael: Michael Messer Band Slide Dance (Minidoka) 97

Messing, Charlie Once A Rounder (Gi-Lu) 227 ATR

Mestisay La Rosa De Los Vientos (Nubenegra/Intuition) 185

Méta Bétöltse Szívedet (FolkEurópa) 233

Metalworks Rudolf Steiner Hall, London 149 L

Metamorfosa Earth Music (Mariposa) 184 ATR

Meters, The The Meters Jam (Special Delivery) 111

Méthé, Claude L'Amant Confesseur (Roues & Archets) 283/284

Metheglin Raining In Paradise (Pipe-Dream Music) 305 ATR

Methera In Concert (Methera) 328

Metric Foot Band, The A Good Kicking (own label) 185 ATR

Metropolitan Klezmer Surprising Finds (Rhythm Media) 246

Metropolitan Klezmer Travelling Show (Rhythm Media) 297 ATR

Metropolitan Klezmer Yiddish For Travellers (own label) 203

Metsatöll & Estonian Male Choir Curse Upon Iron (Westpark Music) 293 ATR

Metsers, Paul Bradshaw Tavern Folk Club, Halifax 35 L

Metsers, Paul Caution To The Wind (Highway) 9 (SR)

Metsers, Paul Fifth Quarter (SAGEM) 63

Metsers, Paul In The Hurricane's Eye (Sagem) 21 (SR)

Metsers, Paul Momentum (Highway) 15 (SR)

Metsers, Paul Pacific Pilgrim (Sagem) 38

Metsers, Paul Songbook (Sagem) 44 P

Metté, Roy Pirates (own label) 300 ATR

Mette Kathrine see Jensen, Mette Kathrine

Mettelus, David see Ti-Coca

Meurig, Cass & Nial Cain Deuawd (Fflach:Trad) 326/327 ATR

Meuross, Reg & The Flamingos Arrested (Fond) 102

Meuross, Reg The Goodbye Hat (Round Tower) 158/159

Meyer, Edgar: Béla Fleck, Zakir Hussain & Edgar Meyer The Melody Of Rhythm (E1 Entertainment) 326/327 E

Meyer, Edgar: Bhatt/Douglas/Meyer Bourbon & Rosewater (Water Lily Acoustics) 151/152

Meyer, Edgar: Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, Edgar Meyer Skip, Hop & Wobble (Sugar Hill) 129

Meyer, Edgar (Mark O'Connor, Edgar Meyer, Yo-Yo Ma) Barbican, London 145 L

Meyer, Liz & Mark Cosgrove Regions Of The Soul (Strictly Music) 203 ATR

Meyer, Richard A Letter From The Open Sky (Shanachie) 134/135 ATR

Meyer, Richard Laughing/Scared (Old Forge) 60

Meyering, Wolfgang Malbrook (Westpark) 266/267

Meyers, Augie White Boy (Music & Words) 157

Meyers, Hazel Vol. 1 1923-24 (Document) 160

Meyers, Hazel: Edna Hicks, Hazel Meyers, Laura Smith Vol. 2 1923-27 (Document) 160

Meyers, Stephan see Breadfoot

Meza, Lisandro Lisandro's Cumbia - Cabanero King Of Columbia (Circuit) 105

Meza, Lisandro Tropical Dance Party (Tumi) 105

Mezcla Fronteras De Suenos (Intuition, via Vera-Bra in the UK) 99

Mêzel, Iness Lën (Nocturne) 245 ATR

Mêzel, Iness Wedfel (Silex/Auvidis) 194/195

Mezzadri, Malik see Magic Malik

Mezzrow, Mezz & Bernard Wolfe Really The Blues (Souvenir Press) 316 P

Mfinka, Kévin & Africa-Walla Mbemba (PlayaSound) 277 ATR

Mgrdichian, George The Oud (Global Village) 184 ATR

Mhlanga, Louis World Traveller (Sheer Sound) 280 ATR

Mhlanga, Louis: Régis Gizavo, Louis Mhlanga, David Mirandon Stories (Marabi) 278/279

Mhlongo, Busi & Twasa Babhemu (Stern's) 132

Mhoireach, Anna Out Of The Blue (Lochshore) 145

Mhoireach, Anna: Anna Murray Into Indigo (Lochshore) 172 ATR

Mi Son Sí Soy El Son (Pati Pami) 203 ATR

Miah, Shahjahan Chants Mystiques Bâuls Du Bangladesh (Maison des Cultures du Monde) 125

Mian, Aziz & Fun-Da-Mental Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford 168 L

Michael, Ras see Ras Michael

Michael, Walt Hammered Dulcimer Retrospective (Flying Fish) 193 ATR

Michailidis, Nikolas (Leigh Cline &) Al Asha Bi Daha: Traditional Songs Of The Eastern Black Sea (Scimitar) 282

Michel, Emeline Rasin Kreyol (Times Square) 261 ATR

Michel, Emeline: Emeline Cordes & Ame (Cheval de Feu) 208 ATR

Michel, George Melodies Of The Oud (Global Village) 254/255

Michels [Wolfgang Michels] Orange Kindergarden (BMG) 158/159 ATR

Michio Asi Nada Más (Alameda) 311 ATR

Micus, Stephan Bold As Light (ECM) 333 ATR

Micus, Stephan Desert Poems (ECM) 214 ATR

Micus, Stephan The Garden Of Mirrors (ECM) 173 ATR

Middleton Pollock, Marilyn A Doll's House (Fellside) 114

Middleton Pollock, Marilyn Nobody Knows You (Fellside) 62

Middleton Pollock, Marilyn Those Women Of The Vaudeville Blues (Lake) 95 ATR

Middleton, Richard & David Horn (eds) Popular Music 1: Folk Or Popular? Distinctions, Influences, Continuities (Cambridge University Press) 14 P (SR)

Middleton, Steve Cathedrals & Castles (REL) 193 ATR

Midgårds Ensemble (Kersti Macklin Och Midgårds Ensemble) L'agréable (Tongång) 173

Midival Punditz Midival Punditz (Six Degrees) 237 ATR

Midnight Court Ear To The Ground (Magnetic Music) 187/188

Midnight Creepers Daytona Blues (Bedrock) 56

Midnight Special Arriving... (AST) 307/308 ATR

Midnight Well Midnight Well (Mulligan) 162

Midnite Express: Young Bird / Midnite Express Southern And Northern Style Pow-Pow Songs (Canyon) 252

Midtstigen, Per (Ånon Egeland &) Norske Strøk (Heilo) 43

Mid-Wales Folk Festival Newtown, Powys, Wales 72 L

Midwood, Ramsay Shoot Out At The OK Chinese Restaurant (Glitterhouse) 199/200

Mienna, Biret Álehttá Árbán (Etnisk Musikklubb) 341/342 ATR

Mighty 45s (Angela Brown & The) Talking Out Loud (Bluesside) 190

Mighty Biafra (Ozo &) Anambra River (Eine Strasse Zum Himmel) (Riot [single]) 93

Mighty Clouds Of Dust Champion The Wonder Horse (Rogue [EP]) 74

Mighty Clouds Of Dust Please Mr. Custer/Flowers On The Wall/Champion The Wonder Horse (Dead On [via Rocks Off Records] [single]) 22 (SR)

Mighty Flyers, The The Half Moon, Putney, London 61 L

Mighty Popo Dunia Yote (Tamba Discs) 203 ATR

Mighty Quinns, The Thicker Than Water (Hebe Music) 314/315 ATR

Mighty Sparrow First Flight: Early Calypsos From The Emory Cook Collection (Smithsonian Folkways) 273 ATR

Mihalache, Andrei, George & Meltiade: Orchestra Mihalache Tiganii Lautari (own label) 247/248 ATR

Mihalache, George: Lelo Nika with Thommy Andersson & George Mihalache Intuition (A Records) 307/308

Mikami, Kan Arashi Ame Arashi (Modern Music) 184 ATR

Mike, Haji Mousiki (Kebab Culture [single]) 117

Mike, Haji On The Mike (Kebab Kulture Music) 142 ATR

Mikea Taholy (Contre-Jour) 321 ATR

Mikhal Full Flower (Muse-eek) 187/188 ATR

Mikidache Kauli/Words (World Connection) 254/255

Mikkelsen, Anja Præst Hemmeligheden / The Secret (GO' Danish Folk Music) 312

Mil-Quinhento '1500' & Conjunto Popombo De Nampula / Conjunto Nimala De Lalauah Saba Saba! (GlobeStyle) 117

Mila Na Utamaduni Spices Of Zanzibar (Network) 161 ATR

Milagro Acustico Poeti Arabi Di Sicilia (CNI/Ludos) 273

Milagro Acustico Siqiliah: Terra D'Islam (Compagnia Nuove Indye) 302/303

Milanés, Pablo The Definitive Collection: 60 Years On (Wrasse) 244 ATR

Milann & Laloy La Marquise ( 321 ATR

Milburn, Amos Blues And Boogie - His Greatest Hits (Sequel) 94

Milburn, Amos The Chronological Amos Milburn 1948-49 (Classics) 252

Milchberg, Jorge Musique D'Amérique Latine: Charango (Buda Musique) 201

Miles, Dick Cheating The Tide (Greenwich Village) 23 (SR)

Miles, Dick On My Little Concertina (Brewhouse) 79/80 ATR

Miles, Dick Playing For Time (Greenwich Village) 53

Miles, Dick & Sue The Dunmow Flitch (Sweet Folk & Country) 13 (SR)

Miles, Dick (Richard Grainger &) Home Routes (Brewhouse) 93

Miles, Graeme (The Ironopolis Singers with) Songs Of Ironopolis (own label) 335 ATR

