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ATR 'And The Rest' section | E 'Ethnoglobal ... Miscellany' section [only specified from Issue 278/279 onwards] | L 'Live'section | P 'Publications' section | (SR) Southern Rag

10,000 Maniacs Blind Man's Zoo (Elektra) 73

10,000 Maniacs Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure & Unknown Recordings (Rhino) 250

10,000 Maniacs Can't Ignore The Train/Daktari (Myth America - via WEA [single]) 26

10,000 Maniacs Hope Chest - The Fredonia Recordings (Elektra) 91/92

10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe (Elektra) 52

10,000 Maniacs Just As The Tide Was Flowing (Elektra [single]) 31

10,000 Maniacs More Than This (Geffen [single]) 174

10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged (Elektra) 127/128

10,000 Maniacs Nightclub 9:30, Washington DC, USA 31 L

10,000 Maniacs Scorpio Rising (Elektra [single]) 34

10,000 Maniacs The Wishing Chair (Elektra) 31

10,000 Maniacs Town & Country Club, London 55 L

13 featuring Lester Butler 13 Featuring Lester Butler (Hightone) 174 ATR

1651 Cast A Bell (Beautiful Jo) 218/219

17 Hippies El Dorado (Hipster) 311

17 Hippies Heimlich (Hipster) 297

17 Hippies Ifni Ifni (Buda Musique) 261

17 Hippies Wer Ist Das (Rent-a-poet) 199/200 ATR

1st Battalion Black Watch, The see Pipes And Drums Of The 1st Battalion Black Watch, The

1st Hollandse Dansband (Spring Tij) (Hakketoon) 16 (SR)

2 Duos [Mann, Jones, Walther & Treyz] not to be confused with The Two Duos Quartet

2 Duos Until The Cows Come Home (Artes) 316

3 Daft Monkeys Hubbadillia (own label) 264

3 Daft Monkeys Ooomim (own label) 234

3 Daft Monkeys Social Vertigo (own label) 299 ATR

3 Daft Monkeys The Antiquated & The Arcane (3DM) 340

3 Mustaphas 3 *see also L'Orchestre "Bam"....

3 Mustaphas 3 Bam! Big Mustapha Play Stereolocal Music (Globestyle) 168 ATR

3 Mustaphas 3 Bam! Mustaphas Play Stereo (Globestyle) 25

3 Mustaphas 3 Fiz'n (Globestyle [single]) 70

3 Mustaphas 3 Friends, Fiends And Fronds (Globestyle) 97

3 Mustaphas 3 From The Balkans To Your Heart - The Radio Years (Exil) 38

3 Mustaphas 3 Heart Of Uncle (Globestyle) 72

3 Mustaphas 3 Linda, Linda (Globestyle [single]) 59

3 Mustaphas 3 Play Musty For Me (Kartini) 215

3 Mustaphas 3 Shopping (Globestyle) 52

3 Mustaphas 3 Shouffi Rhirou/Voulez Vous Dancer?/Darling, Don't Say No (Globestyle [single]) 53

3 Mustaphas 3 Si Vous Passez Là (Globestyle [single]) 34

3 Mustaphas 3 Soup Of The Century (Globestyle) 88

3 Mustaphas 3 The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 58 L

3 Mustaphas 3 Yesterdays, Bristol 33 L

3rd Battalion of the Black Watch, The see Pipes And Drums Of The 3rd Battalion The Black Watch, The

3rd Tyme Out see IIIrd Tyme Out

3Sticks Red Moon (Glasshouse) 259/260 ATR

4Square 20:20 Manchester (own label) 307/308 ATR

4 Yn Y Bar Byth Adra (Sain) 23 (SR)

4 Yn Y Bar Ffiwsio (4 Yn Y Bar) 54

4 Yn Y Bar Newid Cynefin (Sain) 45

4 Yn Y Bar Seren Nadolig (The Christmas Star) [PYB 01] 34 ATR

4 Yn Y Bar Stryd America/America Street (Fflach) 114

419 Squad (JJC &) Atide (Biba) 240

422 Go Forth (Fellside) 329/330 ATR

422 Major Third (Fellside) 271/272

422 New Numbers (Fellside) 245 ATR

422 One (Fellside) 209 ATR

5 Chinese Brothers Stone Soup (Prime) 151/152 ATR

5 Mile Chase 5 Mile Chase (own label) 259/260 ATR

5 O'Clock Shadows (Brendan Croker & The) A Close Shave (Unamerican Activities) 33

5 O'Clock Shadows (Brendan Croker & The) Boat Trips In The Bay (Red Rhino) 49

5 O'Clock Shadows (Brendan Croker & The) Brendan Croker & The 5 O'Clock Shadows (Silvertone) 78

5 O'Clock Shadows (Brendan Croker & The) Harlesden Mean Fiddler, London 32 L

51 Highland Brigade, Band Of see Band Of 51 Highland Brigade

5U4 U-Turn (Tumi) 158/159

7:17 Blues On The Killing Floor (Second City Blues) 198 ATR

7:17 Blues Out Go the Lights (Second City Blues) 165 ATR

7/8 (Ezerki &) Baknez (Dallas) 310

78RPM Folk Mountain Concert (Rural) 214 ATR

78th Fraser Highlanders, The Live In Concert In Ireland (Lismor) 59 ATR

9Bach 9Bach (Gwymon) 319/320

99 Posse NA 99 10° (Novenove/BMG Italy) 225 ATR

A Band Like Alice Not Before Time (own label) 217 ATR

A Banda Das Crechas ABDC (Do Fol) 334

A Bob On The Side Always Nearer (Cerberus Sounds) 110 ATR

A Brigà Sul Tempo (own label) 326/327

A Consommer De Préférence Élevé En Plein Air (Homerecords) 288 ATR

A Fil De Ciel A Fiel De Ciel (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 273

A Filetta Ab Eternu Polyphonies Corses (Saravah) 139/140 ATR

A Filetta Bracanà (DEDA) 307/308

A Filetta Sì Di Mé (Virgin) 264 ATR

A Fula's Call [Mark Lotz Meets Omar Ka: A Fula's Call] Liingu (Loplop) 299 ATR

A Hawk And A Hacksaw Cervantine (LM Duplication) 333 ATR

A Hawk And A Hacksaw Délivrance (The Leaf Label) 314/315

A Hawk And A Hacksaw The Way The Wind Blows (The Leaf Label) 280

A Hawk And A Hacksaw & The Hun Hangar Ensemble A Hawk And A Hacksaw & The Hun Hangar Ensemble (Leaf Label) 288

A Leap In The Dark A Leap In The Dark (Zebo) 288 ATR

A Million Blues Living On A Promise (Arc [single]) 88

A Moving Sound Little Universe (Taiwan Colors Music) 265

A Properly Regulated Society A Properly Regulated Society (Croghan) 131

A Roda A Roda Alalá Adora (Lostregazos) 277 ATR

A Stranger Shadow Colours (Mixed Bag) 151/152 ATR

A Triumph Of Light - Hariprasad Chaurasia Barbican Centre, London 331/332 L

Aardvark And No Money Termites The Night (own label) 19 (SR)

Aardvark Ceilidh Band The Pleasures Of The Town (Folk Sound) 225 ATR

Aare, Tony Tony Aare (own label) 139/140 ATR

Aarnion Sisarukset Hameen Polkka: Finnish Folk Music From The 1930s (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 132

Aasane, Leif Bygutt (Ta:lik) 301 ATR

Aase, Andreas Unu (Bergland) 277 ATR

Aase, Andreas: Sturla & Andreas Glimmer (2L) 253 ATR

Aatabou, Najat Chants Et Musiques Du Maroc (Blue Silver) 127/128

Aatabou, Najat The Voice Of The Atlas (Globestyle) 105

AB Sounds (Saleta Phiri &) Ndirande Blues (Pamtondo) 232

Abaçai Músical Núcleus (Benjamin Taubkin &) Cantos Do Nosso Chão (Connecting Cultures) 299 ATR

Abado, Marwan Kabila (Iris Music) 274 ATR

Abafana Baseqhudeni (The Cockerel Boys) From Soweto - Mbube Jive & Soul (L&R - German Import) 21 (SR)

Abair, Casey Joe & Hunter Robertson If You Want To Go To Sleep, Go To Bed (Yodel-Ay-Hee) 321 ATR

Abaji Nomad Spirit (Network) 274 ATR

Abaji Oriental Voyage (Network) 238

Abana Ba Nasery Classic Acoustic Recordings From Western Kenya (Globestyle) 79/80

Abana Ba Nasery ¡Nursery Boys Go Ahead! (Globestyle) 106

Abayudaya Music From The Jewish People Of Uganda (Smithsonian Folkways) 247/248 ATR

Abba, Dimi Mint (Khalifa Eide Ould &) Moorish Music From Mauritania (World Circuit) 90

Abbott, Jude: Freya Abbott Ferguson Get Well Soon (No Masters) 334

Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Cleopatra (EMI) 234

Abdellah, Abdelaziz see Alla

Abdelli Among Brothers (Real World) 241

Abdelli New Moon (Real World) 149

Abdelwahab, Mohamed Kollina Nehib Elqamar (Voix du Maghreb) 157

Abdo, George & His Flames Of Araby Orchestra Bellydance! The Best Of... (Smithsonian Folkways) 233 ATR

Abe, Dr see Abe, Phoebe

Abe, Phoebe: Dr Abe Acholi Renaissance (Purple Lion) 293 ATR

Abe, Shufu Spirit Of Samurai Japanese Chant (Lyrichord) 269 E

Abel & Kaninerna Abel & Kaninerna (Slask) 121

Abel & Kaninerna Somnlosa Natter Och Hemmagsord Voodoo (Slask) 149 ATR

Aberdeen Alternative Festival (3rd) 30 L

Åberg, Sebastian The Sangeet Project (Country & Eastern) 297 E

Åberg, Sven: Månsson & Åberg Ålvdans (dB Productions) 316 ATR

Åberg, Sven: Månsson Åberg Spår (Ear Ethno) 223/224 ATR

Aberjaber Aberjaber (Sain) 28

Aberjaber Dau (Sain) 67

Aberjaber The Perfect Bucket (Sain) 172

Aberjaber Valley Folk Club, Pontardawe 25 L

Abernath, Marion The Chronological... (Classics) 220

Aberystwyth Folk & Roots Festival Aberystwyth, Wales 100 L

Abild Methea (GO' Danish Folk Music) 328 ATR

Abiodun, Dele Confrontation (Earthworks - ["mini-album"]) 25

Abnoba Abnormal (Kilohertz) 331/332

Abnoba Vai Facile (Felmay) 277

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Between Dusk And Dawn (Enja) 72

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Bukra (Enja) 72

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Em Português (Enja) 302/303 ATR

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Il Sospiro (Enja) 232

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Morton's Foot (Enja) 249

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Nafas (ECM) 67

Abraham, Eva: Eva Lution I Turn Away (Sunflower) 161 ATR

Abram, Vic Autumn Blue (Musikiste) 60

Abramson, Leah: The Abramson Singers The Abramson Songs (White Whale) 324

Abramson Singers, The see Abramson, Leah

Abreu, Fernanda De Lata (Totem) 162 ATR

Abshire, Nathan & The Pine Grove Boys French Blues (Arhoolie) 125

Abshire, Nathan Pine Grove Blues/The Good Times Are Killing Me (Ace) 103/104

Abshire, Nathan The Great Cajun Accordionist (Ace) 125

Abubakar, Tariq & The Afro-Nubians Hobey Laik (own label) 167 ATR

Aburruzaga, Xabi Bizkaiko Trikitixa (Laute) 300 ATR

Aburruzaga, Xabi Denboraren Naufrago (Elkar) 321 ATR

Abyssinia Infinite Zion Roots (Network) 245

Abyssinians (The) & Friends Tree Of Satta Volume 1 (Blood & Fire) 253

Acantus Acantus (Gimell) 192

Acapella Spirituals Acapella Spirituals (Nelson Word) 129 ATR

Acaysha One Way Track (Acaysha) 210

Acaysha Uncovered (own label) 192 ATR

Accordeon Diatonique Festival St. Symphorien, Nr. Lyon, France 36 L

Accordéon Mélancolique Les Invités - The Guests (Sterkenburg) 309

Accordéon Mélancolique Parade Des Poules (Sterkenberg) 242/243 ATR

Accordéon Mélancolique Petits Fours Frais (Sterkenburg) 247/248 ATR

Accordeon Tribe see Accordion Tribe

Accordeons Unlimited Festival Cecil Sharp House, London 38 L

Accordion Tribe Accordion Tribe (Intuition) 182/183

Accordion Tribe Lunghorn Twist (Intuition) 287

Accordions Go Crazy Overboard (Trikont) 63

Accordions Go Crazy The Art Of Paper-Folding (Trikont US) 108

Accordions Go Crazy Zombie Dancer (Trikont/EFA) 81

Acetre Barrunto (Promúsica) 251 ATR

Acetre Canto De Gamusinos (Promúsica) 216 ATR

Acetre Dehesario (Nufolk/Galileo MC) 298 ATR

Achalinotopoulos, Manos Hyacinth (Sony Greece) 182/183

Achalinotopoulous, Manos Zopirin (Universal Music Greece) 333

Achanak 4 Play (Nachural) 235/236 ATR

Acharya Goswami Gokulotsavji Maharaj, His Holiness see Gokulotsavji Maharaj, His Holiness Acharya Goswami

Achiary, Benat Ene Kantu Ferde Ta Urdinak (Mes Chants Verts Et Bleus) (Silex) 112

Achkar, Elie Middle East: Qanun Songs (Buda) 122

Achouri, Kad Liberté (Stern's) 233

Achouri, Kad Mi Negra (Stern's [single]) 237

Acker, Kathy (The Mekons &) Pussy, King Of The Pirates (Quarterstick) 153 ATR

Ackerman, Will Sound Of Wind Driven Rain (Windham Hill) 180 ATR

Ackermann, Doris: Hugh Blumenfeld, Doris Ackermann & Shane Shanahan Big Red (Brambus) 206/207

Ackles, David American Gothic (Elektra) 129

Ackles, David David Ackles (Elektra) 129

Ackles, David Subway To The Country (Elektra) 129

Ackroyd, Gayle Anything But Blue (Ackrack) 166 ATR

Acordeon, Oswaldinho Do see Oswaldinho

Acorn, Ken & The Guitars From Hell The Nightmare Begins... (own label) 73

Acoustic AttaTude (Freyda &) Midnight At Cabell Hall (Red House) 130

Acoustic Blues Duo Comic Book (Coq-au-Vin) 234 ATR

Acoustic Blues-Duo 99 (Coqauvin) 205

Acoustic Blues-Duo Eight O'Clock (Coq au Vin) 259/260 ATR

Acoustic Earth Travelling Man (AE AE) 334 ATR

Acoustic Guitar Owner's Manual (Acoustic Guitar Magazine) 205 P

Acoustic Strawbs Baroque & Roll (Witchwood) 225 ATR

Acoustic Strawbs see also Strawbs, The

Acousticats, The Down At Evangelina's (Flying Fish) 114 ATR

Acousticats, The The Cat's Meow (Ranch) 139/140 ATR

Acoustix Acoustix (Pazz) 88

Acquaragia Drom Mister Romanò (Finisterre) 221 ATR

Acquaragia Drom Rom Kaffe (Finisterre) 304

Acton, Tom Dark River Tumbling (Full Spiral) 277 ATR

Acton, Tom Down The Irish Gravel Road (Full Spiral) 309 ATR

Actores Alidos Canti Delle Donne Sarde (Finisterre) 266/267

Acty, Joanne: Julie Murphy, Lynne Denman, Joanne Acty English Songs Of Love (Beautiful Jo) 179