Miles, Josie Complete Works 1922-25 Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 160 ATR

Miles, Lizzie Complete Recordings 1922-29 Vols 1-3 (Document) 158/159

Miles, Lynn I Know It Was Love (Philo/CRS [single]) 158/159

Miles, Lynn Night In A Strange Town (Philo) 185 ATR

Miles, Lynn Slightly Haunted (Philo) 156

Miles, Lynn Sunset Blvd (CRS [single]) 194/195

Miles, Michael J. Collage (Right Turn On Red Music) 340 ATR

Miles, Sue: Dick & Sue Miles The Dunmow Flitch (Sweet Folk & Country) 13 (SR)

Miles To Go Band (David Hyams & The) Knowing The Place (own label) 276 ATR

Military Band of The Old Turkish Army Turkish Military Band Music Of The Ottoman Empire [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Milkshakes, The Jump The Moon (Steam Pie Productions) 129 ATR

Milksop Holly Milkweeds (Shimmy Disc) 186 ATR

Milladoiro As Fadas De Estrano Nome: Celtic Music From Spain (Green Linnet) 168 ATR; 175/176

Milladoiro Castellum Bonesti (Green Linnet) 105

Milladoiro Milladoiro 3 (CBS - Spain) 21 (SR)

Milladoiro Milladoiro 25 (Discmedi-Blau) 275

Milladoiro O Niño Do Sol (Discmedi Blau) 238

Milladoiro Solfafria (CBS [Spain]) 46

Millar, Sam She's Just Too Hot For Me (Southbound [single]) 174

Millar, Will & Paul Horn Journey Of The Celts (Chacra) 225 ATR

Millen Family, The Down Yonder Green Lane (Open) 226

Miller, Al Complete Recorded Work 1927-36 (Document) 142 ATR

Miller, Alex 'Rice' see Williamson, Sonny Boy [II]

Miller, Arnold (Sima Miller &) Heritage: The Art Of The Yiddish Folk Song, 5 Volumes (Global Village) 72

Miller, Bill Ghostdance (Vanguard) 230/231

Miller, Bill Loon, Mountain & Moon (Rosebud) 100 ATR

Miller, Bill Raven In The Snow (Reprise) 154 ATR

Miller, Brent: Eric Bogle with John Munro & Brent Miller Scraps Of Paper (Larrikin) 141

Miller, Brent: Eric Bogle with John Munro & Brent Miller When The Wind Blows (Larrikin) 141

Miller, Brian & Charlie Soane The Favourite Dram (Celtic Music) 12 ATR (SR)

Miller, Buddy & Julie Buddy & Julie Miller (Hightone) 222

Miller, Buddy Cruel Moon (Hightone) 204

Miller, Buddy Your Love And Other Lies (Hightone) 153 ATR

Miller, Chris & Ken Campbell The Piper's Maggot (Topic) 11 (SR)

Miller, Dale Azzurro Verdi (Dale Miller Productions) 225 ATR

Miller, Dale Fingerpicking Rags & Other Delights (Kicking Mule) 172 ATR

Miller, Dan & Bob Conroy The Irish In America (Folk Legacy) 221 ATR

Miller, Ed At Home With The Exiles (Greentrax) 149 ATR

Miller, Ed Scottish Voice (Wellfield) 126 ATR

Miller, Ed The Edinburgh Rambler (Greentrax) 190

Miller, Gary Reflections On War (Whippet) 331/332 ATR

Miller, Jacob: Inner Circle The Best Of Inner Circle With Jacob Miller (Music Club) 209 ATR

Miller, Joe Semi-Traditional Guitar Solos (Rising Sleeves Music) 123

Miller, Joe West Coast Music For Guitar (Rising Sleeves Music) 100

Miller, John: Johnson, Miller & Dermody Deceiving Blues (Orb Discs) 283/284 ATR

Miller, Julie: Buddy & Julie Miller Buddy & Julie Miller (Hightone) 222

Miller, Karl Hagstrom Segregating Sound - Inventing Folk And Pop Music In The Age Of Jim Crow (Duke University Press) 324 P

Miller, Keith (Bob Long &) I Wonder To Myself (BL Music) 300 ATR

Miller, Luella Complete Recorded Works 1926-28 (Document) 129 ATR

Miller, Mae Belle see St Louis Bessie

Miller, Randy: Rodney Miller & Randy Miller New England Chestnuts Volumes 1 & 2 (Great Meadow Music) 220

Miller, Rebecca S. Carriacou String Band Serenade: Performing Identity In The Eastern Caribbean (Wesleyan University Press) 305 P

Miller, Rice see Williamson, Sonny Boy [II]

Miller, Rodney Airdance (Great Meadow Music) 215

Miller, Rodney Airplang (Rounder) 30

Miller, Rodney Airplang II (Great Meadow Music) 215

Miller, Rodney Greasy Coat (Sage Arts) 105 ATR

Miller, Rodney & Bob McQuillen Pure Quill (Great Meadow Music) 215

Miller, Rodney & David Surette New Leaf (Great Meadow Music) 215

Miller, Rodney: Rodney Miller & Randy Miller New England Chestnuts Volumes 1 & 2 (Great Meadow Music) 220

Miller, Rodney: The Rodney Miller Band Greasy Coat (Great Meadow Music) 234 ATR

Miller, Sandy (Christian Maes &) Tilted House (Saltarelle) 127/128

Miller, Sima & Arnold Miller Heritage: The Art Of The Yiddish Folk Song, 5 Volumes (Global Village) 72

Miller, Siobhan (Jeana Leslie &) In A Bleeze (Greentrax) 305 ATR

Miller, Siobhan (Jeana Leslie &) Shadows Tall (Greentrax) 331/332

Miller, Stephen Smart Blonde - Dolly Parton (Omnibus Press) 294 P

Miller, Terry E. & Sean Williams (eds) The Garland Encyclopedia Of World Music: South East Asia (Garland) 190 P

Milleret, Stéphane & Norbert Pignol Sales Gosses (Musiques Traditionelles de Demain) 264

Milligan, David (Simon Thoumire &) The Big Day In (Footstompin') 228

Milligan, Spike (Jeremy Taylor &) Live At Cambridge University 1973 (Folksound) 304 ATR

Millinder, Lucky & His Orchestra Apollo Jump (Proper) 238

Million Blues, A see A Million Blues

Millns, Paul Against The Tide (Hypertension) 134/135

Millns, Paul Unsung Heroes (The Folk Corporation) 189 ATR

Mills, Bob Songs Of A Hampshire Man - Bob Mills, Herdsman 1906-81 (People's Stage Tapes) 17 (SR)

Mills, Jim Bound To Ride (Sugar Hill) 184 ATR

Mills, Jim Hide Head Blues (Sugar Hill) 273

Mills, Jim My Dixie Home (Sugar Hill) 240 ATR

Mills, Joan In Melancholy Mood (own label) 206/207 ATR

Mills, Joan (Michael Raven &) A Shropshire Lad (from Mike Raven) 134/135 P

Mills, Joan (Michael Raven &) My Old Friend (own label) 184 ATR

Mills, Joan (Michael Raven &) Songs & Solos (from Mike Raven) 134/135 P

Mills, Joan (Michael Raven &) Songs And Solos (own label) 133

Mills, Joan (Michael Raven &) Songs And Dances Of Herefordshire (own label) 158/159

Mills, Joan (Mike Raven &) Flowers Of Picardy (own label) 170/171

Mills, Joan (Mike Raven &) Recital (MR) 148

Mills, Sam (Paban Das Baul &) Real Sugar (Real World) 175/176

Miln, Peter & Daniel James Firebrand (Kites Nest) 180 ATR

Milner, Dan Irish Ballads & Songs Of The Sea (Folk Legacy) 197

Milner, Rob & Marcus Davidson Ribbon Of Time (own label) 294 ATR

Milnes, Gerry & Lorraine Lee Hammond Hell Up Coal Holler (Shanachie) 193 ATR

Milteau, JJ [Jean-Jacques] Harmonicas (Dixiefrog) 324 ATR

Milton, Little see Little Milton

Milton, Roy & His Solid Senders Vol 2 Groovy Blues (Ace) 119

Mimmit Hats, Hats Harakkainen (Plastinka) 313 ATR

Mimmit Mimmit [CD 100 [single]) 206/207

Minassian, Lévon & Armand Amar Songs From A World Apart (Long Distance) 276 ATR

Mindel Band Mindelo (Melodie Lusafrica) 103/104

Minelli, Marc (Mamani Keita &) Electro Bamako (Universal) 225

Miners Of Muso No One/Psychedelic Relic (Silenz [single]) 96

Ming, Sexton 6 More Miles To The Graveyard (Hangman) 69

Ming, Sexton (Billy Childish &) Plump Prizes & Little Gems (Hangman) 61

Ming, Sexton (Wild Billy Childish &) Which Dead Donkey Daddy? (Hangman) 54

Ming Principle Ming Principle (LopLop) 265

Mingas Wazimbo Dulce Elisa Gomara Saia (Sudnord) 72

Mini All Stars Fanatiques Compas (Earthworks) 170/171

Ministry Of Humour, The + And All The Other Ones You Never Even Get To Hear About (Irregular) 44

Ministry Of Humour, The Leaking Secrets [IRR 002] 33 ATR

Minkse, Miroslava: Hornácká Muzika Miroslava Minkse Pesnycky Ze Lhoték (Gnosis Brno) 203 ATR