Acty, Peter (Ian Giles &) Soldier Of Fortune (Beautiful Jo) 110 ATR

Acuff, Roy King Of Country Music (Proper) 258

Acuff, Roy Steamboat River Blues (Rounder Special Series) 32

Acuff, Roy The Crazy Tennessean (Catfish) 222

Acustimantico Acustimantico (own label) 250

Acustimantico La Bella Stagione (own label) 250

Ad Veille Que Pourra Mosaïque (Green Linnet Xenophile) 139/140 ATR

Ad Vielle Que Pourra Ad Vielle Que Pourra - Come What May (Green Linnet) 103/104

Ad Vielle Que Pourra Ménage À Quatre (Xenophile) 166

Adam see Gussow, Adam

Adam, Neil & Judy Turner Telling Tales (own label) 196 ATR

Adam, Neil & Judy Turner The Keys To The Field (own label) 220 ATR

Adam, Neil Aussie Lullaby (own label, via Blackmarket) 162 ATR

Adam, Setona Ali see Setona

Ádámosi Banda Wedding At Sövényfalva In 1980 (FolkEurópa) 282

Adamów, Jarek Etnomalia Projekt (Folken Music) 334 ATR

Adamów, Jarek Songs Of The Medieval Polish Bards (Global Village) 252 ATR

Adamów, Jarek & Pawel Brzozowski Contemporary Polish Village Music (Folken Music) 302/303 ATR

Adamów, Jarek & Traditional Polish Vocal Ansamble 'Sami Swoi' Expedition To The Lost World, Part 1 - Winter (Folken Music) 287

Adams, Derroll (Ramblin' Jack Elliott &) Early Sessions (Tradition) 192 ATR

Adams, Derroll 65th Birthday Concert Kotrijk, Belgium 90 L

Adams, Derroll Songs Of The Banjoman (Folk Freak) 23 (SR)

Adams, Derroll Songs Of The Banjoman (Wundertüte) 178

Adams, Derroll: Various Derroll Adams' 65th Birthday Concert (Waste Productions) 99

Adams, Derroll: Various Derroll Adams Tribute Green Note, Camden, London 289 L

Adams, Dougal & Ormonde Waters The Good Ear (own label) 276 ATR

Adams, Johnny From The Heart (Demon) 108

Adams, Johnny There Is Always One More Time (Rounder Heritage) 211/212 ATR

Adams, Justin Desert Road (Wayward) 204

Adams, Justin Kin (Wayward) 220

Adams, Justin & Juldeh Camara Soul Science (Wayward) 293

Adams, Justin & Juldeh Camara Tell No Lies (Real World) 313

Adams, Justin & Juldeh Camara The Trance Sessions (Real World) 324

Adams, Justin: Juju In Trance (Real World) 337

Adams, Suzie (Helen Watson &) Songbird (Dingles) 18 (SR)

Adams, Tom & Michael Cleveland Live At The Ragged Edge (Rounder) 253 ATR

Adaro Stella Spendens (Akky Disk) 175/176 ATR

Adcock, Eddie And His Guitar (CMH) 62

Adcock, Eddie, John Duffey, Tom Gray, Charlie Waller Classic Country Gents Reunion (Sugar Hill) 82

Adcock, Eddie, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves, Jesse McReynolds The Masters (CMH) 82

Addicts Rehabilitation Centre Gospel Choir, The see ARC Gospel Choir, The

Addis Acoustic Project Tewesta "Remembrance" (World Village) 337 ATR

Addo, Nyanyo He's In Trance Now (WeltWunder) 173

Addosso Agli Scalini Scossa Sommossa (Ludos) 170/171

Addy, Aja & Tsui Anaa Live Refreshment (Weltwunder) 203

Addy, Aja The Medicine Man (Weltwunder) 158/159

Addy, Mustapha Tettey & Obonu Drummers Smart Boys (WeltWunder) 198

Addy, Mustapha Tettey & Obonu Drummers The Royal Drums Of Ghana (Weltwunder) 112

Addy, Mustapha Tettey Come And Drum (Weltwunder) 97

Addy, Mustapha Tettey Secret Rhythms (WeltWunder) 173

Addy, Obo & Kukrudu Let Me Play My Drums (Burnside) 118

Adé, King Sunny King Of Juju (Wrasse) 230/231

Adé, King Sunny Odu (Mesa/Atlantic) 187/188

Adé, King Sunny Royal Festival Hall, London 137 L

Adé, King Sunny & His African Beats Synchro System & Aura (T-Bird) 331/332

Adé, King Sunny & His African Beats Town & Country Club, Kentish Town, London 63 L

Adegbalola, Gaye Bitter Sweet Blues (Alligator) 199/200

Adel, Moulay Youssef see U-Cef

Adem: Lau vs Adem Ghosts (Lau Scotland) 335 ATR

Adeniyi, Sunday see Adé, King Sunny

Adesanya Adeyeye Traditional African Music & Dance Ensemble Nigeria: Music Of The Yoruba People (Lyrichord) 27

Adewale, Adriano: Adriano Adewale Group Sementes (Segue) 307/308 ATR

Adewale, Segun Ojo Je (Sterns) 29

Ådin, Anders: Burgess, Ådin & Wingård Doggerland (Sjelvar) 290/291 ATR

Adioa Toubab Bile/Buma Done Yene (Mango [single]) 79/80

Adjabel Racine 1 Tambu Base Music (Emma) 205 ATR

Adjágas Adjágas (Trust Me) 288

Adjroud, Ahcene Adounith (Globestyle) 65

Adkisson, Steve: Greg Jowaisas, Steve Adkisson, Jack Bunch Old Time Banjo Pieces (Kid Of The Mountain) 69

Adler, Danny Better Make A Move (Proper) 197

Adler, Tom & Co. Sweet Nell (Coal Holler) 225

Adler, Tom Borrowed Car (Coal Holler) 194/195 ATR

Adran D The Ascent (Alto) 338/339

Adrianowicz, Richard Time Ashore Is Over (Out of the Rain) 237

Adrianowicz, Richard (Peter Kasin &) Boldly From The Westward: Songs Of The Sea (Handspikes Music) 278/279

Adu, Leila: Mike Cooper, Leila Adu, Fabrizio Spera Truth In The Abstract Blues (Tracce/Rai Trade) 316

Adwan, Moneim (Pêcheurs De Perles &) Motayem (Buda Musique) 259/260

Adzido Traditional Songs And Dances From Africa (ARC Music) 211/212 ATR

Æ æ (own label) 331/332

Aedo En Route (own label) 263

Aes Dana Frontiera (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 252

Afenginn Akrobakkus (Tutl) 286

Afenginn Bastard Etno (Westpark) 321

Afenginn Retrograd (Tutl) 274

Afewerki, Abraham Kozli Gaba (Stile Libero) 111

Afework, Yohannes (Alemayehu Fantaye &) Traditionelle Musik Aus Äthiopien (Acoustic Music) 141

Afion Afion (Aquarius) 297

Afion Cudni Svati (Aquarius) 321

Affleck, Eddie Turn Ye Tae Me (Edmonstone) 109 ATR

Africa 70 (Fela Kuti & The) He Miss Road (Stern's African Classics) 141

Africa 70 (Tunde Williams &) Mr Big (Afrodisia) 259/260 ATR

Africa-Walla (Kévin Mfinka &) Mbemba (PlayaSound) 277 ATR

African Beats (King Sunny Adé & His African Beats) Synchro System & Aura (T-Bird) 331/332

African Beats (King Sunny Adé & His African Beats) Town & Country Club, Kentish Town, London 63 L

African Connexion, The Welcome (Musa) 73

African Head Charge Off The Beaten Track (On-U Sound) 336 ATR

African Heart (Sigi Finkel &) Spirit Of Rhythm (Blue Flame) 238 ATR

African Herb: The Bhundu Boys / African Herb The Bhundu Boys / African Herb (Discafrique [EP]) 29

African Jazz Pioneers Sip 'N Fly (Flame Tree) 123

African Messengers (Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers) African Party (Cyclone) 273

African Methodist Choir (Mara Louw & The) African Hymns (ARC Music) 322 ATR

African National Congress Choir, The Toyi Toyi Mix (Mango [single]) 96

African Prom, The Royal Albert Hall, London 149 L

African Showboyz Spiritual Song (Buda) 238

African Spirit (Ade Olumoku &) Musique Apala Du Peuple Yoruba/Yoruba Apala Music (Musique du Monde) 225

African Virtuoses The Classic Guinean Guitar Group (Stern's) 292

African Wind see also Treanor, Dan

African Wind (Dan Treanor &) Mercy (Plan-It) 283/284 ATR

Africando Baloba! (Stern's Africa) 181

Africando Gombo Salsa (Stern's) 165

Africando Ketukuba (Stern's) 283/284

Africando Live (Next Music/Sono) 229 ATR

Africando Martina (Stern's) 244

Africando Trovador Vol. 1 (Stern's Africa) 121

Africando Volume 2 - Tierra Tradicional (Stern's Africa) 134/135

Africando All Stars Mandali (Stern's) 211/212

Africaoye I Miss You (Omenyama [single]) 166

Afrika Festival, 6th Talavera Meadows, Würzburg, Germany 133 L

Afrissippi Alliance (Hill Country) 304 ATR

Afrissippi Fulani Journey (Knockdown South/Electric Catfish) 273

Afro Anatolian Tales Live In Teheran (Papyros) 321 ATR

Afrobeat 2000 (Tony Allen &) N.E.P.A. (Earthworks ["mini-album"]) 25

Afro-Beat Crusaders (Segun Damisa & The) Nigeria Dey Cry (Playasound) 288

Afro Celt Sound System *see also Afro Celts

Afro Celt Sound System Anatomic (Real World) 270

Afro Celt Sound System Capture 1995-2010 (Real World) 329/330

Afro Celt Sound System Pod (Real World) 256

Afro Celt Sound System Release (Real World [single]) 209

Afro Celt Sound System Volume 1: Sound Magic (Real World) 158/159

Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release (Real Word) 191

Afro Celt Sound System Volume 3: Further In Time (Real World) 216

Afro Celts *see also Afro Celt Sound System

Afro Celts Seed (Real World) 240

Afro Cuba Eclipse De Sol (Jazz House) 73

Afro-Cuban All Stars A Toda Cuba Le Gusta (World Circuit) 169

Afro-Cuban All Stars Distinto, Diferente (World Circuit) 199/200

Afro-Cuban All Stars Ronnie Scott's, London 168 L

Afro-Cuban All Stars (Félix Baloy & The) Baila Mi Son (Tumi) 210

Afro-Cuban All Stars (Félix Baloy & The) Live In The UK, Alive In Cuba (Tumi [DVD]) 273

Afro-Cuban All Stars (González, Rubén / Afro-Cuban All Stars) Royal Festival Hall, London 189 L

Afro-Cuban All Stars (Juan De Marcos' Afro-Cuban All Stars) Step Forward (DM Ahora!) 264

Afro Cuban Jazz Project Descarga Uno (Lusafrica) 191

AfroCubism AfroCubism (World Circuit) 329/330

Afro-Nubians (Tariq Abubakar & The) Hobey Laik (own label) 167 ATR

AfroReggae Favela Uprising (Mr Bongo) 293 ATR

Afrorican Jazz (William Cepeda &) My Roots And Beyond (Blue Jackel) 198

Afro Sound Safarini (Robi Droli) 89

Afro Sounders (Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders Orlando's Afro Ideas 1969-72 (Ekosound) 252

Aftab Group (Heshmatollah & Nezam Rajabzadeh With The) Love Songs And Dance Music From Loristan (Etnisk Musikklubb) 326/327

Afterhours Hung Up And Dry (own label) 101

Afterhours Penyrheol Leisure Centre, Swansea 95 L

Afterhours Up To Here (Celtic) 131

Afton Mountain String Band, The Old-Time Saturday Night (Fiddletop) 190 ATR

Aga, Alemu Ethiopiques 11 - The Harp Of King David (Buda) 222, 223/224

Aga, Alemu The Harp Of King David (Long Distance) 170/171

Agata, Morio & producer Makoto Kubota Taruphology (Bridge Inc.) 297

Agata, Rich 100 To 1/I Guess That's Happened To You (Plug N Socket [single]) 40

Agata, Rich Crazy Idea (RTurn [single]) 59

Agata, Rich Parade Of Tears (Still Sane) 79/80 ATR

Agbeo Kuta Agbeo Kuta (Seven Gates [single]) 148

Agenmark, Nils Nils Agenmark (Giga) 145

Aggrovators, The: King Tubby, The Observer Allstars & The Aggrovators King Tubby's Special 1973-1976 (Trojan) 81

Aghili, Salar (Dastan Ensemble &) In The Name Of The Red Rose (Celestial Harmonies) 326/327

Agindotan, Najite see Najite

Agiryürüyen, Sumru: Muammer Ketencoglu, Brenna MacCrimmon, Sumru Agiryürüyen & Cevdet Erek Ayde Mori (Kalan) 229

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir Ten Thousand (Balling the Jack) 304 ATR

Agostone Dudapest Cirkusz / Budapipe Circus (Etnofon) 305 E

Agricantus Best Of Agricantus (CNI World Class) 196 ATR

Agricantus Faiddi (CNI) 199/200

Agricantus Gnanzù (Austromechana) 123

Agricantus Habibi (CNI) 273

Agricantus Kaleidos (CNI Ludos) 185 ATR

Agricantus Tuareg (Ludos) 157

Aguilera, Delphine & Marc Bellity Fin Amor (Buda Musique) 292 ATR

Agujetas, Manuel: Agujetas El Rey Del Canto Gitano (Hiero/Boa) 249 ATR

Agyeman, Eric Ghana Gold (MW World Roots Collection) 173

Agyeman, Eric Highlife Safari (Stern's) 115/116

Agyemang, Nana: Roadmaster & Agyemang The Old Highlife (Art Hurts) 227

Ahab kmvt (Navigator) 341/342 ATR

Ahab Leviathan (Ahab Music) 257 ATR

Ahallil De Gourara Chants Sacrés Du Sahara Algérien (Institut du Monde Arabe) 182/183

Ahhaitty, Glen True Lies From The Road (Canyon) 283/284 E

Ahilea Café Svetlana (Essay) 313 ATR

Ahlam Acting Salam (Barbarity) 146/147

Ahlam Revolt Against Reason (Barraka El Famatshi) 118

Ahlbäck, Sven (Maria Kalaniemi &) Ilmajousi - Luftstråk (Amigo) 221

Ahlbäck, Sven (Ole Hjorth) Arabiskan (Giga) 213

Ahluwalia, Kiran Day Of Colours (Triloka/Artemis) 268

Ahluwalia, Kiran Kashish: Ghazals And Punjabi Folk Songs (Kiran Music) 221

Ahluwalia, Kiran Wanderlust (4Q/World Connection) 306

Ahmed, Abdullah Mussa (Seif Salim Saleh &) Taarab 1: The Music Of Zanzibar (Globestyle) 65, 199/200

Ahmed Má Hlad Magadan (Indies Recs) 270 ATR

Ahmed, Mahmoud Alèmyé - Ethiopiques 19 (Buda) 265

Ahmed, Mahmoud Ere Mela Mela (Crammed) 43

Ahmed, Mahmoud Ethiopiques 6: Almaz (Buda/Melodie) 194/195

Ahmed, Mahmoud Ethiopiques 7: Ere Mela Mela (Buda/Melodie) 194/195

Ahmed, Mahmoud Soul Of Addis (Stern's/Earthworks) 170/171

Ahmed, Mahmoud & Imperial Bodyguard Band Ethiopiques 26 - 1972-74 (Buda) 328

Ahmed, Sid Lute And Voices From Mauritania (Naive) 298 E

Ahmed, Zainaba Comores: Chants De Femmes (Buda) 271/272 E

Ahuna, Darlene Bridge Between Generations (Cord International/Hana Ola) 257

Aïchi, Houria & L'Hijâz'Car Cavaliers De L'Aurès / Riders Of The Aurès (Accords Croisés) 307/308

Aid For Africa Ceilidh Guildhall, Cambridge 34 L

Aidan AD The Cool Shall Inherit (Third Temple) 173 ATR

Aingo, George Williams Roots Of Highlife - 1927 (Heritage) 117

Ainslie, Ross & Jarlath Henderson Partners In Crime (Vertical) 298

Ainslie, Scott Terraplane (Cattail Music) 192

Ainslie, Scott Thunder's Mouth (Cattail Music) 304 ATR

Airdance Cloud Nine (Great Meadow Music) 281 ATR

Airdance Flying On Home (Great Meadow Music) 249

Aires D'a Terra 1904 (Ouvirmos) 297

Airla The Eagle's Whistle (Airla) 246 ATR

Aïsha Els Camells No Prenen Café (Nufolk) 252 ATR

Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects El Buya (Barraka) 105 ATR

Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects Koyo Habib (Barbarity) 203 ATR

Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects L Haoua (Barbarity) 156 ATR

Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects Shabeesation (Barbarity) 123

Aishah Aishah (Wave) 119

Aitken, Laurel Live At Club Ska (Trojan) 251 ATR

Aitken, Laurel Lorenzo Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor (Liquidator [single]) 201

Aïwa Aïwa (Wikkid) 253 ATR

Aïwa El Nar (Wikkid) 278/279

Aka Pacha The Three Seasons (Autogram) 238 ATR

Akanji, Isiaka Easy Wonder (Champagne Lake Productions) 179

Akëikoi From Connexion Binkafo (Next Music/Sono) 240 ATR

Akendengue, Pierre Ekunda-Sah! (Taxi/Codaex) 266/267

Akhtar, Najma Atish (Triple Earth) 77

Akhtar, Najma Quareeb (Triple Earth) 49

Akhtar, Najma: Najma Fariyaad (Connecting Cultures) 310 ATR

Akhtar, Najma: Najma Forbidden Kiss (Shanachie) 162

Akhtar, Najma: Najma Pukar (Last Minute Productions) 110

Akhtar, Najma: Najma Vivid (Sight) 229 ATR

Akhtar, Najma & Gary Lucas Rishte (World Village) 312

Akhtar, Najma: Najma & Qareeb Manchester Royal Exchange 66 L

Aki & Kuniko Ha (Acoustic Music) 249 ATR

Aki & Kuniko Over The Top (Acoustic Music) 276 ATR

Akif, Fazal-E-Malik & Zarsanga Greenwich Borough Hall, London 96 L

Akimbo Akimbo (Forward) 39

Akimbo So Long Trouble (Rough Trade/Forward) 33

Akin Undercurrent (Tropical Music) 223/224

Akingbola, Sola Routes To Roots (ARC Music) 298 E

Akinlolu, Segun see Beautiful Nubia

Akiyama, Tetuzi (Donald McPherson &) Vinegar & Rum (Bo'Weavil) 285 ATR

Akiyo Dékatman (Dèclic/Blue Silver) 158/159

Akkiraz, Sabahat Kaygusuz (Arda Müzik) 264

Akkiraz, Sabahat & Mustafa Özarslan Birlikte Türküler Söylüyoruz / Singing Folk Songs Together (Akkiraz) 310

Aklowa Near & Far (BMN Music) 230/231 ATR

Aksak Portraits (Buda) 313 ATR

Aksdal, Bjørn (Geir Egil Larsen &) Meråkerklarinetten I Solo Og Samspell (Etnisk Musikklubb) 322 ATR

Al A'dhami, Hussein Maqams In Divine Enchantment (Music & Words) 288 ATR

Al-Adwar Ensemble see L'Ensemble Al-Adwar

Al-Andalus Illumination (Koch World) 178

Al Andaluz Project Al-Maraya (Galileo) 329/330

Al Andaluz Project Deus Et Diabolus (Galileo) 297

Al Assal: Women Singers Of The Sudan Songs Of Al Sabata (ARC Music) 278/279 E

Al-Dâyikh, Adib & L'Ensemble Al-Kindî L'Amour Courtois (Institut du Monde Arabe) 247/248 ATR

Al Djazairia, Warda see Warda

Al-Dowwi, Sayyed La Geste Hilalienne (Institut du Monde Arabe) 247/248 ATR

Al-Harmoniah Shaabi Jazz (Zimbraz) 245 ATR

Al-Harmoniah: Marakbar, Al-Harmoniah & Blindman Kwartet Marockin' Stories (MW) 174

Al Helbawy, Sheikh Mohamed Hossam Ramzy Presents Egyptian Sufi (Arc Music) 245 ATR

Al Junayd, Hamud Traditional Yemeni Songs (Nimbus) 162

Al-Jundi, Zein Traditional Songs From Syria (Arc Music) 262 ATR

Al-Kindi Ensemble with Sheikh Hamza Shakkur Les Derviches Tourneurs De Damas (Le Chant du Monde) 203 ATR

Al Madfai, Ilham Baghdad (EMI Music Arabia) 252

Al Madfai, Ilham: Ilham The Voice Of Iraq (EMI) 268

Al-Mayurqa Tradició I Compromís (Ona Digital) 290/291

Al-Nubatiyya Chants Et Tambours De Al-Nûbatiyya/Songs And Drums From Nubia (Institut du Monde Arabe) 252

Al Ol Ensemble (Yair Dalal & The) Al Ol (Najema) 166 ATR

Al Ol Ensemble (Yair Dalal & The) The Perfume Road (Magda) 202

Al Qantarah Troparium De Catania (Promo Music) 278/279

Al-Safi, Wadi, Sabah Fakhri, Simon Shaheen & Qantara The Two Tenors & Qantara - Historic Live Concert Of Arabic Masters (Ark21) 213

Al Said, Mokhtar & El Ferka El Mesaya Amar 14: Jalilah's Raks Sharki 2 (Piranha) 137

Al Said, Mokhtar Raks Sharki: Classic Egyptian Dance Music (Piranha) 103/104

Al-Sunni, Mustafa Songs Of The Sudan (Nimbus) 197 ATR

Al-Yaman Hurriya (Indies) 268 ATR

Alaap Nach Mundeya (Multitone) 51

Alaap Pattaka (Multitone) 70

Alaap Teri Chunni De Sitare (Multitone) 51

Alabama 3 Hits And Exit Wounds (One Little Indian) 302/303

Alabina Sahara (Atoll Music) 187/188 ATR

Alafia World Citizen (Alafia Limited) 163/164 ATR

Alaitz Eta Maider Alaitz Eta Maider (Triki-Elkar) 173

Alaitz Eta Maider Auskalo (Elkar Triki) 232

Alakotila, Timo Concerto For Free Bass Accordion And Chamber Orchestra + Concerto Grosso (Texicalli Impala) 317/318

Alakotila, Timo & Johanna Juhola Vapaassa Tilassa (Texicalli) 297 ATR

Alakotila, Timo (Karen Tweed &) May Monday (Fiasco) 218/219

Alakotila, Timo (Maria Kalaniemi &) Ambra (Amigo) 229

Alakotila, Timo (Terhi Puronaho &) Aatos (Sibelius Academy) 309 ATR

Alal, Nayim Nar (NubeNegra) 242/243

Alamaailman Vasarat Huuro Kolkko (Laskeuma) 321 ATR

Alamaailman Vasarat Vasaraasia (Laskeuma) 217 ATR

Alamont Musiques Traditionelles Du Limousin (Silex) 139/140

Alaoui, Amina / Ahmed Piro Gharnati (Auvidis Ethnic) 182/183

Alarcón, Niyireth see Niyireth

Alarm, The The Bells Of Rhymney [IRS 114 - B-side of single] 23 (SR)

Alatul Magical Mystery Tour (Blue Flame) 157 ATR

Alba see Alva

Alba, Haydee Tango Argentin (Ocora Radio France) 91/92

Albadri, Hassan: Gilgamesh (Hassan Albadri & Amir Saion) Tigris Nights (Etnisk Musikklubb) 304 ATR

Albanatchie Native (Lochshore) 167 ATR

Albarn, Damon, Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabate & Friends Mali Music (Honest Jon's) 227

Albayrak, Hüseyin & Ali Riza Albayrak Sah Hatayi Deyisleri (Kalan) 266/267

Albemarle Ramblers Gentleman From Virginia (Merriweather) 325 ATR

Alberstein, Chava & The Klezmatics The Royal Festival Hall, London 192 L

Alberstein, Chava & The Klezmatics The Well (Xenophile) 186

Alberstein, Chava Crazy Flower: A Collection (Shanachie) 184

Alberstein, Chava Foreign Letters (Naïve) 221

Alberstein, Chava Lemele (Sisu Music/Rounder Europe) 290/291 ATR

Alberstein, Chava Motsei Chag/End Of The Holiday (Rounder) 259/260

Alberstein, Chava Yiddish Songs (Hemisphere) 201

Albert, Christine Underneath The Lone Star Sky (DOS) 153 ATR

Albert, Jean-Paul Errances [ALB 0205] 245 ATR

Alberto, José 'El Canario' Herido (Ryko Latino) 194/195 ATR

Alberts, Arthur S.: Various The Library Of Congress Endangered Music Project: The Arthur S. Alberts Collection (Rykodisc) 189

Albion Band, The 1990 (Topic) 88

Albion Band, The A Christmas Present From The Albion Band (Fun) 33

Albion Band, The Acousticity (HTD) 127/128

Albion Band, The Acousticity On Tour (Talking Elephant) 253 ATR

Albion Band, The Albion Heart (Delta) 199/200 ATR

Albion Band, The Albion Heart (HTD) 145

Albion Band, The Albion Heart On Tour (Talking Elephant) 261

Albion Band, The Albion Sunrise: The HTD Recordings 1994-1999 (Castle) 251 ATR

Albion Band, The Along The Pilgrims Way (Mooncrest) 178

Albion Band, The An Albion Christmas (Talking Elephant) 261

Albion Band, The An Evening With... (Talking Elephant) 229

Albion Band, The BBC Radio Live In Concert (Windsong) 126

Albion Band, The Before Us Stands Yesterday (HTD) 199/200

Albion Band, The Demi Paradise (HTD) 156

Albion Band, The Fighting Room [EP] (own label) 341/342 ATR

Albion Band, The Happy Accident (HTD) 182/183

Albion Band, The Lark Rise To Candleford (Talking Elephant) 281 ATR

Albion Band, The Light Shining (Albino) 15 (SR)

Albion Band, The Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival (Strange Fruit) 186

Albion Band, The Natural & Wild (Talking Elephant) 324

Albion Band, The Rise Up Like The Sun (EMI Harvest) 113

Albion Band, The Rise Up Like The Sun (Fledg'ling) 242/243 ATR

Albion Band, The Road Movies (Topic) 214

Albion Band, The Songs From The Shows (Albino) 86

Albion Band, The Songs From The Shows (Road Goes On Forever) 169 ATR

Albion Band, The Songs From The Shows 2 (Albino) 103/104

Albion Band, The Songs From The Shows Volume 1 (Road Goes On Forever) 113

Albion Band, The Songs From The Shows Volume 2 (Road Goes On Forever) 113

Albion Band, The Stella Maris (Making Waves) 56

Albion Band, The The Acoustic Years 1993-97 (HTD) 178

Albion Band, The The BBC Sessions (Strange Fruit) 178

Albion Band, The The Unreleased Radio Tapes (1990) (Albino) 114

Albion Band, The Under The Rose (Spindrift) 22 (SR)

Albion Band, The Wings (HTD [single]) 182/183

Albion Band (The) & Others Lark Rise To Candleford (Charisma) 8 (SR)

Albion Band, The Half Moon, Putney 25 L

Albion Band, The T&C2, London 95 L

Albion Band 89 Give Me A Saddle, I'll Trade You A Car (Topic) 72

Albion Band (Ashley Hutchings & The) No Surrender (Snapper Music) 270 ATR

Albion Band (Chris Baines & The) The Wild Side Of Town Purcell Room, London 52 L

Albion Band (Keith Dewhurst & The) Lark Rise To Candleford (Charisma) 100

Albion Country Band (Shirley Collins & The) No Roses (Castle Music) 258

Albion Country Band (Shirley Collins & The) No Roses (Mooncrest) 100

Albion Country Band, The Battle Of The Field (BGO) 170/171

Albion Dance Band, The Dancing Days Are Here Again (Talking Elephant) 290/291

Albion Dance Band, The I Got New Shoes (Making Waves) 58

Albion Dance Band, The Rockin' Barn Dance (Talking Elephant) 324

Albion Dance Band, The Shuffle Off (Spindrift) 17 (SR)

Albion Dance Band, The The Prospect Before Us (Harvest) 124

Albion Day '90 Cheltenham Town Hall, Cheltenham, Glos. 89 L

Albion Morris Still Dancing After All These Years (FOAD) 234

Albita Hecho A Mano (Times Square) 244 ATR

Alboka Alboka - Basque Traditional Music (Lagin) 144 ATR

Alboka Bi Beso Lur (Aztarna) 193

Alboka Lau Anaiak (Elkar) 263

Alboka Lorius (Resistencia) 227

Albrigtsen, Steinar & Tom Pacheco Big Storm Comin' (Round Tower) 127/128

Albrigtsen, Steinar Bound To Wander (Round Tower) 121

Alcaide, Ana Como La Luna Y El Sol (Lubicán) 309 ATR

Alcazaba Alcazaba (own label) 319/320 ATR

Alchemy Stepping Out (Alchemy) 74

Aldargaz (Maria Kalaniemi &) Ahma (RockAdillo) 192

Aldargaz (Maria Kalaniemi &) Iho (Hannibal) 165

Aldbrickham Band, The The Aldbrickham Band (Acoustics) 53

Alden, Kyle Songs From Yeats' Bee-Loud Glade (Watershed Productions) 341/342 ATR

Alden, Jonathan & Leigh see Jonathan & Leigh

Alderslade, John, Trevor Porter, John Whitcombe Thirty Years At The Pump (from authors) 217 P

Aldridge, Brooke: Darin & Brooke Aldridge Darin & Brooke Aldridge (Mountain Home) 325 ATR

Aldridge, Darin & Brooke Darin & Brooke Aldridge (Mountain Home) 325 ATR

Aledo, Pedro (Abed Azrié &) Suerte (L'Empreinte Digitale) 157

Alekperzadeh, Sevda: Sevda Gül Açdi - A Flower In Bloom (Network) 294

Alemañy, Jesus (¡Cubanísmo! Starring Jesus Alemañy) Malembe (Hannibal) 169

Alemañy, Jesus ¡Cubanismo! (Hannibal/Ryko) 155

Alemsherian, Melkon see Melkon, Marko

Alexandar, Carla Sambamuffin (April) 287 ATR

Alexander D. Great see Great, Alexander D.