Minnie, Memphis see Memphis Minnie

Minogue, Aine Between The Worlds (RCA Victor) 180

Minors (Maurice & The) see Maurice & The Minors

Minter, Iverson see Louisiana Red

Minton, John Going Back To Vicksburg (Southern Can) 262 ATR

Minuit Guibolles Ayé Na Donké (Minuit Guibolles) 245

Minune, Ionica Ionica Minune Si Dragostea Pentru Acordeon (Electrecord) 262

Minyeshu Dire Dawa (Me & My Other) 304

Mira Let's Not Talk About It (JVC [single]) 166

Mira New Hope For The Dead (JVC) 163/164 ATR

Mirabal, Manuel "Guajiro" Buena Vista Social Club Presents Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal (World Circuit) 257

Mirabal, Robert Indians Indians (Silver Wave) 252

Mirabal, Robert Taos Tales (Silver Wave) 206/207

Mirabal, Robert Warrior Magician (Silver Wave) 163/164 ATR

Mirabal, Robert: Johnny Whitehorse Johnny Whitehorse (Silver Wave) 302/303 E

Mirabal, Robert: Johnny Whitehorse Totemic Flute Chants (Silver Wave) 302/303 E

Mirabal, Sandra & Jakob Klaasse Danzas And Contradanzas From 19th Century Cuba (Basta) 259/260 ATR

Mirabassi, Gabriele & Luciano Biondini Fuori Le Mura (Egea) 256

Miracle Legion Me And Mr. Ray (Rough Trade) 73

Miracle Legion You're The Only One Lee/Ladies From The Town (Rough Trade [single]) 74

Miranda, Carmen Hoje (Discmedi Blau) 338/339 ATR

Miranda, Carmen Imperatriz Do Samba (Rice) 259/260 ATR

Miranda, Marlui 2 Ihu Kewere: Rezar (Pau Brasil) 177

Miranda, Marlui & Ravi Neuneneu/Humanity (IHU) 283/284 E

Mirando, Nello, Kálmán Urszui & The Energypsies Te Djiewiss (Fréa) 247/248 ATR

Mirando, Nello: Royal Gipsy Orchestra Tata Mirando / Nello Mirando & The Hungarian Gipsy Ensemble Dadesko Wazst (Frea) 264

Mirandon, David: Régis Gizavo, Louis Mhlanga, David Mirandon Stories (Marabi) 278/279

Mircan Sâlâ (UCM Production) 285

Mirkovic-De Ro, Natasa & Matthias Loibner Ajvar & Sterz (Nube) 283/284 ATR

Miro Angel N.1 (Secret Heart) 83

Miro The Grain Of The Voice (Secret Heart) 110

Miro The World In Maps (Secret Heart [single]) 97

Miron, Normand: André Marchand, Normand Miron & Lisa Ornstein Le Bruit Court Dans La Ville (Mille-Pattes) 175/176

Mirrors Over Kiev Wildman (Meadowland Grass [single]) 82

Mirrorworld (Zoltán Lantos' Mirrorworld) Tau (X-Produkció) 305 E

Misa Flamenca [Paco Peña] Royal Festival Hall, London 98 L

Misalliance Fortune My Foe (Wildgoose) 162 ATR

Mischo, R.J. & His Red Hot Blues Band Cool Disposition (Crosscut) 172 ATR

Mischo, R.J. West Wind Blowin' (Crosscut) 199/200

Míse Firefly (Míse) 244 ATR

Misericordia Robins M'Aime (own label) 192

Misery Boys (Ray Hobart & The) Forever Always Ends (Bloodshot) 199/200

Misgeld, Maria, Olof Misgeld, Olle Lindvall Margits Sånger (Sjelvar) 298 ATR

Misgeld, Olof: Maria Misgeld, Olof Misgeld, Olle Lindvall Margits Sånger (Sjelvar) 298 ATR

Mishalow, Victor The Classical Bandura (Freefall) 60

Mishra, Channulal Spirit Of Benares (Sense World Music) 268 E

Mishra, Ramesh Sarangi (India Archive Music) 204

Mishra, Sanjay Blue Incantation (Rykodisc) 169 ATR

Mishra, Sanjay Guitar Atlas: India (Alfred Publishing) 265 P

Mísia Canto (Warner Jazz) 249 ATR

Mísia Drama Box (Naïve) 280 ATR

Mísia Paixões Diagonais (Detour) 198 ATR

Misiani, Daniel Owino & Shirati Band Benga Blast (Earthworks) 79/80

Misiani, Daniel Owino: D.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz My Life And Loves (Discafrique) 63

Misiani, Daniel Owino: D.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz Piny Ose Mer (The World Upside Down) (Globestyle) 74

Misiani, Daniel Owino: D.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz The King Of History (Stern's) 326/327

Miskin At Easter 2006 - A Film By Paul Seligman [DVD - no label or number] 310

Misra, Gopal Shankar Out Of Stillness (Real World) 209

Misra, Mahaprush (Monilal Nag &) Classical Music Of North India/Sitar And Tabla I & II [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Misra, Rajan & Sajan Khyal Singing (Naive) 298 E

Misra, Rajan & Sajan Shyam Kalyan (Asian Music Circuit [AMC 0015]) 221

Misra, Rajan & Sajan Shyam Kalyan (Asian Music Circuit [AMC 0017]) 221

Misra, Rajan & Sajan Voices From The Heart (Sense World Music) 246

Misra, Rajan & Sajan: Michael Nyman, U. Shrinivas, Rajan & Sajan Misra Sangram - Michael Nyman Meets Indian Masters (Warners) 246

Missal, Steve American Connection (Missile) 161 ATR

Mississippi Bound (Calvin Jackson &) Goin' Down South (MEM) 193

Mississippi Heat Hattiesburg Blues (Delmark) 304 ATR

Mississippi Heat Let's Live It Up! (Delmark) 331/332

Mississippi Marvel, TheThe World Must Never Know (Broke & Hungry) 305 ATR

Mississippi Sheiks, The 1930 (Vol. 1) (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 36

Mississippi Sheiks, The Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-4 (Document) 108

Mississippi Sheiks, The Show Me What You Got (Catfish) 193 ATR

Mister E.K.S. Musix Freedom Vol. 1 (Skywalk) 190

Mistral Forest Of Bliss (Orisha) 162 ATR

Misty In Roots Roots Controller (Real World) 233

Mitch see Mitchell, Billy

Mitchel, Pat (ed.) The Dance Music Of Willy Clancy (Ossian) 150 P

Mitchell, Anaïs Hadestown (Righteous Babe) 325

Mitchell, Anaïs The Brightness (Righteous Babe) 286

Mitchell, Billy The Devil's Ground (Mawson & Wareham) 270 ATR

Mitchell, Billy & Bob Fox 5-Star B&B (own label) 287 ATR

Mitchell, Billy & Bob Fox Back On City Road (own label) 319/320 ATR

Mitchell, Billy: Maxie & Mitch Double Trouble (Rubber) 21 (SR)

Mitchell, Chad Virgo Moon (Silver City) 112 ATR

Mitchell, Elizabeth Sunny Day (Smithsonian Folkways) 336 ATR

Mitchell, Ellen: Kevin & Ellen Mitchell Have A Drop Mair (Musical Traditions) 228

Mitchell, Gillian The North American Folk Revival: Nation & Identity In The United States & Canada, 1945-1980 (Ashgate) 294 P

Mitchell, Janie Psalm & Squall (New Weave) 114; 139/140 ATR

Mitchell, Joni (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison) GM Place, Vancouver, Canada 182/183 L

Mitchell, Joni Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm (Geffen) 60

Mitchell, Joni Dog Eat Dog (Geffen) 32

Mitchell, Joni Dreamland (Warner Asylum/Reprise/Nonesuch/Rhino) 257 ATR

Mitchell, Kevin & Ellen Have A Drop Mair (Musical Traditions) 228

Mitchell, Kevin I Sang That Sweet Refrain (Greentrax) 165

Mitchell, Nicky Promise & Fire (Lone Coyote) 189 ATR

Mitchell, Sam Bottleneck/Slide Guitar (Acoustic Music) 328 ATR

Mitchell, Sam Resonating (Taxim) 209

Mitchell, Stephen & Gregory Nagy (eds) The Singer Of Tales [2nd ed.] (Harvard University Press) 217 P

Mitchell's Christian Singers Vols 1-4 (Document) 163/164 ATR

Mitchhart, Stacy Gotta Get The Feeling Back Again (Dr Sam) 297 ATR

Mitford Family, The Back To Northumbria [MM06] 106 ATR

Mitford Family, The Geordie & Northumbrian [MM07] 106 ATR

Mitford Family, The Geordie Greats (Mitford Music) 112 ATR

Mitford Family, The That's Northumbria [MM01] 106 ATR

Mithras For We Trade In Fun (Kissing Spell) 256 ATR

Mitra, Suchitra & Amjad Ali Khan Tribute To Tagore (EMI India) 143

Mitsoura Mitsoura (Mitsoura) 253

Mitsuhashi, Kifu The Art Of the Shakuhachi Volume 2 (Celestial Harmonies) 259/260

Mitsui, Toru American & British Songs, Ballads & Instrumentals (Previous) 286 ATR

Mitsui, Toru & Tsuyoshi Hashimoto ...Songs, Ballads & Instrumentals (Previous) 286 ATR