Alexander, Dave see King, Black Ivory

Alexander, Dennis see Crooked Jack

Alexander, Heather Wanderlust (Seafire) 139/140 ATR

Alexander, Matthew April Heart (Caravan) 109 ATR

Alexander, Peter The Angels Share (Discover Sounds) 203

Alexander, Sara Café Turc (Al Sur) 203 ATR

Alexander, Sara Erga (Kardun) 184

Alexander, T.T. see Taz

Alexander, Texas 98 Degrees Blues (Catfish) 193 ATR

Alexander, Texas Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-3 (Matchbox) 130

Alexander, Texas Texas Alexander Vol. 1 (1927 - 28) (Matchbox) 15 (SR)

Alexander, Texas Texas Alexander Vol. 2 (1928-'29) (Matchbox) 21 (SR)

Alexander, Texas Texas Alexander Vol. 3 (1929-30) (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 46

Alexandra Un Parfum De Fado - Volume 2 (Playasound) 115/116

Alexandra Youth Choir South African Choral (Naxos World) 239

Alexandria Kleztet, The Close Enough For Klezmer (own label) 297 ATR

Alexeev, Alexander & Orlowki Souvenir Russian Melodies (Syncoop) 123

Alexiou, Haris All Around The World: Live 1992-1996 (Mercury Greece) 161

Alexis Korner Memorial Concert, 3rd Annual Buxton Opera House 157 L

Alfonso, Juan Carlos Salsa En Atar (Tumi) 186

Alfred, Fin Sange Fra Min Vandring - Fra Land Og By (Musisk Decenter) 317/318

Alfred, Jerry & The Medicine Beat Nendaä - Go Back (Red House) 172

Algazi, Isaac: Rabbi Isaac Algazi Izak Algazi Efendi (Kalan) 275

Algazi, Isaac: Cantor Isaac Algazi Sweet Singer Of Israel (Wergo) 237

Algendones, Julio see Chocolate

Alger, Pat Seeds (Sugar Hill) 130

Alger, Pat True Love & Other Short Stories (Sugarhill) 107 ATR

Alhaj, Rahim When The Soul Is Settled: Music Of Iraq (Smithsonian Folkways) 288 ATR

Alhambra The Art Of Judeo-Spanish Song (Global Village) 129 ATR

Alhinho, Tété Voz (World Connection) 257 ATR

Ali see Gittens, Alistair

Ali, Azam From Night To The Edge Of Day (Six Degrees) 337

Ali, Azam Portals Of Grace (Narada World) 256 ATR

Ali, Farida Mohammad see Farida

Ali Faiz, Faiz & Titi Robin Jaadu - Magic (Accords Croisés) 319/320

Ali Faiz, Faiz, Duquende, Miguel Poveda & Chicuelo Qawwali-Flamenco (Accords Croisés) 280

Ali Grogan Lliw Heulwen (Sain) 23 (SR)

Ali Khan, Bade Ghulam Regal Resonance (Felmay) 266/267

Ali Khan, Nazakat: Salamat & Nazakat Ali Raga Megh/Raga Bairagi-Bhairav (Hannibal) 115/116

Ali Khan, Nazakat: Salamat & Nazakat Ali Salamat & Nazakat Ali (Hannibal) 64

Ali Khan, Salamat & Nazakat Salamat & Nazakat Ali (Hannibal) 64

Ali Khan, Salamat Breath Of The Rose (Waterlily Acoustics) 125

Ali Khan, Salamat Kufa Gallery, Westbourne Grove, West London 114 L

Ali Khan, Salamat Raga Gunkali/Raga Saraswati/Raga Durga (Nimbus) 115/116

Ali Khan, Salamat: Salamat & Nazakat Ali Raga Megh/Raga Bairagi-Bhairav (Hannibal) 115/116

Aliana, Erik & Korongo Jam Songs From Badissa (Buda Musique) 337 ATR

¡Alianza! ¡Alianza! (Road Goes On Forever) 114

¡Alianza! Cheltenham Town Hall 115/116 L

Alias Acoustic Band, The *see also Kavana, Ron; Alias Ron Kavana

Alias Acoustic Band, The Irish Songs Of Rebellion, Resistance & Reconciliation 1798-1998 (Retro) 196

Alias Ron Kavana *see also Kavana, Ron; Alias Acoustic Band, The

Alias Ron Kavana Coming Days (Chiswick) 95

Alias Ron Kavana Dublin Castle, Camden Town, London 63 L

Alias Ron Kavana Galway To Graceland (Alias) 149

Alias Ron Kavana Soweto Trembles (Chiswick [single]) 87

Alias Ron Kavana Soweto Trembles/Rain/Miners Medley/No Surrender (Chiswick [single - 12-inch version]) 88

Alias Ron Kavana Think Like A Hero (Chiswick) 77

Alicantes (François Didier &) Alicantes (Map) 203

Alice & Albert [Alice & Albert Williams] Electric Wood (own label) 131 ATR

Alice, Maria DZemcontre (Lusafrica/Melodie) 158/159

Alien Folklife Fast Company (Dinosaur) 126 ATR

Alien Soap Opera Second Wave (Electric MELT) 201 ATR

Alif Dakamerap (Out Here) 254/255

Ali-Japtap Living With A Ghost (World Music Experimental) 253 ATR

Alileche, Moh North Africa's Destiny? (Flag of Freedom) 262 ATR

Alimatov, Turgun Ouzbekistan: Turgun Alimatov (Ocora) 163/164

Alizâdeh, Hossein Musique Iranienne, Improvisations (Buda) 154

Alizâdeh, Hossein & Pejman Hadadi Monad (Hermes) 328

Aljibe Enea (Aljibe) 341/342 ATR

Alkasalsa ¡Animense! (Alkasalsa) 194/195 ATR

Alkemya Alkemya (Ludos) 192 ATR

Alkibar (Afel Bocoum &) Niger (Contre Jour) 276

Alkibar (Afel Bocoum &) Tabital Pulaaku (Contre-Jour) 321 ATR

All Folk Round The Wrekin Madeley Court Centre, Telford 38 L

All Souls Orchestra (Iona with The) Woven Cord (Alliance Music) 206/207 ATR

Alla Foundou De Bechar (Al Sur) 178

Alla Et Son Luth Errant Zahra (Lyndaris) 233 ATR

Alla Fagra Våta Pussar (Nordic Tradition) 314/315

Allami, Khyam Resonance/Dissonance (Nawa) 338/339

Allan Yn Y Fan Belonging (Steam Pie) 282

Allan Yn Y Fan Lle Aral/Another Place (Steam Pie) 336

Allan Yn Y Fan Off The Map (Steam Pie) 244 ATR

Allan Yn Y Fan Trosnant (Steam Pie) 319/320 ATR

Allan, John McLean Stand Easy Bagpipe (Tamer Music) 233 ATR

Allcock, Maartin Maart (Woodworm) 91/92

Allen, Austin: Allen Brothers Complete Recorded Works 1927-34 Vols 1-3 (Document) 187/188

Allen, Dave see Allen, Stompin' Dave

Allen, Fulton see Fuller, Blind Boy

Allen, Lee: Allen Brothers Complete Recorded Works 1927-34 Vols 1-3 (Document) 187/188

Allen, Linda Women's Work (Flying Fish) 68

Allen, Matthew: Searles & Allen Cashews, Peppers & More (Suka Harp) 151/152 ATR

Allen, Red (The Osborne Brothers &) Country Picking & Hillside Singing (Stetson) 83

Allen, Red The Folkways Years (Smithsonian Folkways) 222

Allen, Rex The Last Of The Great Singing Cowboys (Bloodshot Soundies) 193 ATR

Allen, Stompin' Dave One Foot Across The Pond (own label) 326/327 ATR

Allen, Stompin' Dave: Stompin' Dave & Dave Saunders Country Blues (own label) 334 ATR

Allen, Terry & The Panhandle Mystery Band Bloodlines (Making Waves) 31

Allen, Terry & The Panhandle Mystery Band Half Moon, Putney 37 L

Allen, Terry & The Panhandle Mystery Band Smokin' The Dummy/Bloodlines (Sugar Hill) 169 ATR

Allen, Terry Amerasia (Fate) 63

Allen, Terry Human Remains (Sugar Hill) 160

Allen, Terry Juarez (Sugar Hill) 251 ATR

Allen, Terry Lubbock (On Everything) (Special Delivery) 58

Allen, Terry Salivation (Sugar Hill) 194/195

Allen, Tony Black Voices Revisited (Comet) 341/342 ATR

Allen, Tony Eager Hands & Feet/The Best Of... (Wrasse) 240

Allen, Tony Home Cooking (Wrasse) 232 ATR

Allen, Tony Lagos No Shaking (Honest Jon's) 275

Allen, Tony NEPA (Never Expect Power Always) (Wrasse) 240

Allen, Tony Psyco On Da Bus (Comet) 217 ATR

Allen, Tony Secret Agent (World Circuit) 313

Allen, Tony & Afrobeat 2000 N.E.P.A. (Earthworks ["mini-album"]) 25

Allen Brothers Complete Recorded Works 1927-34 Vols 1-3 (Document) 187/188

Alliance West Singers (Cornel Pewewardy & The) Dancing Buffalo (Dances & Flute Songs From The Southern Plains) (Music of the World) 139/140

Alligator Horses, The Sporting & Military (Wolgrub) 210 ATR

Allison, Bernard Born With The Blues (Ruf) 172 ATR

Allison, David Acoustic Moves (Smiddymade) 181

Allison, David Reporting (Dunkeld) 67; 91/92 ATR

Allison, Luther & Friends Pay It Forward (Ruf) 234 ATR

Allison, Luther Bad Love (Ruf) 139/140 ATR

Allison, Luther Blue Streak (Trip) 153 ATR; 157

Allison, Luther Hand Me Down My Moonshine (Ruf) 216

Allison, Luther Live In Chicago (Ruf) 201 ATR

Allison, Luther Live In Paradise (Ruf Video) 186

Allison, Luther Reckless (Ruf) 168 ATR

Allison, Luther South Side Safari (Catfish) 201 ATR

Allison, Luther Underground (Ruf) 295/296 ATR

Allison, Luther Where Have You Been - Live In Montreux 1976-1994 (Ruf) 165

Allison, Mose Ever Since The World Ended (Blue Note) 61

Allison, Mose Half Moon, Putney 35 L

Allison, Mose Mose Allison Sings (Prestige) 61

Allman, Greg Low Country Blues (Rounder) 336

Alma De Morna Alma De Morna (Lusafrica) 246 ATR

Almamegretta Venite! Venite! (RCA Italy) 230/231 ATR

Almasäla Ahora (Ventilador Music) 312

Almeida, Albertina Rodrigues see Titina

Almeida, Francelina Durao see Fantcha

Almeida, Rufino see Bau

Almlöf, Anders: Kalle Almlöf & Anders Almlöf Malungslek (Giga) 209

Almlöf, Kalle & Anders Almlöf Malungslek (Giga) 209

Almlöf, Kalle Lejsmelåtar (GIGA) 175/176

Almlöf, Kalle & Jonny Soling Öst Och Väst (Giga) 269

Almlöf, Täpp Ida, Jenny Täpp & Jenny Bergman Gässbikôllor (Giga) 283/284 ATR

Almma Heresias (Almasud) 196

Almma Instrumâncias (Almasud) 170/171

Alovatov, Aqnazar see Aqnazar

Alperin, Mikhail, Arkady Shilkloper, Sergey Starostin Prayer (Silex) 133

Alphabetical Four Complete Recorded Works 1938-43 (Document) 151/152 ATR

Alquimia Angaelic Voices (Prudence) 245 ATR

Alquimia Forever (Prudence) 294 ATR

Alsop, Lenny 3 Celtic Tales (own label) 40

Alsop, Peter Uniforms (Flying Fish) 10 ATR (SR)

Alsop, Peter Wha'd'ya Wanna Do? (Flying Fish) 20 (SR)

Altaf Gnawa Group Gnawa Music From Morocco (Arc Music) 264 ATR

Altan *see also Kennedy, Frankie & Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh

Altan 25th Anniversary Celebration (IRL) 322

Altan 4 Songs From Another Sky (Virgin [EP]) 206/207

Altan Another Sky (Virgin) 202

Altan Best Of 1987-1993 (Earthsongs) 196 ATR

Altan Blackwater (Virgin) 155

Altan Collection (Eureka Music) 190

Altan Harvest Storm (Green Linnet) 107

Altan Horse With A Heart (Green Linnet) 74

Altan Island Angel (Green Linnet) 125

Altan Local Ground (Vertical) 265

Altan Runaway Sunday (Virgin) 170/171

Altan The Best Of Altan (Green Linnet) 166

Altan The Blue Idol (Virgin) 226

Altan The First Ten Years 1986/1995 (Green Linnet) 146/147

Altan The Red Crow (Green Linnet) 91/92

Altan Caol Community Centre, Fort William 84 L

Altan Colony Club, Hamilton, Bermuda 72 L

Altan (Dick Gaughan &) Leeds Irish Centre 93 L

Altar Native Cumbrian Odyssey (Fellside) 229

Altazor Altazor (Redwood) 83

Alterations My Favourite Animals (NATO) 28

Alternative Radio Save One Dream For Me (Pulse [single]) 82

Altiplano: Siyavush Kerimi, Altiplano & Others Transatlantic Non-Stop (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 289

Altogether Elsewhere Times Like These (Elsewhere Music) 115/116

Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble Crossroads Of The Celts (Dorian) 193 ATR

Alumea (Kadril &) La Paloma Negra (Wild Boar) 266/267

Alva Bells Of Paradise (Beautiful Jo) 253

Alva Love Burns In Me (Beautiful Jo) 234

Alvarez, David & Juego De Manos Son Demasiado (Tumi) 235/236

Alvarez, Pancho Florencio, O Cego Dos Vilares (Do Fol) 190 ATR

Alves, Alex Verde (Acoustic Music) 197 ATR

Alves, Luiz: Costo De Brasil Nonato Luiz - Djalma Correia - Luiz Alves (Caju Music) 106

Alvin, Dave Blackjack David (Hightone) 189

Alvin, Dave King Of California (Hightone) 134/135 ATR

Alvin, Dave Public Domain (Hightone) 213

Alvin, Dave Weavers Arms, Stoke Newington 136 L

Alvin, Phil Unsung Stories (London/Slash) 42

Alvis, Florindo Bolivie: Musique De Norte Potosi (Ocora) 252

Alwa Alwa (Amigo) 241

Always August Black Pyramid (S.S.T.) 52

Alyth People Like Me (ANE/Navigator) 309 ATR

Alyth: Alyth McCormack An Iomall/The Edge (Vertical) 222

Amabutho Sikelela (Alma) 333 ATR

Amadou & Mariam 1990-1995: Le Meilleur Des Années Maliennes (Because) 273

Amadou & Mariam 1990-1995: L'Integral Des Années Maliennes (Because) 273

Amadou & Mariam Paris Bamako (Because Music [DVD]) 280

Amadou & Mariam The Best Of (Universal) 268 ATR

Amadou & Mariam Tje Ni Moussou (Polydor/Universal) 201

Amadou & Mariam Wati (Universal France) 238

Amadou & Mariam Welcome To Mali (Because) 305

Amadou & Mariam Feat. Manu Chao Dimanche À Bamako (All Other/Wagram) 262

Amadou Et Mariam With Idrissa Keita Away From The Light Of Day (Route Publishing) 326/327 P

Amampondo (Alan Skidmore featuring) The Call (Provocateur) 199/200

Amampondo Heartbeat Of Africa (Kijima) 67

Amampondo Perth Concert Hall, Perth, W. Australia 59 L

Amampondo State Of Emergency (Assembly) 64

Amampondo Vuyani (MELT 2000) 213

Aman Aman Musica I Cants Sefardis D'Orient I Occident (Galileo) 287

Amana Amana (Lakshmi) 220 ATR

Amann Rik Petites Confidences Au Creux De L'Oreille (Playasound) 245

Amar, Armand La Traversée (Cities/Long Distance) 191 ATR

Amar, Armand (Lévon Minassian &) Songs From A World Apart (Long Distance) 276 ATR

Amareesh (Hariprasad Chaurasia &) Now! (Tao) 105

Amartichitt, Ooleya Mint Louanges/Praise Songs (Long Distance/Wagram) 250

Amasu Akapoma Group, The The Music Of Ammasu (Country & Eastern) 298 E

Amat, Francisco 'Pancho': Pancho Y El Cabildo Del Son De San Antonio A Maisí (Resistencia) 215

Amato, Antonio: Antonio Amato Ensemble Furtuna (Italian World Music) 340

Amayenge Amayenge (Mondeca) 79/80

Amayenge Mangoma Kulila (Mondo Music Corporation) 275

Amazigh Marches Noir (Iris Music) 319/320 ATR

Amazing Blondel A Foreign Field That Is Forever England (Blue Flame) 189 ATR

Amazing Blondel Amazing Blondel And A Few Faces (Edsel) 150

Amazing Blondel Live Abroad (HTD) 157 ATR

Amazing Blondel On With The Show (Mooncrest/Secret) 292 ATR

Amazing Blondel Restoration (HTD) 180

Amazing Catsfield Steamers, The United Friends (Fat Hen) 16 (SR)

Amazing Mr Smith, The see Mr Smith

Amazing Rhythm Aces Out Of The Blue (Breaker) 174

Amber Ensemble, The Del Mar (Otherways) 325 ATR

Ambrozijn 10 - Live With String Orchestra ( 290/291

Ambrozijn Ambrozijn (Wild Boar Music) 190

Ambrozijn Botsjeribo (Kloef Music) 262

Ambrozijn Kaboonka (Wild Boar) 249

Ambrozijn Krakalin (Home) 276

Amendoeira, Joana Joana Amendoeira (HM Musica) 251 ATR

Amendoeira, Joana Sétimo Fado (Le Chant du Monde) 338/339 ATR

Amenzou Ensemble see Ensemble Amenzou

Amergin The Gypsy Princess (Green Note Music) 233 ATR

American Café Orchestra American Café Orchestra (Folkmus) 64

American Café Orchestra Egyptian Dominoes (Northeastern) 119

American Circus (Curtis Eller's American Circus) Wirewalkers & Assassins (own label) 302/303

American Indians, The The American Indians Play Waila (Canyon) 302/303 E

American South (The): Sacred & Secular Night/Texas Night Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London 137 L

Ameriikan Poijat Finnish Brass In America (Global Village) 144 ATR

Amestoy Trio Le Fil (Daqui) 244 ATR

Amharic, The Descendants (Pharos) 234 ATR

Amidon, Sam Solo Fiddle (own label) 237 ATR

Amieva, Xuacu Tiempo De Mitos (Resistencia) 202 ATR

Amina Annabi (Mercury) 194/195 ATR

Aminata, Indo Greatest Dream (Manifesto/Mercury) 162 ATR

Amine & Hamza Perpetual Motion (Network) 336 ATR

Amira Amulette (World Village) 340

Amira Live (Gramofon) 322

Amira Rosa (Snail) 263

Amira & Merima Kljuco Zumra (World Village) 322

Amira Saqati Agdal Reptiles On Majoun (Barbarity) 151/152 ATR

Amira Saqati Al-Bharr (Barbarity) 181 ATR

Amira Saqati Destination Halal (Barbarity) 275 ATR

Amity Amity (Amity Productions - [EP]) 21 (SR)

Ammons, Albert Alternate Takes, Live Performances, Unissued Home Recordings 1936-46 (Document) 180

Ammons, Albert, Pete Johnson & Meade Lux Lewis The Boogie Woogie Boys (Document) 149 ATR

Amokrane, Mouss & Hakim see Mouss & Hakim

Among The Oak & Ash Among The Oak & Ash (Verve Forecast) 321 ATR

Amonkar, Kishori Born To Sing (Navras) 274 E

Amonkar, Kishori (Hariprasad Chaurasia &) Ragas Lalit & Sindhi Bhairavi (Navras) 154

Amorroma Carduelis (Wild Boar) 256 ATR

Amos, Adam & Noel Rocks Casual On The Balcony (Celtic Music) 35

Amparanoia Don't Leave Me Now (Capitol/EMI [single]) 253

Amparanoia Enchilao (EMI Hispavox) 249

Amparanoia La Vida Te Da (Wrasse) 273

Amparanoia Rebeldia Con Alegria (EMI Spain) 252

Amparanoia Seguire Caminando (Via Lactea) 300

Amparanoia Somos Viento (EMI Hispavox) 249

Amram, Lora Lee The Other Side (Redtail) 165

Amstal Quartet featuring Niti Ranjan Biswas Amstel Raga (Amstel) 341/342 E

Amsterdam Blues Festival 1986 De Meervaart, Amsterdam, Holland 36 L

Amsterdam Folk Collective, The Melange (Afco) 22 ATR (SR)

Amsterdam Klezmer Band Remixed (Essay Recordings) 277 ATR

Amuriza: Tapia Eta Leturia & Amuriza Bizkaiko Kopla Zaherrak (Elkarlanean) 204

Amy & Leslie see Fradon, Amy & Ritter, Leslie

Amyot, Robert Trappeur Courtois (Silex) 133

Amyot, Robert: Jean Blanchard, Robert Amyot, Sylvie Berber Fleur De Terre (Beau Temps) 196

An Chang Project Monkey Harmonizing Songs (Nektar/Tropical Music) 213

An Teallach Catching The Sun Rise (Lismor) 107

An Teallach Ceilidh Band A Ship In Full Sail (Lismor) 139/140 ATR

Anacaona Lo Que Tú Esperabas... (Lusafrica) 208 ATR

Anadolu University Folk Dance Ensemble The Spirit Of Turkey (ARC) 233 ATR

Anahata (Mary Humphreys &) Cold Fen (WildGoose) 314/315

Anahata (Mary Humphreys &) Fenlandia (WildGoose) 288

Anahata (Mary Humphreys &) Floating Verses (WildGoose) 270 ATR

Anahata (Mary Humphreys &) Sharp Practice (Wild Goose) 249

Anam First Footing (JVC) 168

Anam Riptide (JVC) 181

Anand, Vijaya Asia Classics I (Dance Raja Dance) (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros) 112

Anao Atao Frog Pool/Poll Lyfans (Kesson) 184 ATR

Anassane Lyra (Prikosnovénie) 262 ATR

Anastasia Melourgia (Libra Music) 177

Anastasio, Paul, Joe Holley, Frank Hicks We Ain't Misbehavin' (Arhoolie) 21 (SR)

Anatolia Ensemble (Ihsan Ozgen &) Masterworks Of Itri & Meragi (Golden Horn) 191 ATR

Ancelet, Barry Jean & Elemore Morgan, Jr The Makers Of Cajun Music (University of Texas Press) 32 P

Ancestral Voices Commonwealth Institute, London 38 L

An-Chang Project (Jun Yasuba &) Ha Ra Ra Ru De (Mangetsu) 204

Ancienne Belgique Belgium 112 L

Ancient Beatbox Ancient Beatbox (Cooking Vinyl) 76

Ancient Beatbox Raining (My Eyes Are Filled With Clouds) (Cooking Vinyl [single]) 82

Ancient Brotherhood Dances For The New Millennium (Astro Music) 172 ATR

Ancient Future Planet Passion (Ancient Future) 310 ATR

And All Because The Lady Loves Anything But A Soft Centre (Paint It Red) 72

And All Because The Lady Loves Centred (Roundabout) 97

And All Because The Lady Loves Sister Bridget (Roundabout) 129

And All Because The Lady Loves Sugar Baby Love (Roundabout) 105

And Did Those Feet Spirit Of The Age (Terra Nova) 184

Andanzas see Castillo/Jimenez/Price-Glynn

Anders, Robin Adnan Blue Buddha (Interworld Music) 99

Anders, Sparf Återfödd (Tongång) 198 ATR

Anders Og Patrik På Väg (Nordic Tradition) 292 ATR

Andersen, Eric 'Bout Changes & Things (Vanguard) 270 ATR

Andersen, Eric Ghosts Upon The Road (Plump) 158/159

Andersen, Eric The Street Was Always There (Appleseed) 257 ATR

Andersen, Eric You Can't Relive The Past (Appleseed) 205

Andersen, Eric: Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen Danko/Fjeld/Andersen (Rykodisc) 127/128

Andersen, Steindór Rimur (Naxos World) 247/248

Anderson, Alistair Islands (White Meadow) 321

Anderson, Alistair Steel Skies (Topic) 15 (SR); 319/320

Anderson, Alistair Steel Skies: The Complete Score (Serpent Press) 65 P

Anderson, Alistair The Grand Chain (Black Crow) 54

Anderson, Alistair St. Neots Folk Club 50 L

Anderson, Alistair: Alistair Anderson, Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor, Will Atkinson, Kathryn Tickell The Star, Guildford 25 L

Anderson, Alistair: Alistair Anderson's Band / John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris New Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent 84 L

Anderson, Alastair (The Lindsays &) On Cheviot Hills (White Meadow) 198

Anderson, Alistair & Co. Caedmon Hall, Gateshead 67 L

Anderson, Alistair (with Fennig's All-Star String Band) Dookin' For Apples (Topic) 2 (SR)

Anderson, Alvin 'Little Pink' see Anderson, Little Pink

Anderson, David & His Scottish Dance Band Scottish Dances Volume 8 (Highlander Music) 196 ATR

Anderson, Eric The Best of (Vanguard) 76

Anderson, Ian A. Time Is Ripe (Weekend Beatnik) 322 ATR

Anderson, Ian A.: Ian Anderson's Country Blues Band Stereo Death Breakdown (Fledg'ling) 310

Anderson, Ian A. (Mike Cooper &) The Continuous Preaching Blues (Appaloosa) 27; 166

Anderson, Lenny A Song Would Be Better (Lion's Roar) 21 ATR (SR)

Anderson, Little Pink Sittin' Here Singing The Blues (Dixiefrog) 324

Anderson, Little Willie Swinging The Blues (Earwig) 142 ATR

Anderson, Marian: Marian Anderson's Scottish Dance Band Scottish Dances Vol.12 (Highlander Music) 274 ATR

Anderson, Marisa The Golden Hour (Mississippi) 334 ATR

Anderson, Matt Britt Julekveldsvise (Grappa [single]) 158/159

Anderson, Muriel Hometown Live! (Mel Bay) 161 [Tutorials]

Anderson, Paul Granite (Champion Recordings) 259/260

Anderson, Paul Home & Beauty (Greentrax) 321 ATR

Anderson, Paul The Singing Land (Moidart Music) 227

Anderson, Paul & The Whisky Olympics Stream Of Consciousness (Fingal) 206/207 ATR

Anderson, Tom & Aly Bain The Silver Bow (Topic) 129

Anderson, Tom: Hauk Buen, Knut Buen, Tom Anderson, Vidar Lande Ringing Strings - Fiddle Music Of Norway & Shetland (Topic) 18 (SR)

Andersson, Benny Klinga Mina Klockor (Mono Music) 61 ATR

Andersson, Benny: The Benny Andersson Band Story Of A Heart (Mono Music) 317/318 ATR

Andersson, Ditte (Jan Stenlid &) Uplandsgitarr (Amigo) 40

Andersson, Patrik: Anders Og Patrik På Väg (Nordic Tradition) 292 ATR

Andersson, Patrik & Vegar Vårdal Finnskogen Brinner (Ta:lik) 309 ATR

Andersson, Sten (Calle Hernmarck &) Ekron Från Vallskogen (Twin Music) 145

Andersson, Thommy: Lelo Nika with Thommy Andersson & George Mihalache Intuition (A Records) 307/308

Ando, Umeko Upopo Sanke (Chikar Studio) 253

Andover Museum Loft Singers, The Beneath Our Changing Sky (Wild Goose) 220

Andrade, Manuel Lopes see Tcheka

Andrade, Mayra Navega (Stern's) 294

Andrade, Mayra Stória Stória (Stern's) 321

Andrade, Marya Studio 105 (Stern's) 338/339 ATR

Andreadis, Athena see Athena

Andreatos, Gerassimos Deka Chronia Stou Bakakou (Lyra) 178

Andreou, Christina Whatever I Say, I Don't Forget You (Eros/Protasis) 225

Andres, Laurie Fantastic Hornpipe (Rooster) 23 (SR)