Mitterhof, Barry Silk City (Flying Fish) 74

Mittoo, Jackie Champion In The Arena 1976-1977 (Blood & Fire) 242/243 ATR

Miyata, Kohachiro Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 309 E

Miyazawa Tokyo Story (Far Side Music) 263 ATR

Mizuno, Shunsuke Slow Time (Ozella) 264 ATR

Mjølsnes, Einar: Moldestad, Mjølsnes, Høgemo Gamaltnymalt (NORCD) 273 ATR

Mkwama, Dickson: Hukwe Zawose, Dickson Mkwama & Lubeleje Chiute Mateso (Triple Earth) 50

Mlano, Nawal see Nawal

Mlimani Park Orchestra Tanzania Dance Bands Vol. 1 (Line) 98

Mnour, Asmaá (Oriental Mood &) Visits (United One) 235/236 ATR

Mo, Eivind Tidlige Innspelingar (Talik) 285 ATR

Mo', Keb' see Keb' Mo'

Moal, Gildas & René Chaplain Fin 'Zun (Coop Breizh) 245

Moana & The Tribe Wha (Black Pearl) 307/308 ATR

Mockingbird Faithful Companion (own label) 129 ATR

Moçoilas Já Cá Vai Roubado (Casa da Cultura de Loulé) 229 ATR

Moctar, Omara see Bombino

Mode Plagal (Bosphorus &) Tou Vosporou To Pera - Beyond The Bosphorus (Hitch-Hyke) 239

Mode Plagal Mode Plagal II (Lyra/Musurgia) 197

Modern Folk Quartet Moonlight Serenade (Homecoming) 38

Modern Klezmer Quartet, The Hora & Blue (Global Village) 134/135

Modeste Fomba/Living Our Destiny (Space Shop) 266/267

Modeste Modeste (Space Shop) 239

Modibo, Askia Wass Reggae (Stern's) 156

Moebius August (Rocke) 127/128

Moeller, Stan & T.S. Baker Walking On Ledges (Go Figure) 134/135 ATR

Moffat, Stuart October Island (Dambuster) 28

Moffat, Stuart Trick Of The Light (Dambuster) 19 ATR (SR)

Moffatt, Hugh & Katy Moffatt Dance Me Outside (Philo) 110

Moffatt, Hugh Live & Alone (Brambus) 107 ATR

Moffatt, Hugh The Life Of A Minor Poet (Watermelon) 158/159

Moffatt, Hugh Troubadour (Breakdown) 82

Moffatt, Katy (Hugh Moffatt &) Dance Me Outside (Philo) 110

Moffatt, Katy Angel Town (HMG) 198 ATR

Moffatt, Katy Child Bride (Heartland) 84

Moffatt, Katy Cowboy Girl (Shanachie) 223/224

Moffatt, Katy Hearts Gone Wild (Round Tower) 141

Moffatt, Katy Midnight Radio (Round Tower) 165

Moffatt, Katy The Greatest Show On Earth (Round Tower) 118

Moffatt, Katy The Winning Post, York 123 L

Moffatt, Katy Walkin' On The Moon (Round Tower [single]) 139/140

Mogensen, Anders (Harald Haugaard &) Spirits (Go' Danish Folk Music Production) 262

Mohácsy, Albert: Mohácsy Albert & Nagy Zsolt Tizenkét Banda - Erdélyország (FolkEurópa) 266/267

Mohamed Diwana East (Dance Factory) 79/80 ATR

Mohamed Ham Safar (Dance Factory [single]) 79/80

Mohamed, Pops Ancestral Healing From New York To Jo'Burg (B&W) 151/152

Mohamed, Pops How Far Have We Come? (MELT) 170/171

Mohammad, Gada Afghanistan: Rubâb Et Dutâr (Ocora) 151/152

Mohammed Ali, Farida see Farida

Mohammed, Mohammed 'Jimmy': Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio & Han Bennink Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio & Han Bennink (Buda [Ethio Sonic]) [DVD] 316

Mohobub Mohobub (Stone Tree) 214

Moira The Dutchman Over The Border (Stock Music) 123

Moishe's Bagel Don't Spare The Horses (own label) 265 ATR

Moishe's Bagel Salt (Eachday Music) 288

Moishe's Bagel Uncle Roland's Flying Machine (Eachday Music) 333 ATR

Mojas Mojas (own label) 274 ATR

Mojave Desert Ceilidh Band (David Nigel Lloyd & His Mojave Desert Ceilidh Band) An Age Of Fable (Silk Purse) 72

Mojo Blues Band, The Rosa Lee (EMI Columbia [single]) 71

Mojo Stu Slide Blues Guitar ( video music workshops [CD-ROM]) 225 ATR

Mokhali, Johnny The Sound Of Freedom (Elite) 99

Mokhtar Samba Dounia (O+ Music) 262 ATR

Moksha The In-Between Us (Moksha Productions) 249 ATR

Mola, Tony Bragadá (Blue Jackel Entertainment) 163/164 ATR

Molam Lao Music From Southern Laos (Nimbus) 133

Molard, Jacky Acoustic Quartet (Innacor) 285 ATR

Molard, Jacky: Jacky Molard Quartet & Foune Diarra Trio N'Diale (Innacor) 324

Molard, Jacky, Patrick Molard, Jacques Pellen Triptyque (Gwerz) 126

Molard, Patrick Biniou Braz De Bretagne (Cinq Planètes) 239

Molard, Patrick Deliou (L'Oz) 210

Molard, Patrick Piobaireachd (Gwerz) 126

Molard, Patrick The Waking Of The Bridegroom (Macmeanmna) 300

Molard, Patrick & Alain Genty To The Bobs (Keltia Musique) 263

Molard, Patrick: Jacky Molard, Patrick Molard, Jacques Pellen Triptyque (Gwerz) 126

Molasses Creek City Bound (own label) 191 ATR

Moldestad, Sigrid Sandkorn (Heilo) 334

Moldestad, Sigrid: Moldestad, Mjølsnes, Høgemo Gamaltnymalt (NORCD) 273 ATR

Moleque De Rua Street Kids Of Brazil (Crammed Discs) 150

Molina, Jason see Songs: Ohia

Molins, Cliona & Friends Rejigged (own label) 271/272

Moll, Erik In The Shadow (Fire Ant) 142 ATR

Moll, Per-Olof & Per Hardestam Jaggu Lekar (Giga) 247/248 ATR

Möller, Ale Hästen Och Tranan (Amigo) 158/159

Möller, Ale, Mats Berglund, Greger Brändström, Lasse Sörlin Härjedalspipan (Drone) 163/164

Möller, Ale: Ale Möller Band Bodjal (Amigo) 256

Möller, Ale: Ale Möller Band Djef Djel (Amigo) 300

Möller, Ale: Ale Möllers Lyckliga Enmansorkester Kompassmusik Vol. 1 (Ding-Dong) 70

Möller, Ale: Frifot Per Gudmondson, Ale Möller, Lena Willemark: Frifot (ECM) 198

Möller, Ale (Lena Willemark &) Agram (ECM) 163/164

Möller, Ale (Lena Willemark &) Nordan (ECM) 138

Möller, Ale: Möller, Källman, Ringdahl Vind (Xource) 137

Möller, Ale: Möller & Knutsson Latitudes Crossing (Warner Atrium) 202

Möller, Ale: Möller, Willemark & Gudmundson Frifot (Caprice) 105

Molloy, Dave & Joan Eye Upon The Scale (Old House) 70

Molloy, Matt & Seán Keane Contentment Is Wealth (Green Linnet) 35

Molloy, Matt Matt Molloy (Mulligan) 162

Molloy, Matt Shadows On Stone (Virgin) 169

Molloy, Matt Stony Steps (Claddagh) 52

Molloy, Matt, Paul Brady & Tommy Peoples Matt Molloy, Paul Brady And Tommy Peoples (Mulligan) 95

Molloy, Matt: Seán Keane, Matt Molloy, Liam O'Flynn The Fire Aflame (Claddagh) 117

Molly & The Heymakers Big Things (Mouth Piece) 155 ATR

Molly & The Heymakers Molly & The Heymakers (Reprise) 110

Molly's Revenge Four (own label) 263 ATR

Mollys, The Moon Over The Interstate (Apolkalips) 191

Mollys, The Only A Story (Apolkalips Now Music) 206/207

Mollys, The This Is My Round (Apolkalips Now) 156 ATR

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Moneo, Manuel see El Barullo

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Monja Marovany De Madagascar (Cinq Planètes) 239

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Monkey Joe Vol 2 / Roosevelt Scott (Document) 157

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Monswet, Antoine Nedule see Papa Noel

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Moonchild see Haddix, Travis "Moonchild"

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Moore, Christy Graffiti Tongue (Grapevine) 197

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Moore, Kevin see Keb' Mo'

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Moray, Jim In Modern History (NIAG) 326/327

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Moray, Jim Sweet England (Niblick is a Giraffe) 242/243

More Maids Live (Verlag der Spillute) 235/236

Moré, Beny Canto A Mi Cuba (Egrem) 263

Moré, Beny Hoy Como Ayer (Efor/Malanga Films [DVD]) 261

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(More) Growling Old Men see also Growling Old Men

(More) Growling Old Men Shuttle Diplomacy (Snake River) 302/303 ATR

Moreau, Jean Paul In The Mist (BirlMusic) 336 ATR

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Morgan Born Of The Sea (TeleN) 206/207 ATR

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Morgan, Tudur Lle'r Pwll (Fflach) 305 ATR

Morganfield, McKinley see Waters, Muddy

Mori, Chieko Katyou Fuugetsu (Felmay) 283/284 E

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Moriken Ukulele Okinawan Sweets Vol 3 (Ukulele Note) 335

Morild Der Stode Tre Skalke (GO' Danish Folk Music) 312

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Morley, Adam see Naughty Jack

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Morpurgo, Michael On Angel Wings (No Masters) 307/308 ATR

Morrigan (Hjalmar Rutzebeck &) Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her (Folkways) 15 (SR)

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Morrigan, The Wreckers (English Garden) 166

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Morris Federation 10th Anniversary Celebrations, The Bradford 32 L

Morris Open Radio Tradition (Ratten Platten) 79/80 ATR

Morris-Sandvik Duo, The Lead Me To The Rock (Bluesurge) 245 ATR

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Morrison, Fred Outlands (Ridge) 323 ATR

Morrison, Fred & Jamie McMenemy Up South (Lochshore) 246

Morrison, Frieda Flying By The Sun (Birseland) 172 ATR

Morrison, George Saoirse? (Gael Linn) 299 ATR

Morrison, George/Seán Ó Riada Mise Éire (Gael Linn) 285 ATR

Morrison, Hugh Robert Burns Rocks (Dun Eistein) 328 ATR

Morrison, Hugh Under A Texas Skye (Dun Eistein Productions) 295/296 ATR

Morrison, Hugh & Friends Far From Home (Dun Eistein Productions) 268 ATR

Morrison, Iain Empty Beer Bottles & Peat Fire Smoke (own label) 264 ATR

Morrison, Iain Trust The Sea To Guide Me (Peatfiresmoke) 326/327 ATR

Morrison, James The Professor (Viva Voce) 78

Morrison, James & Tom Ennis Classic Recordings Of Irish Traditional Music In America (Topic) 19 (SR)

Morrison, Lynn Cave Of Gold - Celtic Lullabies (Greentrax) 220 ATR

Morrison, Orla see Orla

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Morrison, Van & The Chieftains Irish Heartbeat (Mercury) 62

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Morrissey, Bill Bill Morrissey (Philo) 34 ATR; 105 ATR

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Morrissey, Bill Night Train (Philo) 130

Morrissey, Bill Something I Saw Or Thought I Saw (Philo) 217

Morrissey, Bill You'll Never Get To Heaven (Philo) 158/159

Morrissey, Bill & Greg Brown Friend Of Mine (Philo) 121

Morrissey, Marty & Robert Resnik Old & New Vermont Songs (own label) 271/272 ATR

Morrissey, Tommy & Charlie Pitman Pass Around The Grog (Veteran Tapes) 119

Morse Playboys (Eddie LeJeune & The) It's In The Blood (Hannibal) 98

Morse, Richard A. see RAM

Mortensen, Mac: Mac Mortensen's Trio Mac Mortensen's Trio (own label) 79/80

Mortensen, Stig Bang see Mortensen, Mac

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Morton, Jim & Steve Lawrence Moments In Time (own label) 75

Morton, Jim / Steve Lawrence Jim Morton/Steve Lawrence (Hillside) 61

Morton, Mandy Sea Of Storms (Polydor) 11 (SR)

Morton, Pete Casa Abierta Volume 1 (Further) 307/308

Morton, Pete Courage, Love And Grace (Harbourtown) 146/147

Morton, Pete Economy (Annson) 333

Morton, Pete Flying An Unknown Flag (Harbourtown) 275

Morton, Pete Frivolous Love (Harbourtown) 49

Morton, Pete Hunting The Heart (Harbourtown) 208

Morton, Pete Mad World Blues (Harbourtown) 115/116

Morton, Pete Napoleon Jukebox (Further) 298

Morton, Pete One Big Joke (Harbourtown) 68

Morton, Pete Swarthmoor (Harbourtown) 247/248

Morton, Pete The White Swan Folk Club, Fallowfield, Manchester 35 L

Morton, Pete Trespass (Harbourtown) 189

Morton, Pete & Martin Carthy The Lamb Hotel, Preston 32 L

Morton, Pete (Jo Freya &) Jo Freya & Pete Morton (BTL) 175/176

Morton, Pete (Pete Morton, Roger Wilson & Simon Edwards) Folk Podium, Leuven, Belgium 94 L

Morton, Pete, Roger Wilson & Simon Edwards Mean Fiddler Acoustic Room, London 71 L

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Morton, Ronnie & John Pugh Ronnie & Johnny (Waterfront) 18 (SR)

Morton, Tom & Brian Nicholson Stormbound (own label) 75

Morton, Tom Going Home. The Runrig Story (Mainstream Publishing) 107 P

Morton, Tom The Revenger's Comedy (Hjaltland) 61

Morvan Brothers, The see Les Frères Morvan

Morys, Twm see Delyn, Bob

Mosaic Persuasion Metropolitan Klezmer (On Rhythm Media) 214

Mosaik Ludovava (CM) 333 ATR

Mosaic Southport Arts Centre 28 L

Mosaik Gateway Theatre, Chester 93 L

Mosalini, Juan José Et Son Grand Orchestre De Tango Ciudad Triste (Indigo) 223/224 ATR

Mosalini, Juan José, Leonardo Sanchez & L'Ensemble Orchestre De Basse-Normandie Conciertos para Bandoneon Y Guitarra (Label Bleu/Indigo) 198 ATR

Mosalini, Juan José: Juan-Jose Mosalini One Man's Tango (Shanachie) 180

Moscatiello, Lisa & Rosie Shipley Well Kept Secrets (Shipwhistle) 263 ATR

Mosco, Steve see Jah Warrior

Moscow Art Trio: The Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Huun-Huur-Tu & Moscow Art Trio Legend (Jaro) 325 ATR

Moscow Chorus Of Horn Players & Folk Ensemble Ulitsa Russia - The Tradition Of Wind Instruments (Ocora Radio France) 341/342

Mose, Karen Vingefang (GO' Danish Folk Music) 335

Mose, Karen: Karen + Helene Solen (Go! Danish Folk Music Production) 254/255

Mosley, W.M., Rev. 1926-31 (Document) 162 ATR

Moss, Bob Folknik (Soundco) 229 ATR

Moss, Buddy Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-3 (Document) 121

Moss, George Scottish Tradition 15 - Pibroch (Greentrax) 154

Moss, George Scottish Tradition Cassette Series 6 - Pibroch (Tangent) 35

Mostar Sevdah Reunion A Secret Gate (Snail) 247/248

Mostar Sevdah Reunion Café Sevdah (Snail) 295/296

Mostar Sevdah Reunion Mostar Sevdah Reunion (World Connection) 202

Mostar Sevdah Reunion (Ljiljana Buttler &) The Legends Of Life (Snail) 288

Mostar Sevdah Reunion (Saban Bajramovic with) Saban (Snail) 301

Mostar World Music Festival 293 L

Mother Carey's Chickens I'll Tell My Ma (MCC Music) 139/140 ATR

Mother Hen Mother Hen (Edsel) 112 ATR

Mother Nature's Army Live At Mama's (own label) 126 ATR

Mother Tongue Ashkaru (Triloka/Wordly) 153 ATR

Mother Tongue Enat (own label) 141

Mothey, John Late Last Night (ET) 95 ATR

Motijoane, Tsietsi Daniel see Coyote, Nana

Moudallal, Sabri Sabri Moudallal (Institut du Monde Arabe) 182/183

Moulden, John (compiler) Thousands Are Sailing: A Brief History Of Irish Emigration (Ulstersongs) 144 P

Moultaka, Zad Anashid (Network) 221

Moundakis, Kostas Rare Live Recordings (Seistron) 241

Moundanda, Antoine Likembé Géant (Indigo) 175/176

Mounier, Francis L'Occidente De Fanfare (Coop Breizh) 182/183

Mounir, Mohamed Mohamed Mounir (Monsun/Line) 74

Mounsey, Paul Alba (Iona [single]) 151/152

Mounsey, Paul Nahoo (Iona) 142

Mounsey, Paul Nahootoo (Iona) 175/176 ATR

Mounsey, Paul Nahoo 3: Notes From The Republic (Iona) 204

Mount Zion CPCA Church Choir see Mt Zion CPCA Church Choir

Mountain Ash Band, The The Hermit (Vinyl Tap) 157

Mountain Firework Company, The Samurai (own label) 311 ATR

Mountain Heart Mountain Heart (Doobie Shea) 202 ATR

Mountain Heart The Journey (Doobie Shea) 228 ATR

Mounthoolies, The Down From Mounthooly (Momus) 251 ATR

Moura, Ana Aconteceu (World Village) 287 ATR

Moura, Ana Coliseu (World Village) 338/339 ATR

Moura, Ana Guarda-me A Vida Na Mão (Coast to Coast) 263 ATR

Moura, Ana Leva-me Aos Fados (World Village) 329/330

Moura, Ana Para Além Da Saudade (World Village) 295/296

Moura, Paulo & Os Batutas Pixinguinha (Blue Jackel) 186

Moura, Vasco Graça: Mimi Khalvati (ed.), selected by Vasco Graça Moura Saudade: An Anthology Of Fado Poetry [selected by Vasco Graça Moura] (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) 326/327 P

Mouradian, Gaguik & Claude Tchamitchian Le Monde Est Une Fenêtre (Émouvance) 242/243