Andrews, Ben Journey (Powerhouse) 209

Andrews, Ben Stones In My Passway (Railway) 209

Andrews, Duane Duane Andrews (own label) 261 ATR

Andrews, Duane Raindrops (own label) 319/320

Andrews, Harvey 25 Years On The Road (Hypertension-Ariola) 81

Andrews, Harvey Golden Pennies (Towerbell [single]) 32

Andrews, Harvey I'm Resigning From Today: The Transatlantic Anthology (Transatlantic) 292 ATR

Andrews, Harvey PG (Beeswing) 53

Andrews, Harvey Snaps - The Family Album (Hypertension) 154

Andrews, Harvey Spring Again (Hypertension/Ariola) 129

Andrews, Harvey The Gift (Hypertension) 221

Andrews, Harvey The Journey (Hypertension) 180 ATR

Andrews, Harvey The Margarita Collection (Hypertension) 234

Andrews, Harvey Whitehaven Folk Club, Cumbria 31 L

Andrews, Harvey Writer Of Songs (Beeswing) 10 ATR (SR)

Andrews, Molly (Duck Baker &) American Traditional (Day Job) 121

Andrews, Molly (Duck Baker &) The Moving Business (Day Job) 154

Andrews, Molly (Duck Baker &) The Robin Hood Club, Nottingham 122 L

Andrews, Ray Classic English Banjo (Musical Traditions) 225

Andrews, Steve Dive In Deep (Spaceship Sounds) 114 ATR

Andrews & Lawrence Old Time Gospel (own label) 251 ATR

Andrews & Lawrence Old Time Gospel Way (own label) 274 ATR

Andro Drom Phari Mamo (Network) 174

Andropolis, Christi Rust & Holler (Furrow) 331/332

Añel, Lili Laughed Last (Palmetto) 134/135 ATR

Anestopoulos, Yiorgo Yiorgo Anestopoulos (American Recording Productions) 179

Angel Brothers, The Angel Brothers (Navigator) 316 ATR

Angel Brothers, The Forbidden Fruit (Wrecking Ball) 258

Angel Brothers (The) & Satnam Singh From Punjab To Pit Top (Wrecking Ball) 240

Angel, L.F. see L.F. Angel

Angeletti, Maurizio Go Fly A Kite (Moondance) 20 (SR)

Angelin Tytöt *see also Annel Nieiddat

Angelin Tytöt Dolla (Mipu) 115/116

Angelin Tytöt Giitu (Mipu) 129

Angelin Tytöt Skealbma Nieida (Mipu Music [single]) 123

Angelite Bulgarian Passion (Jaro) 274 ATR

Angelis, Kim The Messenger (ROM) 112 ATR

Angelou Hallelujah (Haven [single]) 174

Angelou While You Were Sleeping (Haven) 205

Anger, Darol Diary Of A Fiddler (Compass) 202 ATR

Anger, Darol & Barbara Higbie Quintet Live At Montreux (Windham Hill) 41

Anger, Darol & Barbara Higbie Tideline (Windham Hill) 41

Anger, Darol & Mike Marshall The Duo (Rounder) 274 ATR

Anger, Darol & Mike Marshall Woodshop (Adventure Music America) 309 ATR

Anger, Darol (Mike Marshall &) Chiaroscuro (Windham Hill) 41

Anger, Darol: Mike Marshall & Darol Anger With Väsen Mike Marshall & Darol Anger With Väsen (Adventure Music America) 317/318 ATR

Anglim, Carlene & Ali Mellow Frenzy (Lochshore) 185 ATR

Anglo-French Music Day Ryburn Rooms, Ripponden 51 L

Aniada a Noar Heaz & Steaz (Extraplatte) 214

Anita Anita Anita Anita (Robi Droli) 65

Anitas Livs Ugh! (Slask) 121

Anitas Livs Wild World Web (Slask) 153 ATR

Añjel I.K. Attitudes Trad Et Grooves Explosifs (Coop Briezh) 196

Anjomi Earth Star (Magination Media) 190 ATR

Ankala & World Orchestra Didge Blows The Games (Network) 206/207

Ankala Rhythms From The Outer Core (WDR/World Network) 178

Ankalikar Tikekar, Arati Anjali (Sense World Music) 257

Ankata Mali Komania (Playasound) 256 ATR

Angles Angles (own label) 329/330

Anna Phoebe (Breadfoot featuring Anna Phoebe) Tea With Leo (Jeezie Peezie) 274 ATR

Annabi, Amina see Amina

Annabouboula Hamam (Virgin) 65

Annabouboula Immortal Water (Byzan-Tone) 331/332

Anneix, Christian (Jean Baron &) Dansal E Briez (Keltia) 126

Anneix, Christian (Jean Baron &) Dansoù C'hoari (Keltia) 281 ATR

Anneix, Christian (Jean Baron &) Dansoù Tro (Keltia) 220

Anneix, Christian (Jean Baron &) E Bro Roué Morvan (Keltia) 162

Anneix, Christian (Jean Baron &) Hentad/Journey (Keltia) 245

Anneix, Christian (Jean Baron &) Sonaozadur (Keltia) 187/188

Anneix, Christian: Jean Baron, Christian Anneix, Jean-Michel Mansono Bombarde - Biniou Koz - Orgue (Keltia) 206/207

Annel Nieiddat *see also Angelin Tytöt

Annel Nieiddat Skeaikit (Mipu) 151/152 ATR

Annlaug see Børsheim, Annlaug

Annual Waila Festival see Waila Festival

Annwn Aeon (GMV) 328 ATR

Ano Kato Levendes apo ta Xena (Pan) 202

Ano Kato Rebètica Tragoúdia (Pan) 124

Anogion, Loudovikos ton: Yiorgos Koumendakis, Loudovikos ton Anoyeion, Nikos Xydakis & Psarantonis Erotokritos: Four Approaches To The Cretan Medieval Romance (Lyra) 210

Anonyma Burnt Feathers (Fellside) 49

Anonyma The Hermit Club, Brentwood, Essex 31 L

Anoosh Kess Kiss Passe (Hima Hoss) 114 ATR

Anor Live In Sweden (own label) 198

Another Fine Day Salvage (Six Degrees) 218/219 ATR

Another Louisiana Saturday Night The Grand, Clapham 127/128 L

Anou Atou Esoteric Stones (Kesson) 137

Anoyeion, Loudovikos ton/Anoyion, Loudovikos ton see Anogion, Loudovikos ton

Ansambel Tonija Iskre Nagajiva Harmonika (Sraka) 110

Ansamblul 'Cununa Carpatilor' Ansamblul 'Cununa Carpatilor' (Syncoop) 120

Ansamblul 'Datina' Din Filipestii De Padure Ansamblul 'Datina' Din Filipestii De Padure (Syncoop) 120

Ansamblul Salba Prahovei Ansamblul Folkloric Românesc (Syncoop) 103/104

Ansell, Gwen Soweto Blues (Continuum) 263 P

Ansill, Jay Origami (Flying Fish) 96

Ansum Audu Again We Have The Sun Coming Down In Buckets (own label [single]) 139/140

Answers (Maddy Prior & The) Going For Glory (Spindrift) 20 (SR)

Anthony, Eddie (Peg Leg Howell &) Complete Recorded Works Vols 1 And 2 (Matchbox) 130

Anthony, Gaye Reflections (Nitebird) 73 ATR

Anthony, Marc Vielle A Roue (Cinq Planètes) 239

Anthony, Marc: Bernard Subert, Marc Anthony, Pierrick Lemou Terre-Neuvas (Cinq Planètes) 287

Anti Choc Anti Choc (Sterns) 65

Antibalas Who Is This America? (Ropeadope/Rykodisc) 256

Antico, Alfio Viaggio In Sicilia (Alfa Music) 273

Antigravity Boogie For Hanuman (Accurate) 174 ATR

Antipin, Andy Café Phillipe [CDAVL 93142] 142 ATR

Antiqua Scherben (Jack Wiebers) 161

Anubía Segredo A Voces (Boa Do Fol) 225 ATR

Anuna Anuna (Celtic Heartbeat) 145

Anuna Invocation (Celtic Heartbeat) 153 ATR

Anveld Anveld (Appel Rekords) 287

Any Old Time (Andy Irvine / Any Old Time) Exeter Arts Centre 75 L

Any Old Time Cross Keys Hotel, Llantrisant 51 L

Any Old Time Crossing (Dara) 156; 162

Any Old Time Ladies Choice (Bay) 8 (SR)

Any Old Time Phoenix (Dara) 53; 162

Any Old Time String Band I Bid You Goodnight (Arhoolie) 160

Any Trouble Wrong End Of The Race (BGO) 155 ATR

Aonzo, Carlo (Beppe Gambetta with) Serenata (Acoustic Music) 178

Apache Indian Time For Change (Api) 269

Apanui E Tau Nei (Jayrem) 232

Apeland, Sigbjørn (Berit Opheim &) Den Blide Sol (NORCD) 301 ATR

Apeland, Sigbjørn (Nils Økland &) Lysøen (ECM) 337 ATR

Apodimi Compania Love's Follies (Legend) 244

Apodimi Compania Melisma (Brunswick) 126 ATR

Apollo, James Camilla (Nebular [single]) 202

Apollon, Dave Mandolin Virtuoso (Yazoo) 7 (SR)

Apollon, Dave The Man With The Mandolin (Acoustic Disc) 201 ATR

Apollo's Fire Come To The River (own label) 341/342 ATR

Apparatschik Apparatschik (own label) 149 ATR

Apparatschik Aurora (own label) 253

Appel, Scott Glassfinger (Kicking Mule) 34 ATR

Appel, Scott Nine Of Swords (Kicking Mule) 73

Appel, Scott Parhelion (One Man Clapping) 184 ATR

Appellation Contrôlée Appellation Contrôlée (Music & Words) 87

Appellation Contrôlée Appellation Contrôlée (own label) 49

Appellation Contrôlée Tíz (Music & Words) 154

Appendix Out The Rye Bears A Poison (Drag City) 173 ATR

Appeven, Rob Call It A Loan (own label) 160 ATR

Applejack, with Bob McQuillen Contra Dance Music, New England Style (Green Linnet) 9 (SR)

Appleton, Dick All My Own Work (Dick Head Music) 78

Appleton, Dick Not Just A Pretty Face (own label) 102

April Fishes (Rupa & The) Este Mundo (Cumbancha) 317/318

April Fishes (Rupa & The) Extraordinary Rendition (Cumbancha) 300

Aqnazar Rumi (Buda Musique) 262

Ar Braz [Bras], Dan see Braz, Dan Ar

Ar Log (Dafydd Iwan &) Yma O Hyd (Sain) 19 (SR), 129 ATR

Ar Log (Gwerg &) St David's Hall, Cardiff 77 L

Ar Log Ar Log I - III. 1976-1981 (Sain) 218/219 ATR

Ar Log Ar Log II (Dingles) 6 (SR)

Ar Log Ar Log III (Dingles) 10 (SR)

Ar Log Ar Log V (Sain) 70

Ar Log Ar Log VI (Sain) 161

Ar Log Meillionen (Dingles) 21 (SR)

Ar Log O IV I V (Sain) 100

Ar Log Pedwar (Ar Log) 24 (SR)

Ar Log The Best Of (Sain) 297 ATR

Ara Ketu Ara Ketu (Seven Gates) 118

Arab Orchestra Of Nazareth, The Habaytak (Magda) 237 ATR

Arabanda Shams (Choux de Bruxelles) 276

Arabesque (Hassan Erraji &) Marhaba (Riverboat) 122

Arabesque (Hassan Erraji &) Nikriz (Riverboat) 77

Arabesque (Hassan Erraji &) Traditional Arabic Music (Saydisc) 98

Arabesque Meltdown, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff 51 L

Arabesque: Hassan Erraji with Arabesque & Sabra Ia Dounia (Riverboat) 91/92

Araci, Bayram Alli Yazma (Kalan) 222

Aragão, Helder see DJ Dolores

Arakne Mediterranea Legends Of The Italian Tarantella (Arc Music) 235/236 ATR

Arakne Mediterranea Tretarante (CNI) 215 ATR

Aramirè Mazzate Pesanti (Aramirè) 262

Aranda, Mara & Solatge Dèria (Galileo) 314/315

Arango, Eugenio "Totico" (Carlos "Patato" Valdés &) Patato & Totico (Verve) 256 ATR

Aranmore Ancient Stones (Whippersnapper) 288 ATR

Aranmore Bygone Days (Whippersnapper) 240 ATR

Araújo, Terezinha Nós Riqueza (L'Empreinte Digitale) 274 ATR

Arawi The Doctrine Of Cycles (New Albion) 100

Arbadétorne Adjuse (Souvenance) 271/272 ATR; 287

Arbadétorne Varderies (Souvenance) 262 ATR

Arbat Chantez Tziganes! (Hot Club) 287

Arbete & Fritid Deep Woods (Resource) 129

Arbuckle, Dustin: Moreland & Arbuckle 1861 (NorthernBlues) 301 ATR

ARC Gospel Choir, The Bound For The Promised Land (Ocora) 97

Arcady After The Ball (Shanachie) 108

Arcady Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick 121 L

Arcady Many Happy Returns (Dara) 165

Arcari, Dave Got Me Electric (Buzz) 311 ATR

Arceneaux, Fernest & The Thunderers Zydeco Stomp! (JSP) 70

Arceneaux, Fernest Zydeco Stomp (JSP) 148

Archensiel Archensiel (Archensiel) 56

Archer, C.P. On The Street Where You Live (NMC) 64

Archer, Iain Crazy Bird (Sticky Music) 165 ATR

Archer, Iain Playing Dead (Sticky Music) 150

Archer, Iain Wishing (Sticky [single]) 144

Archetype Archetype (Escalibur) 85

Archia, Tom The Chronological... (Classics) 220

Archimedes Badkar Tre (Music Network) 256 ATR

Archipelago Zeek (A Private Label) 223/224 ATR

Ardealul Ensemble Gypsy Music From Transylvania (Ethnophonie) 256 ATR

Ardoin, Alphonse 'Bois Sec' see Ardoin, Bois Sec

Ardoin, Amédé: Amadé Ardoin Amadé Ardoin (Old Timey) 14 (SR)

Ardoin, Amédé Mama I'll Be Long Gone (Tompkins Square) 335 ATR

Ardoin, Bois Sec (Canray Fontenot &) Liberty Theatre, Eunice, Louisiana 76 L

Ardoin, Bois Sec: Alphonse 'Bois Sec' Ardoin Le Musique Creole (Arhoolie) 163/164

Ardoin, Bois Sec: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Bois Sec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot & Beausoleil Voices Of The Americas: Cajun And Creole Music (Music of the World) 79/80

Ardoin, Bois-Sec: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Canray Fontenot, Bois-Sec Ardoin Cajun & Creole Masters (Music of the World) 158/159