Mourao,Tulio Jazz Mineiro (Caju Music) 106

Mouret, Alfred Saint-Donat: Portrait De Musicien (Modal Pleinjeu) 245

Mournerville, Jean-Marc see Kali

Mouss & Hakim Ou Le Contraire (Atmospheriques) 274 ATR

Moussu T see T, Moussu

Mouth Music Blue Door Green Sea (Triple Earth [single]) 107

Mouth Music Mo-Di (Triple Earth) 119

Mouth Music Mouth Music (Triple Earth) 89

Mouth Music Seafaring Man (Skitteesh) 217

Mouth Music Shorelife (Triple Earth) 138

Mouth Music The Order Of Things (Skitteesh) 268

Mouth Music The Scrape (Skitteesh) 246

Mouyenga, Pierrot Ugulongo (Wirewise) 73

Moveable Feast Bella Siempre (own label) 290/291 ATR

Moveable Feast Speak In Dreams (Keda) 201 ATR

Movie Stars, The ¡Heck-Ola! (Lucky Pierre) 82

Movie Stars, The Head On A Platter (Whirlaway) 94

Movies Ceili Band, The Bon Cabbage (Blue Sky Music) 196 ATR

Moving Cloud Cuckanandy (GO' Danish) 230/231 ATR

Moving Cloud Moving Cloud (Green Linnet) 145

Moving Cloud Sweet Nyaa (GO' Danish Folk Music) 269

Moving Cloud Welcome: Who Are You? (GO' Danish Folk Music) 302/303

Moving Hearts Dark End Of The Street (WEA Ireland) 15 (SR)

Moving Hearts Live Hearts (WEA Eire) 18 (SR)

Moving Hearts Live In Dublin (Rubyworks) 297

Moving Hearts Moving Hearts (WEA [Ireland]) 11 (SR)

Moving Hearts Moving Hearts Reunion The Point Depot, Dublin 82 L

Moving Hearts The Storm (Tara) 29

Moving Hearts National Ballroom, Kilburn, London 50 L

Moving Hearts National Stadium, Dublin 30 L

Moving Hearts Royal Festival Hall, London 35 L

Moving Sound, A see A Moving Sound

Moxy Fruvous Bargainville (WEA Canada) 127/128

Moxy Fruvous The Borderline, London 132 L

Moxy Fruvous Thornhill (Bottom Line/Razor & Tie) 197 ATR

Moyer, Brent Truth, Trust, Dreams And Heart (Brambus) 186 ATR

Moylan, Terry Irish Dances (Na Piobairi Uilleann) 26 P

Moylan, Terry Johnny O'Leary Of Sliabh Luachra - Dance Music From The Cork/Kerry Border (Lilliput Press) 139/140 P

Moynihan, Diarmaid & Donncha The Lights Of Ranzanico (own label) 333

Moynihan, Donncha: Diarmaid & Donncha Moynihan The Lights Of Ranzanico (own label) 333

Moyo, Jonah & Devera Ngwena Follow The Crocodile (One Heart) 68

Moyo, Jonah & Devera Ngwena Taxi Driver (K-ko) 58

Moyo, Jonah & Devera Ngwena The Africa Centre, London 67 L

Moyo, Ramadu see Ramadu

Mozaik Live From The Powerhouse (Hummingbird) 256

Mozell, Dan The Incomplete Celtic Guitar: Flatpicking The Music Of Ireland And Scotland Vol. I (Flounder Arts) 165 P

Mozumder, Snehasish Mandolin Dreams (Latitudes) 182/183

Mpe-Asem No Worries (own label) 324 ATR

Mr B. with J.C. Heard Partners In Time (Blind Pig) 67

Mr Black & Blues The Morning Light (Breakneck) 328 ATR

Mr Fox Join Us In Our Game (Castle Music) 263

Mr Fox Mr Fox/The Gipsy (Castle) 163/164

Mr Guitar Volume 2: A Night On The Nile (D.J. Production) 197 ATR

Mr Keith Little see Little, Keith

Mr McFall's Chamber Birds & Beasts: Music by Martyn Bennett & Fraser Fifield (Delphian) 326/327

Mr McFall's String Quartet: (Matt Seattle with) Border Seasons (Dragonfly) 229

Mr Peters' Boom & Chime Haul Up Your Foot, You Fool (Fire Ant) 139/140 ATR

Mr Peters' Boom & Chime You Better Belize It! (Fire Ant) 103/104

Mr Smith The Amazing Mr Smith! (Sweet Folk All) 20 (SR)

Mr Smith: The Amazing Mr Smith No Messing About (Just Guitar) (own label) 197

Mr Something Something & Ikwunga The Afrobeat Poet Deep Sleep (World) 298

Mrad, Said Mille & Une Nuits (Universal) 235/236 ATR

Mradi Group (Bagamoyo Players &) Tramo (Kultur & Spetakkel) 286

Mraihi, Amine: Amine & Hamza Perpetual Motion (Network) 336 ATR

Mraihi, Hamza: Amine & Hamza Perpetual Motion (Network) 336 ATR

Mraz, George Morava (Milestone) 217 ATR

Mrs Ackroyd Band, The *see also Barker, Les

Mrs Ackroyd Band, The Gnus And Roses (Mrs Ackroyd) 134/135

Mrs Ackroyd Band, The Oranges And Lemmings (Mrs Ackroyd) 86, 130

Mrs Ackroyd Band, The Tubular Dogs (Mrs Ackroyd) 201

Mrs Ackroyd Band, The Yelp! (Mrs Ackroyd) 247/248

Msaidié, Chebli see Chebli

Mseleku, Bheki Best Of... (Sheer Sound) 280 ATR

Mseleku, Bheki Celebration (World Circuit) 111

Msondo Ngoma The Best Of Msondo Ngoma (Ujamaa) 281

Mt Zion CPCA Church Choir & The Gaelic Psalm Singers Salm & Soul (Ridge) 282 ATR

Mtukudzi, Oliver Ndega Zvangu (Sheer Sound) 256

Mtukudzi, Oliver Nhava (Heads Up) 264

Mtukudzi, Oliver Paivepo (Putumayo) 208

Mtukudzi, Oliver Psss Psss Hallo! (CSA) 94

Mtukudzi, Oliver Shoko (Piranha) 106 ATR

Mtukudzi, Oliver Tsimba Itsoka (Heads Up) 294

Mtukudzi, Oliver Tsivo/Revenge (Sheer Sound) 251

Mtukudzi, Oliver Vhunze Moto (Putumayo) 229

Mtukudzi, Oliver Ziwere MuKobenhavn (Sheer Sound) 256

Mtukudzi, Oliver: Oliver 'Tuku' Mtukudzi Wonai (Sheer Sound) 281

Mtukudzi, Oliver: Habib Koite, Afel Bocoum, Oliver Mtukudzi Acoustic Africa In Concert (DVD/CD Contre-Jour) 338/339 ATR

Mua, Boua Xou The Music Of The Hmong People Of Laos (Arhoolie) 161

Muallem, Yinon Klezmer For The Sultan (Oriente) 276 ATR

Muallem, Yinon & Sirin Pancaroglu Telveten (Kaf Müzik) 313 ATR

Muana, Tshala Mutuashi (Stern's) 163/164 ATR; 239

Muan'dido, Nyboma see Nyboma

Mubarak, Abdel Aziz El Abdel Aziz El Mubarak (Globestyle) 52

Mubarak, Abdel Aziz El Straight From The Heart (World Circuit) 71

Mubarak, Abdel Aziz El Sudanese Music Vol. 2 (World Circuit) 50

Mubarak, Abdel Aziz El & Guests Logan Hall, London 51 L

Mubarak, Abdel Aziz El: Abdel Aziz El Mubarak, Abdel Gadir Selim, Mohamed Gubara Camden Arts Centre, London 33 L

Muckram Wakes Warbles, Jangles & Reeds (Highway) 5 (SR)

Mucky Duck From The Bush (Larrikin) 26 ATR

Muddy Face, The Nhamo Yehuroja (Shungu) 67

Muddy Waters Tribute Band You're Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Dead And Gone) (Telarc) 160

Muddy York Scatter The Ashes (own label) 340 ATR

Muddy York Scatter The Ashes: Music Of Old Ontario (Boot) 26

Mudéjar Al-Son (Nuba) 256 ATR

Mudgal, Shubha Shama (Sense World Music) 281 E

Mudhoney / Jimmie Dale Gilmore Tonight I Think I'm Gonna/Blinding Sun (Sub Pop [single]) 134/135

Muela, Vanesa (Hexacorde &) Desbarates (Hexacorde/Galileo) 309 ATR

Mueller, Karen Celtic Autoharp (Mel Bay Productions [book & CD]) 205 P

Mueller, Karen Still Point (Streamline) 215 ATR

Mugar Kabily-Touseg (Tempo-Maker) 202

Muguruza, Fermin Brigadistak Sound System (Piranha) 223/224 ATR

Muguruza, Fermin FM 99.00 Dub Manifest (Piranha) 218/219 ATR

Muguruza, Iker: Jexux Artze, Pello De La Cruz, Mikel Artola, Iker Muguruza Sakanatik Arbaila Tripira (Elkarlanean) 204

Muguruza, Jabier with Angel Unzu & Mireia Otzerinjauregi Abenduak 29 (Resistencia) 275

Muhammad, Abu Al-lla Abu Al-lla Muhammad (Club du Disque Arabe) 182/183

Muir, Ann Mayo: Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, Ed Trickett And So Will We Yet (Folk Legacy) 130

Muir, Christine Feet First (Gaining Ground) 165 ATR

Mujuru, Ephat Rhythms Of Life (Lyrichord) 97

Mujuru, Ephat (Dumisani Maraire &) Shona Spirit (Music of the World) 151/152

Mujuru, Peter see Mashasha

Mukangi, Deyess see Deyess

Mukherjee, Budhaditya Rag Bagesri & Rag Des (Nimbus) 102

Mukherjee, Jolly Fusebox (Palm Pictures) 203

Mukhtar, Ahmed The Road To Baghdad (ARC Music) 266/267 ATR

Mukka Life, Life! (Chat Music) 245

Mukka Skip Lizard (Chat) 208 ATR

Muktupavels, Valdis The Baltic Psaltery And Playing Traditions In Latvia (Lauska) 329/330 P

Mukwesha, Virginia Farai (Piranha) 122

Mukwesha, Virginia Farai (Shava) 172 ATR

Mukwesha, Virginia Nzira (Shava) 228 ATR

Mukwesha Nema Gwenyambira Matare (Shava) 163/164

Mulcahy Family, The Notes From The Heart (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 274

Mulcahy Family, The The Mulcahy Family (Shanachie) 214 ATR

Mulcahy Family, The: Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy Reelin' In Tradition (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 321

Muldaur, Geoff Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Tradition & Moderne) 247/248

Muldaur, Geoff Blues Boy (Bullseye Blues & Jazz) 220 ATR

Muldaur, Geoff Password (Hightone) 213

Muldaur, Geoff The Secret Handshake (Hightone) 186

Muldaur, Geoff & The Texas Sheiks Texas Sheiks (Tradition & Moderne) 323

Muldaur, Jenni Dearest Darlin' (Continental Blue Heaven) 323

Muldaur, Maria Louisiana Love Call (Black Top) 115/116

Muldaur, Maria Maria Muldaur & Her Garden Of Joy (Stony Plain) 323

Muldaur, Maria Meet Me At Midnite (Black Top) 142

Muldaur, Maria Naughty Bawdy & Blue (Stony Plain) 298 ATR

Muldaur, Maria Sweet And Slow (Spindrift) 22 (SR)

Muldaur, Maria Sweet And Slow (Stony Plain Classic) 131

Muldaur, Maria Yes We Can! (Telarc) 316

Muldaur, Maria Sweetwater, Mill Valley, California 113 L

Muldaur, Maria: Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur Sisters & Brothers (Telarc) 261

Muldoon's Picnic Gingham Down (own label) 306 ATR

Muldowney, Dominic (John Tams &) Over The Hills And Far Away - The Music Of Sharpe (Virgin) 158/159

Muleskinner A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam (Edsel) 48

Muleskinner A Potpourri Of Bluegrass Jam (Sierra) 139/140

Mulford, Zoë Bonfires (Azalea City) 324 ATR

Mulhearn, John The Extraordinary Little Cough (own label) 316 ATR

Mulhern, Steve & Ian Laws The Mirthical Reel (own label) 222

Mulholland, Brendan: Brendan Mulholland, Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry Tuned Up (own label) 309

Mullaly, William The First Irish Concertina Player To Record (Viva Voce) 112

Müller, Christoff: Müller & Makaroff El Gaucho (Mañana) 325

Muller, Heidi Between The Water And The Wind (Cascadia Music) 70

Muller, Heidi Cassiopeia (Cascadia) 115/116

Muller, Heidi Matters Of The Heart (Cascadia Music) 83

Müller, Matthias (Salil Bhatt &) Mumbai 2 Munich (Times Music) 319/320 E

Mullican, Moon & The Showboys Showboy Special (Westside) 204 ATR

Mulligan, Neil An Tobar Glé (Spring) 246

Mulligan, Neil Bar Na Cúille (Spring) 121

Mulligan, Neil The Leitrim Thrush (Spring) 182/183

Mullin, Shauna Wishing Tree (own label) 333 ATR

Mullinger, Joss Festival Folk (This Way Books) 270 P

Mullins, Joe (Gerald Evans &) Just A Five String And A Fiddle (Rebel) 155 ATR

Mulondo, Samite see Samite

Mulqueen, Ann Mo Ghrása Thall Na Déise (Cló Iar Chonnachta) 137

Mulvey, Mick Within A Mile O' Jamestown (Coolathuma) 251

Mulvey, Peter Deep Blue (Eastern Front) 170/171 ATR

Mulvey, Peter Goodbye Bob (Eastern Front [single]) 166

Mulvey, Peter Rapture (Eastern Front) 155 ATR; 165 ATR

Mumford & Sons Sigh No More (Island) 322

Munde, Alan (Joe Carr &) Windy Days And Dusty Skies (Flying Fish) 151/152 ATR

Munde, Alan Blue Ridge Express (Rounder) 131 ATR; 134/135

Munde, Alan In The Tradition (Ridge Runner) 44

Mundi Ensemble, The As Barley Falls (International Rain) 237

Mundy, Cath: Mundy-Turner Ha'penny Tweedle (Gypsy) 287

Mundy, Cath: Mundy-Turner Naked (Gypsy) 210 ATR

Mundy, Cath: Mundy-Turner The Sun Sessions (Gypsy [single]) 161

Mungal Dreadlocks (Wrasse) 245 ATR

Municipale Balcanica Fòua (Mittelest) 266/267

Municipale Balcanica Road To Damascus (Felmay) 307/308

Munnelly, David By Heck (Fréa) 251 ATR

Munnelly, David Swing... (Fréa) 290/291 ATR

Munnelly, David: Munnelly, Flaherty, Masure Whenever (Music & Words) 289 ATR

Munnelly, Tom (collector & ed.) Mount Callan Garland: Songs From The Repertoire Of Tom Lenihan (Comhairle Bhéaloideas Eireann [book & cassettes]) 163/164 P

Munro, Ailie The Folk Music Revival In Scotland (Kahn & Averill) 22 P (SR)

Munro, Donnie Across The City & The World (Hypertension) 230/231

Munro, Donnie An Turas (Greentrax) 310

Munro, Donnie Fields Of The Young (Hypertension [DVD]) 258

Munro, Donnie Fields Of The Young (Hypertension) 254/255 ATR

Munro, Donnie Gaelic Heart (Hypertension) 239

Munro, Donnie Heart Of America (Greentrax) 282

Munro, Donnie On The West Side (Vital Spark) 202

Munro, John Plying My Trade (Greentrax) 290/291 ATR

Munro, John: Liz & John Munro Family Favourites (Larrikin) 26

Munro, John (Eric Bogle &) Plain And Simple (Plant Life) 11 (SR)

Munro, John (Eric Bogle &) The Emigrant And The Exile (Greentrax) 166

Munro, John: Eric Bogle with John Munro & Brent Miller Scraps Of Paper (Larrikin) 141

Munro, John: Eric Bogle with John Munro & Brent Miller When The Wind Blows (Larrikin) 141

Munro, Liz & John Family Favourites (Larrikin) 26

Munyon, David Code Name: Jumper (Glitterhouse) 139/140 ATR

Muradian Ensemble Anoush: Armenian Dances (Van Geel) 214

Muradian Ensemble Hayastan - Armenian Dances (Van Geel) 113

Muradian Ensemble Muradian Ensemble 2: Traditional Folk Music From Armenia (Van Geel) 214

Muradian Ensemble Traditional Music From Armenia (Van Geel) 113

Murat, Jean Bélony see Bélo

Murch, Robb Still Fretting (Veteran) 246

Murdock, Lee Fertile Ground (Depot) 79/80 ATR

Müren, Zeki Saadettin Kaynak Sarkilari (Kalan) 274

Müren, Zeki Selahattin Pinar Sarkilari (Kalan) 274

Murena, Tony Valse Et Swing (Silex/Memoire) 129 ATR

Murigande, Jacques 'Popo' see Mighty Popo

Muritzson, Gunnel: Gunnel Mauritzson Band Det Som Sker (Sandkvie) 314/315 ATR

Murphy, Colm An Bodhrán (The Irish Drum) (Gael Linn) 158/159

Murphy, Denis & Friends Timpán (Kicking Mule) 23 (SR)

Murphy, Denis: Padraig O'Keeffe, Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford Kerry Fiddles (Topic) 137

Murphy, Denis: Padraig O'Keeffe, Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford Kerry Fiddles - Traditional Fiddle Music From Sliabh Luachra (Ossian) 241

Murphy, Elliott Live - Hotpoint (New Rose) 91/92 ATR

Murphy, Jeanette Go Have Some Fun (Ocean [single]) 182/183

Murphy, Jimmy Electricity (Sugar Hill) 193 ATR

Murphy, Jimmy Southern Roots (Ace) 193 ATR

Murphy, John: Phil, John & Pip Murphy The Trip To Cullenstown (Claddagh) 107

Murphy, Julie Black Mountains Revisited (Beautiful Jo) 194/195

Murphy, Julie Lilac Tree (Beautiful Jo) 230/231

Murphy, Julie & Dylan Fowler Ffawd (Fflach: Trad) 228

Murphy, Julie, Lynne Denman, Joanne Acty English Songs Of Love (Beautiful Jo) 179

Murphy, Julie: Emma Christian, Moira Craig, Michael Henry, Julie Murphy Celtic Songs Of Love (Beautiful Jo) 170/171

Murphy, Kaz One Happy Camper (Liquid City) 165 ATR

Murphy, Liam The Full Circle (Hickory House) 240

Murphy, Maggy Linkin' O'er The Lea: Traditional Folk Songs And Ballads From Tempo, Co. Fermanagh (Veteran) 161