Ardoin, Chris & Double Clutchin' Best Kept Secret (Rounder) 214

Ardoin, Chris & Double Clutchin' Turn The Page (Rounder) 191

Ardoin, Lawrence "Black" & His French Zydeco Band Lawrence "Black" Ardoin & His French Zydeco Band (Arhoolie) 24 (SR)

Ardoin, Lawrence "Black" Tradition Creole (Arhoolie) 197

Arendt, Betty Gregers: Jydsk På Næsen, Betty Gregers Arendt, Grenå Kirkes Kor Spillemandsmessen (Nattergal) 287 ATR

Argan Berberism (Barbarity) 162

Argan South Moroccan Motor Berber (Barraka/Barbarity) 193

Argentinian Project (Alicia Borisonik & The) Busco Un Lugar (own label) 311 ATR

Argile Idjo (Schneeball/Indigo) 144

Argirov, Yasko Hot Blood (Dunya) 229

Argirov, Yasko: Yasko Argirov Band Yasko (Felmay) 203

Argonauts (Alan Clayson & The) What A Difference A Decade Made (Butt) 33

Argumedez, Camilo 'Azuquita' see Azuquita

Arhoolie Records Catalogue 2000 (Arhoolie) 205 P

Ari & Mia Unruly Heart (own label) 335 ATR

Arifa Beyond Babylon (Mundus) 336 ATR

Arildsø, Helge Shangaied Crew (own label) 179

Ariondassa In Cerca Di Grane (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 293

Ariondela Beica: Polifonie Dal Piemonte (Dunya) 201 ATR

Arizona Smoke Review, The A Thundering On The Horizon (Rola) 9 ATR (SR)

Arizona Smoke Review, The Bill Zorn's Arizona Smoke Review (Avada) 5 ATR (SR)

Arizona Smoke Review, The New Album (Rola) 19 (SR)

Arizona Smoke Review, The Smokin' (Avada [EP]) 6 ATR (SR)

Ark Band, The Love Is What We Need (Little Fish) 214 ATR

Arkè String Quartet (Trilok Gurtu - Arkè String Quartet) Arkeology (Promo Music) 286

Arkul Il Bastidor (Snail) 309

Arlanda, Jules Jules Arlanda & Ses Interprètes (Takamba) 249 ATR

Arlenes, The Music From Border Cafe (own label [single]) 209

Arlenes, The The Arlenes (Lido) 198

Armando, Clara Sefarad '92 (JMHR) 111

Armenian Navy Band (Arto Tuncboyaciyan & The) New Apricot (Imaj) 232

Armenian Navy Band, The Sound Of Our Life Part One: Natural Seeds (Heaven & Earth) 254/255 ATR

Armós Musica Tradizionale Siciliana (own label) 201

Armour, Matt My East-Neuk Hame (Pinemarten) 63

Armstrong Family, The The Wheel Of The Year, Thirty Years With... (Flying Fish) 118 ATR

Armstrong Twins Mandolin Boogie (Arhoolie) 259/260 ATR

Armstrong, Bryan Forever Bryan (Musikal Entertainment [EP]) 127/128

Armstrong, Chris Notes In Ma Heid (Lochshore) 184

Armstrong, Chris X-Treme (Lochshore) 253

Armstrong, Floyd: Armstrong Twins Mandolin Boogie (Arhoolie) 259/260 ATR

Armstrong, Frankie And The Music Plays So Grand (Silence) 4 (SR)

Armstrong, Frankie Encouragement (Fellside) 299

Armstrong, Frankie I Heard A Woman Singing (Flying Fish) 185

Armstrong, Frankie I Heard A Woman Singing (Fuse) 30

Armstrong, Frankie Lovely On The Water (Fellside) 206/207

Armstrong, Frankie The Garden Of Love (Fellside) 201

Armstrong, Frankie Till The Grass Grew O'er The Corn (Fellside) 170/171 ATR

Armstrong, Frankie Ways Of Seeing (Harbourtown) 87; 170/171

Armstrong, Frankie & Dave Van Ronk Let No One Deceive You (Aural Tradition) 83

Armstrong, Frankie & Dave Van Ronk Let No-One Deceive You (Flying Fish) 112 ATR

Armstrong, Frankie / The Ranting Sleazos Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 49 L

Armstrong, Frankie with Jenny Pearson As Far As The Eye Can Sing (The Women's Press) 115/116 P

Armstrong, Frankie: Frankie Armstrong, Brian Pearson, Jon Gillaspie & Blowzabella Tam Lin (Plant Life) 24 (SR)

Armstrong, Frankie: Frankie Armstrong, Sandra Kerr, Alison McMorland, Kathy Henderson My Song Is My Own - Songs From Women (Plane Label) 5 (SR)

Armstrong, Howard Louise Bluie (Blue Suit) 155

Armstrong, James Dark Night (Hightone) 189 ATR

Armstrong, Jim & Kenny McDowell Quayside Inn, Belfast 50 L

Armstrong, John: Various John Armstrong Presents... Big Salsa! (Columbia) 208 ATR

Armstrong, John: Various John Armstrong Presents ¡Cuban Funk Experience! Funky Sounds From Cuba & Miami 1973-1988 (Nascente) 314/315 ATR

Armstrong, Lloyd: Armstrong Twins Mandolin Boogie (Arhoolie) 259/260 ATR

Armstrong, Randy & Volker Nahrmann Unu Mondo - One World (from Unu Mondo Productions) 126 ATR

Armstrong, Rob The Perfect Re-Fret (A.G.M. Sales & Marketing) 21 P (SR)

Army Of Briars Army Of Briars (Discus Music) 297 ATR

Arnalds, Ólöf Vid Og Vid (12 Tónar) 309 ATR

Arnaud, Gerald & Henri Lecomte Musiques De Toutes Les Afriques (Fayard) 289 P

Arnauth, Malfada Esta Voz Que Me Atravessa (Virgin) 232 ATR

Arnold, Billy Boy Back Where I Belong (Alligator) 131 ATR

Arnold, Billy Boy Catfish (Catfish) 199/200 ATR

Arnold, Billy Boy Eldorado Cadillac (Alligator) 151/152 ATR

Arnold, David (Natacha Atlas &) One Brief Moment (Mantra [single]) 194/195

Arnold, Kokomo Complete Recordings Vol. 1 (Document) 101

Arnold, Kokomo Complete Recordings Vols 2-4 (Document) 103/104

Arnold, Kokomo Old Original Kokomo Blues (Catfish) 178

Arnold, Mac & Plate Full O' Blues Backbone & Gristle (Plantation) 304 ATR

Arnold, Mac & Plate Full O' Blues Nothin' To Prove (Plantation) 285 ATR

Aronson, Emilie & Wayne Green Only A Dream (Canadian River Music) 26

Arosi, Suthukazi The Journey (Sheer Sound) 268 ATR

Arosi, Suthukazi uBuntu (Blue Flame) 227

Arpex see Conjunto De Arpa Grande Arpex

Around The World In A Meltdown Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 56 L

'Arram, Salah & Firqat Al-Awtar Al-Dhabbiyah [Golden Strings Orchestra] Classical Instrumental Music Of The Middle East (Global Village) 254/255

Arran Folk Festival Isle of Arran, Scotland 151/152 L

Arranmore Another Chapter (CS) 157 ATR; 161

Arranmore Memories That Echo (CS) 180 ATR

Arredondo, Carlos Debo Cantar Bonito - I Must Sing Well (own label) 82

Arrin Spirit Of Arrin (HI) 82

Arrogant Worms, The C'Est Cheese (own label) 155 ATR

Arrow Soca Dance Party (Mango) 90

Arrowsmith, Jess: Richard & Jess Arrowsmith Off We Go! (Hallamshire Traditions) 336 ATR

Arrowsmith, Richard & Jess Off We Go! (Hallamshire Traditions) 336 ATR

Arrowsmith, Wendy Life, Love And Chocolate (Wee Dog) 337 ATR

Arrowsmith, Wendy Seeds Of Fools (own label) 319/320 ATR

Arroyo, Joe El Super Congo (Mango) 101

Arroyo, Joe Fire In My Mind (Mango) 87

Arroyo, Joe La Noche (Riverboat) 184

Arroyo, Joe Somos Seres (Mango) 87

Arroyo, Joe Y La Verdad Rebellion (World Circuit) 77

Arroyo, Joe (Fruko &) Rebelión Tropical: The Very Best Of (Nascente) 334 ATR

Arsis Awake, My Heart (CCn'C) 256 ATR

Art Of The Celtic Harp, The Purcell Room, South Bank, London 53 L

Arthur, Dave & Toni (Martyn Wyndham-Read, with) Andy's Gone (Broadside) 4 (SR)

Arthur, Dave & Toni Morning Stands On Tiptoe (Wooded Hill) 172

Arthur, Dave (ed.) A Sussex Life (Barrie and Jenkins) 72 P

Arthur, Dave Return Journey (Wild Goose) 246

Arthur, Davey & Co. Cut To The Chase (Blue Bowl) 177

Arthur, Davey (The Fureys &) Red Rose Cafe/Irish Eyes/Sitting Alone (Ritz [single]) 53

Arthur, Davey (The Fureys &) The Collection (Castle Communications) 81

Arthur, Davey (The Fureys &) The First Leaves Of Autumn (Ritz) 48 ATR

Arthur, Davey (The Fureys &) The Scattering (Ariola) 81

Arthur, Davey (The Fureys &) The Whistling Gypsy EP (Ariola [EP]) 87

Arthur, Davey (The Fureys &) Twenty Fifth Anniversary Collection (Celtic Collections) 261 ATR

Arthur, Pandy Pandy (own label) 338/339 ATR

Arthur, Toni Toni Arthur's Music Box (Just William) 98

Arthur, Toni: Dave & Toni Arthur Morning Stands On Tiptoe (Wooded Hill) 172

Arthur, Toni: Martyn Wyndham-Read with Dave & Toni Arthur Andy's Gone (Broadside) 4 (SR)

Artisan Breathing Space (Festival) 129

Artisan Driving Home (Festival) 83

Artisan Our Back Yard (Bedspring) 167

Artisan Rocking At The End Of Time (Festival) 107

Artisan Searching For Yorladale (Festival) 64

Artisan The Season Of Holly And Ivy (Brewhouse) 91/92

Artisan Wings (Terra Nova) 184

Artistes Divers see Various

Artola, Mikel: Jexux Artze, Pello De La Cruz, Mikel Artola, Iker Muguruza Sakanatik Arbaila Tripira (Elkarlanean) 204

Artola, Txomin & Amaia Zubiria Folk-Lore-Sorla-1 (Elkar) 112

Artze, Jexux, Pello De La Cruz, Mikel Artola, Iker Muguruza Sakanatik Arbaila Tripira (Elkarlanean) 204

Arvanitaki, Eleftheria Broadcast (Emarcy) 221

Arvanitaki, Eleftheria Ektos Programmatos (Mercury [Greece]) 190

Arvanitaki, Eleftheria Greatest Hits (Musurgia Graeca) 221

Arvanitaki, Eleftheria Kai Ta Matia Ki I Kardia (Universal Greece) 309

Arvanitaki, Eleftheria The Very Best Of, 1989-1998 (Emarcy/Universal) 193 ATR

As Camponesas De Castro Verde Vozes Das Terras Brancas (EMI Terra) 161 ATR

Asaduryan, Suren Bir Ömür Sadece (Kalan) 237

Asalah Ya Sabra Yana (EMI) 234

Asamaan (Hasse Walli &) African Sky (Olarin Musiikki) 105 ATR

Asamaan (Hasse Walli &) Modern Mbalax (Olarin Musiikki) 75

Asamoah, Kofi Ampae A Ebedwa (Gamton Records, Berlin) 213 ATR

Ascension (Bobby Sanabria &) ¡New York City Ache! (Flying Fish) 143

Asere Cuban Soul (Indigo/Label Bleu) 186

Asere Destinos (Astar Music) 256 ATR

Asere Junio Groove (Astar) 323

Asere Yo Soy El Son (Label Bleu/Indigo) 210

Asere (Billy Cobham &) A Latin Soul (Astar/Mwldan [DVD]) 294

Asere (Billy Cobham &) De Cuba Y De Panamá (Astar/Mwldan) 302/303 ATR

Ash Plant Ash Plant (Olufsen) 74

Ash Plant Autographed (Olufsen) 90

Ashbrook, Karen Hills Of Erin (Maggie's Music) 144

Ashels Galeria (Wild Boar) 206/207

Asher, James Globalarium (Silver Wave) 126 ATR

Asher, James Raising The Rhythms (New World Music) 205 ATR

Asher, Meira Dissected (Crammed Discs) 167

Asherton-Dumont, Johan The Night Forlorn (Aurea) 126 ATR

Ashington Folk Festival Ashington, Northumberland 88 L

Ashley, Clarence (Doc Watson &) The Original Folkways Recordings 1960-2 (Smithsonian/Folkways) 138

Ashley, Steve &ldquoDemo&rdquo Tapes (CND) 8 (SR)

Ashley, Steve Everyday Lives (Topic) 215

Ashley, Steve Family Album (Road Goes On Forever) 103/104

Ashley, Steve Family Album (Woodworm) 15 (SR)

Ashley, Steve Live In Concert (Dusk Fire) 285

Ashley, Steve More Demo Tapes (own label) 19 (SR)

Ashley, Steve Mysterious Ways (Lighthouse) 88

Ashley, Steve Speedy Return (Market Square) 244 ATR

Ashley, Steve Stroll On Revisited (Market Square) 197

Ashley, Steve The Test Of Time (Market Square) 190

Ashley, Steve Time And Tide (Topic) 290/291

Ashraf Le Mediteranien (MW) 174

Ashton, David & Chris Dyson A First Collection Of Yorkshire Dance Music (from authors) 36 P

Ashton, Gwyn Beg, Borrow & Steel (Road Goes On Forever) 174

Asiaminor Along The Street (Face Music) 106 ATR

Asian Dub Foundation Community Music (London) 204

Asian Dub Foundation Enemy Of The Enemy (Virgin) 237

Asian Dub Foundation Time Freeze 1995/2007: The Best Of... (EMI) 288

Ask-Upmark, Erik Himlens Polska (Nordic Tradition) 297 ATR

Askew Sisters, The All In A Garden Green (WildGoose) 294

Askew Sisters, The Through Lonesome Woods (WildGoose) 325

Askew Sisters (Craig: Morgan: Robson & The) The Axford Five (WildGoose) 319/320

Askhabad City Of Love (Real World) 125

Asleep At The Wheel Live From Austin Texas (New West) 287

Asleep At The Wheel Western Standard Time (Epic) 67

Asmara All Stars Eritrea's Got Soul (Outhere) 331/332

Aspey, Gary & Vera Stories, Songs & Humour (Dingles) 16 (SR)