Murphy, Matt Guitar Way Down South (Antone's) 97

Murphy, Noel & The Mahogany Gaspipes A Session (Fine Hairy Rope) 192

Murphy, Phil, John & Pip The Trip To Cullenstown (Claddagh) 107

Murphy, Pip: Phil, John & Pip Murphy The Trip To Cullenstown (Claddagh) 107

Murphy, Rose Busy Line (RCA [single - b-side: 'Busy Line' by Peter Skellern]) 93

Murphy's Folk Festival Cork, Eire 41 L; 53 L

Murray, Andrew Hell Or High Water (White Cow Music) 270

Murray, Anna see Mhoireach, Anna

Murray, Bill & Friends Down 'pon Ole Dartymoor (Wren Music) 313

Murray, Charles Shaar The Hellhound Sample (Headpress) 341/342 P

Murray, David & Balogh Kálmán Gipsy Cimbalom Band (Fono) 264

Murray, David & The Gwo-Ka Masters Yonn-Dé (Justin Time) 238

Murray, Jim (Caoilte O'Súilleabháin &) Before Leaving (own label0 246

Murray, Mike & Lesley Silvester Strangers On The Shore (Time Trackers) 222

Murray, Ron Bells, Kings And Favourite Things (North Star) 129 ATR

Murrell, Kris Kris Murrell Sings Dylan (Birdland Productions) 106 ATR

Murrell, Olin Short Stories (Honey Locust) 126 ATR

Mursal, Maryam The Journey (Real World) 177

Musa K. see K., Musa

Muscadin Ancient And Modern Rewired (Muscadin) 190 ATR

Muschalle, Frank Battin' The Boogie (Document) 168 ATR

Musgrave Granny In The Corner (Musgrave) 129 ATR

Musgrave, Richard Hardly Started (own label) 102

Mushrooms, Them see Them Mushrooms

Mushtaq (Terry Hall &) The Hour Of Two Lights (Honest Jon's) 242/243

Music & Dance From Papua New Guinea Commonwealth Institute, London 63 L

Music & Dance Of Mongolia Horniman Museum, London 66 L

Music Deli Off The Air (Larrikin) 73

Music For The Celtic Harp [Sileas, Janet Harbison, Kristen Nogues] Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester 41 L

Music From The Frontier [Fazal-E-Malik Akif & Zarsanga] Greenwich Borough Hall, London 96 L

Music From The People, Pt 1. "I Ain't Never Heard A Horse Sing" BBC Radio 4 25 L

Music In Morocco: The Legacy Of Migration [Mustapha Baqbou/Orchestra Chqara] Greenwich Festival, London 110 L

Music In The Glen Fuar (own label) 301 ATR

Music Is The Weapon Music Is The Weapon (own label) 321

Music Maker Revue / Pura Fé Trio Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London 335 L

Music Masters Of Armenia, The Traditional & Sacred Music And Songs (World Village) 244 ATR

Music Meeting, 10th Nijmegen, Netherlands 139/140 L

Music Of Moroccan Origin see MoMo

Music Of The Royal Courts South Bank, London 51 L

Music Village Islington & Richmond 208 L

Musicport World Music Festival Whitby, North Yorkshire 283/284 L

Musicport 09 Bridlington, East Yorkshire 319/320 L

Musica Dispersa Musica Dispersa (Discmedi Blau) 274 ATR

Musica In Osteria (Pub Music) Ravascletto, N. Italy 114 L

Musical Aces (Belton Richard & The) Modern Sounds In Cajun Music (Ace) 125

Musical Brownies (Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies) The Daddy Of Western Swing (Proper Box) 242/243 ATR

Musical Party (Maulidi &) Mombasa Wedding Special (Globestyle) 98

Musical Traditions Of The 20th Century (Musical Traditions [CD-ROM]) 206/207 P

Musicanti Del Piccolo Borgo Musica Musicanti (Radici Music) 289 ATR

Musiche Selvagge Sentre (Associazione Culturale Barabàn) 299

Musicians From Budatelke & Szászszentgyörgy Mezöségi Népzene (Fonó) 204 ATR

Musicians From Madagascar Camden Centre, London 44 L

Musicians Of The National Dance Company Of Cambodia Homrong (Real World) 101

Musicians Unlimited: The Other Band A Bit Of The Other Featuring Musicians Unlimited (own label) 126 ATR

Musikgruppen RAA The Incredible RAA Band (Gason) 335 ATR

Musiques De Madagascar Cité de la Musique, Paris 225 L

Musi-Ta '90 Friuli, Italy 86 L

Musolino, Michela Songs Of Trinacria (Alfa Music) 247/248 ATR

Musongela, Buse: see Buse, J.P.

Musselwhite, Charlie Cambridge Blues (Blue Horizon) 61

Musselwhite, Charlie Delta Hardware (Real World) 282

Musselwhite, Charlie Deluxe Edition (Alligator) 270 ATR

Musselwhite, Charlie Memphis Charlie (Arhoolie) 91/92; 93

Musselwhite, Charlie One Night In America (Telarc) 233

Musselwhite, Charlie Rough News (Pointblank) 177

Musselwhite, Charlie Sanctuary (Real World) 256

Musselwhite, Charlie Signature (Alligator) 106

Musselwhite, Charlie Up And Down The Highway (Indigo) 205

Musselwhite, Charlie, Dave Peabody & Bob Hall The Half Moon, Putney 41 L

Musselwhite, Charlie: Charlie Musselwhite Blues Band Tennessee Woman (Vanguard) 185 ATR

Mustafov, Ferus King Ferus (GlobeStyle/Ace) 150

Mustafov, Ferus Purcell Room, London 148 L

Mustafov, Ferus The Heat Of Balkan Gypsy Soul (Tropical Music) 233 ATR

Mustafov, Ferus (Söndörgo &) In Concert (own label) 317/318

Mustapha, Sabah Habas & The Jugala All-Stars So La Li (Kartini) 205

Mustapha, Sabah Habas Denpasar Moon (Piranha) 134/135

Mustapha, Sabah Habas Jalan Kopo (Kartini) 175/176

Mustard, Doc see Doc Mustard

Mustard's Retreat Back To Back (Red House) 144

Mustard's Retreat Midwinter's Night (Red House) 56

Mutenrohi Danze (Zouma) 238 ATR

Mutenrohi ...E Van Dez (Zouma) 292 ATR

Muthiko Alaiak Fanfarrea Music From The Basque Country (ARC Music) 277

Mutineers (Graeme E. Pearson & The) Graeme E. Pearson & The Mutineers (Mutiny) 162 ATR

Mutiny Folk Punk For Punk Folk [DEX 9294] 112 ATR

Mutton Birds, The She's Been Talking (Virgin [single]) 170/171

Mutukudzi, Oliver Tuku Sugar Pie (CSA World Series) 70

Mutukudzi, Oliver Tuku Ziwere MuKøbenhavn (Shava) 139/140

Mutukudzi, Oliver Tuku: Oliver Mutukudzi Tuku Music (Earthsong) 194/195

Muyinda, Evalisto Music Of Baganda (Pan Records) 106 ATR

Muzik Ye Afrika United We Stand (Sheer Sound) 250 ATR

Muzsikás Blues For Transylvania (Hannibal) 86

Muzsikás Kettö (Munich) 151/152

Muzsikás Máramos: The Lost Jewish Music Of Transylvania (Hannibal) 122

Muzsikás Nem Arról Hajnallik, Amerröl Hajnallott... (Hungaroton) 42

Muzsikás Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 146/147 L

Muzsikás The Bartók Album (Hannibal) 190

Muzsikás & Márta Sebestyén A Zeneakadémián - Live At Liszt Academy (Muzsikás) 256

Muzsikás & Márta Sebestyén Brighton Festival, The Dome 181 L

Muzsikás & Márta Sebestyén Morning Star (Hannibal) 174

Muzsikás featuring Márta Sebestyén Barbican Centre, London 170/171 L

Mwandjani, Toto Malemylemy (3MOI/Mars) 233

Mwenda, Jean Bosco Mwenda Wa Bayeke: African Guitar Legend (Mountain) 139/140

My Cat Dances You Will Never Work Again (Scrummy) 154 ATR

My Friend The Chocolate Cake Brood (White) 150

My Lorde Sheriffe's Complainte My Lorde Sheriffe's Complainte (Frog) 5 ATR (SR)

My Two Toms Field Recordings/Two (Mole in the Ground) 285 ATR

Myers, Dave You Can't Do That (Black Top) 184 ATR

Myers, Louis Tell My Story Movin' (Earwig) 112 ATR

Myers, Sam (Anson Funderburgh &) That's What I Want (Black Top) 172 ATR

Myers, Sam: Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets featuring Sam Myers Change In My Pocket (Bullseye Blues & Jazz) 196 ATR

Myhr, Gunnlaug Lien Perler På Ei Snor (GLM-Fonogram) 275 ATR

Myhren, Øyonn Groven Akkedoria Frå Kristiania (Etnisk Musikklubb) 263 ATR

Myhren, Øyonn Groven Gullveven (Etnisk Musikklubb) 300 ATR

Myles, Heather Highways & Honky Tonks (Rounder) 185

Myles, Heather Just Like Old Times (Demon) 110

Mynta Cool Nights: The Very Best Of (Virgin Sweden) 217 ATR

Mynta Nandu's Dance (Xource) 142

Myrdhin & Pol Huellou Celtic Harp And Shakuhachi (Goasco) 62

Myrdhin An Delen Dir (Ethnea) 191

Myrdhin Harp In Aquarius (Escalibur) 115/116 ATR

Myshkin Blue Gold (Binky) 193

Myshkin Why Do All The Country Girls Leave? (Binky) 206/207

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers Rosebud - Bullets (Doublesalt) 238

Mysteries Of The Sabbath Classical Cantorial Recordings 1907-47 (Yazoo) 142 ATR

Mysteries, The National Theatre at The Lyceum, London 27 L

Mystery Juice Pigwit EP (Human Condition [EP]) 209

Mystic Orchestra, The see Colombiafrica - The Mystic Orchestra

Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari Carried Beyond (Dixiefrog) 292 ATR

Mzwakhe Change Is Pain (Piranha) 67

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