Asphalt Ribbons The Orchard (In Tape [EP]) 81

Asquith, Mary Closing Time (Mother Earth) 233 ATR

Assailly, Jean Pascal (Rosena Horan &) Off The Rails [Live In Tousson LIV No.4] 115/116 ATR

Assembly January EP (own label [EP]) 237

Assumpcao, Itamar Preto Bras, Porque Que Eu Nao Pensei Nisso Antes (ATRACAO) 196 ATR

Assunçao, Maria de Lurdes Pina see Lura

Astatke, Mulatu Mulatu Steps Ahead (Strut) 324 ATR

Astatke, Mulatu New York - Addis - London: The Story Of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 (Strut) 323

Astillero Tango De Ruptura (De Puerto Productions) 319/320

Astner, Staffan (Eric Bibb with) Troubadour Live (Telarc) 341/342 ATR

Aston, Sue Sacred Landscape (Genius Loci) 196 ATR

Astor, Peter Zoo (Creation) 105 ATR

Astrausky, Sandol (Mark Roberts & ) The Horny Ewe (own label) 103/104

Astrausky, Sandol: Mark Roberts, Sandol Astrausky & Ged Foley Rock In The Mountain (Barking Dog) 114

Asylum Street Spankers God's Favorite Band (Yellow Dog) 333 ATR

Asylum Street Spankers [Asylum St. Spankers] Hot Lunch (Cold Spring) 192

Asza Asza (Pacific Line) 167 ATR

At-Tambur At-Tambur (At-Tambur) 246 ATR

At The Racket Mirth-Making Heroes (Racket) 220

Atalyja Atalyja (Kuku) 228

Atcha Acoustic From Lhasa To Lewisham (Latent Talent) 172 ATR

Atcha! (Chris Jagger's Atcha!) Channel Fever (Hypertension) 197 ATR

Athena Breathe With Me (Embraceable) 285

Athena Breathe With Me (Bonus Edition) (Embraceable) 300 ATR

Athena Snapshot (Embraceable) 273

Athena Darbucka, London 266/267 L

Athena The Anvil, Basingstoke 273 L

Atherton, Michael Sea & Mountain (Celestial Harmonies) 278/279 E

Atherton, Michael (Alan Dargin &) Bloodwood (Natural Symphonies) 114

Atilla The Hun, King Radio, The Tiger, The Growler, The Caresser & The Executor A Calypso Documentary From Trinidad 'Where Was The Butler' (From historic recordings 1935-1940) (Folklyric) 59

Atkin, Pete Beware Of The Beautiful Stranger/Driving Through Mythical America (See For Miles) 177 ATR

Atkin, Pete The Empress of Russia, Islington 59 L

Atkin, Pete Touch Has A Memory. The Clive James & Pete Atkin Songbook (RCA) 95

Atkins, Chet Almost Alone (Columbia) 156 ATR

Atkins, Chet Rare Performances 1955-1975 (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop [video]) 163/164

Atkins, Chet The Guitar Of Chet Atkins (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop [video]) 163/164

Atkins, Leon see Reed, Little Jimmy

Atkins, Mark Plays Didgeridoo (Enrec) 114

Atkinson, David (Ian Russell &) (eds) Folk Song: Tradition, Revival And Re-creation (The Elphinstone Institute) 262 P

Atkinson, David English Folk Song: An Introductory Bibliography Based On The Holdings Of The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Of The English Folk Dance And Song Society (English Folk Dance & Song Society, Vaughan Williams Memorial Leaflet no. 23) 161 P

Atkinson, David The English Traditional Ballad: Theory, Method And Practice (Ashgate) 258 P

Atkinson, Will Mouthorgan (Common Ground) 76

Atkinson, Will: Alistair Anderson, Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor, Will Atkinson, Kathryn Tickell The Star, Guildford 25 L

Atkinson, Will: Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor & Willy Atkinson Harthope Burn (Music From Northumberland And The Border Country) (MWM) 18 (SR)

Atlan, Francoise & Moneim Oudwan Nawah (Buda) 250 ATR

Atlan, Francoise Romances Sefardies: Entre La Rose Et Le Jasmin (Sephardic Songs: From The Rose To The Jasmin) (Buda) 129 ATR

Atlantic Realm soundtrack from BBC series [Clannad] (BBC) 73 ATR

Atlantic Wave Band Serious Hits (Making Waves) 146/147

Atlántica Transitus (Resistencia) 201 ATR

Atlas, Natacha & David Arnold One Brief Moment (Mantra [single]) 194/195

Atlas, Natacha Amulet (Nation [single]) 174

Atlas, Natacha Ana Hina (World Village) 301

Atlas, Natacha Ayeshteni (Mantra) 216

Atlas, Natacha Dub Yalil (Nation [single]) 134/135

Atlas, Natacha Gedida (Mantra/Beggars Banquet) 189

Atlas, Natacha Halim (Nation) 169

Atlas, Natacha Leysch Nat 'Arak (Nation [single]) 148

Atlas, Natacha Mish Maoul (Mantra) 278/279

Atlas, Natacha Mounqaliba: In A State Of Reversal (World Village) 329/330

Atlas, Natacha Something Dangerous (Mantra) 242/243

Atlas, Natacha Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 170/171 L

Atlas, Natacha: The Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project Foretold In The Language Of Dreams (Mantra) 233

Atman Eternal Dance (Amiata) 191 ATR

Atrium Musicae Madrid Al Andalus - Musique Arabo-Andalouse (Harmonia Mundi Musique D'Abord) 325 ATR

Attacca Etnoscope (Periferic) 216 ATR

Attacco Decente Crystal Night (All Or Nothing) 139/140

Attacco Decente The Baby Marches Within Us (All Or Nothing) 58

Attacco Decente The Will Of One (All Or Nothing [single]) 64

Attacco Decente U.K.A. (United Kingdom Of America) (All Or Nothing [EP]) 42

Attar, Bachir (Master Musicians of Jajouka featuring Bachir Attar) Jajouka Between The Mountains (WOMAD Select) 154

Attar, Bachir (Master Musicians of Jajouka with Bachir Attar) Live Volume 1 (Jajouka) 313

Attia, Adolphe Les Grande Fêtes Liturgiques Juives (Music From The Great Jewish Liturgical Feasts Of Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur) (Le Chant du Monde) 167

Attila The Stockbroker 668 Neighbour Of The Beast (Larrikin) 123 ATR

Attila The Stockbroker Donkey's Years (Musidisc) 99

Attila The Stockbroker Libyan Students From Hell (Plastic Head) 49

Attila The Stockbroker Live In Belfast (Roundhead Helmet) 247/248

Attila The Stockbroker Poems Ancient & Modern (Helmet) 201 ATR

Attila The Stockbroker Sawdust And Empire (Anagram) 21 (SR)

Attila The Stockbroker Scornflakes (Probe Plus) 67

Attila The Stockbroker The Pen & The Sword (Helmet) 201 ATR

Attila The Stockbroker Tuesday July 4th. The Rivoli (Aural Tradition) 90

Attila The Stockbroker's Barnstormer Just One Life (Roundhead) 216

Attwenger Flux (Trikont) 336 ATR

Attwenger Most (Trikont) 102

Attwenger Song (Trikont) 177

Attwenger Sun (Trikont) 228 ATR

Atzmon, Gilad & The Orient House Ensemble Exile (Tip Toe) 240 ATR

Atzmon, Gilad Re-arranging The 20th Century (Enja/Tip Top) 258

Aubert, Laurent The Music Of The Other: New Challenges For Ethnomusicology In A Global Age [translated by Carla Ribeiro] (Ashgate) 294 P

Aucoin, Rachel: Jacques Sabin, Rachel Aucoin & Stuart Kenney Tidal Wave / Raz-De-Marée (Great Meadow Music) 289 ATR

Audemard, Laurent: Yann-Fañch Kemener, Laurent Audemard, François Fava, Renat Sette Si Je Savais Voler: Chants De Bretagne Et D'Occitanie (Buda) 326/327

Auerbach, Loren & Bert Jansch After The Long Night/Playing The Game (Christabel) 166

Auerbach, Loren & Bert Jansch After The Long Night/Playing The Game (Castle Music) 222

Auffret, Anne & Florian Baron Gwerz & Soniou E Breizh (Keltia) 331/332

Auerbach, Loren with Richard Newman Playing The Game (Christabel) 33

Auffret, Anne & Yann Fañch Kemener Chants Profanes & Sacre De Bretagne (Keltia) 132

Aufrey, Hughes Aufrey Chante Dylan (Barclay) 177 ATR

Aufwind Inejnem (Misrach-Music) 246

August, Lynn Creole Cruiser (Black Top) 112

August, Lynn Sauce Piquant (Black Top) 131

August Born August Born (Drag City) 270 ATR

Aulaga Folk A Menos Cuarto (Armando) 336 ATR

Aulaga Folk No Es Mala Leña (Armando) 278/279

Auldridge, Mike Dobro/Blues & Bluegrass (Takoma) 189 ATR

Auldridge, Mike Eight String Swing (Sugar Hill) 114 ATR

Auldridge, Mike, Bob Brozman, David Grisman Tone Poems 3 (Acoustic Disc) 213

Auli Aulos (Lauska) 295/296 ATR

Auli EtnoTranss (Lauska/Westpark) 333 ATR

Auli Sendzirdeju (Lauska) 275 ATR

Aungier, Cliff Full Moon (Aries) 22 (SR)

Aunt Fortescue's Bluesrockers Live At Ponty (Vole) 66

Aunt Thelma's Candlelight Orchestra Revenge/Out On The Loose (Gargoyle [single]) 30

Aurasian Brass Band: Tetsuhiro Daiku & Chindon Tsushinsha, with Aurasian Brass Band Jinta Wonderland (Off Note) 280

Aurélia Hypnogol - Journal D'Un Capitaine ( 298

Aurélia The Hour Of The Wolf (Home) 335

Aurelio see Martinez, Aurelio

Austenå, Salve Slåtter Fra Tovdal (Norsk Folkemusikksamling) 240 ATR

Austenå, Salve Tveitlien (Ose Kulturverkstad) 114

Austin Lounge Lizards, The Creatures From The Black Lagoon [no details given] 29 ATR

Austin Lounge Lizards, The Lizard Vision (Flying Fish) 106 ATR

Austin Lounge Lizards, The Never An Adult Moment (Sugar Hill) 209 ATR

Austin Lounge Lizards, The Paint Me On Velvet (Flying Fish) 126 ATR; 129 ATR

Austin, David (illustrator; author: Paul Smith) The Book Of Nasty Legends (Routledge & Kegan Paul) 21 P (SR)

Austin, Seth Christmas Day In The Morning (Kicking Mule) 34 ATR

Australasian World Music Expo Melbourne, Australia 322 L; 333 L

Ausuléa Ausuléa (SAM Productions) 309

Autere, Hanni Puhun Puille (Sibelius Academy) 270 ATR

Autorickshaw Four Higher (Talah Wallah) 261 ATR

Auvo Quartet, The Auvo Kvartetti (own label) 287

Auvray, Lydie Paradiso (Plane) 24 ATR (SR)

Avadå Band Avadå (Amalthea) 31

Avadå Band Chateau Vadå (Amalthea [MNW]) 145

Avadå Band Va Va De? (Know How) 91/92

Ávalon Beltaine (Discmedi Blau) 234

Avalon Heavy Hearts (Lismor) 56

Avalon Higher Ground (Iona) 115/116 ATR

Avalon Rocky Roads (Lismor) 38

Avatar Maniac Folk It (Nachural [single]) 139/140

Avenel, Jean-Jacques Waraba (Songlines) 259/260 ATR

Average Blues Band Against The Tide (Blue Room) 174 ATR

Averis, Ben Self-Contained (Dog Rose Sound) 203

Avitabile, Enzo In Napoletana (Folkclub Ethnosuoni) 319/320 ATR

Avitabile, Enzo & Bottari Festa Farina E Forca (Il Manifesto) 298

Avitabile, Enzo & Bottari Salvamm'o Munno (Wrasse [UK]/Musichemigranti [Italy]) 251

Avitabile, Enzo & Mory Kante o-Issa (CNI) 198 ATR

Aw, Becaye Sibi (Etnisk Musikklub) 313

Aw, Becaye: Aw - Ofsdal - Sereba Kaké (Etnisk Musikklubb) 263 ATR

Aw, Becaye: Unni Løvlid, Becaye Aw, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm Seven Winds (Heilo) 325 ATR

Awatinas Aruskipasipxananakasakipunirakispawa [VHJ 290388 - from Heart Beat/Macalister] 63

Awatinas Bloomsbury Theatre, London 78 L

Awatinas Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 62 L

Awatinas Kullakita (M. Conde) 98; 100

Awatinas Shaw Theatre, London 35 L

Aweke, Aster Aster (Triple Earth) 75

Aweke, Aster Ebo (Barkhanns) 131

Aweke, Aster Kabu (Triple Earth) 101

Aweke, Aster Porchester Hall, London 101 L

Aweke, Aster Ronnie Scott's Club, London 72 L

Awen Magic Land Awen Magic Land (Resistencia) 276 ATR

Axelsson, Jörgen: Anders Svensson, Magnus Gustafsson, Susanne Gustafsson, Anders Löfberg, Jörgen Axelsson Bålgetingen - Låtar Efter August Strömberg, Jät (Giga) 326/327 ATR

Ay-Kherel Five Elements (Kuku) 240

Aydemir, Murat (Derya Türkan &) Ahenk:Turkish Classical Music (Golden Horn) 191 ATR

Aydemir, Murat & Derya Türkan Ahenk Volume 2 (Golden Horn) 290/291

Aydemir, Murat (Salih Bilgin &) Nevâ (Kaf) 237

Ayivor, Kofi Rhythmology (Otrabanda) 263

Ayles, Michael Over The Bridge (Existential Angst Recordings) 290/291 ATR

Ayllón, Eva The Afro-Peruvian Legend (World Connection) 264 ATR

Aylward, Joe Joe Aylward (Panther, via Canadisc) 45 ATR

Aynur Keçe Kurdan (Kurdish Girl) (Kalan) 254/255

Aynur Nûpel (Kalan) 273

Aynur Rewend (Sony Music Türkiye) 328

Aysegül N'ettim Size (Iber Muzik) 292

Ayuba, Adewale Bubble (Flame Tree) 126

Ayuba, Adewale Mr Johnson (Flame Tree) 121

Ayuba, Adewale: Bantu Feat. Adewale Ayuba Fuji Satisfaction (Piranha) 268

Azcuy, Cristina Marianao (Soneros All Stars) 250 ATR

Azevedo, Anastásia Amanaiara (Piranha) 257 ATR

Aziz, Razia Songs Of Love And Devotion (ARC Music) 307/308 E

Azrié, Abed Lapis Lazuli (Doumtak/Nocturne) 266/267

Azrié, Abed Omar Khayyam (Doumtak/Nocturne) 266/267

Azrié, Abed Suerte Live (Doumtak/Nocturne) 266/267

Azrié, Abed Suerte Live À Beyrouth 2004 (Doumtak) 265 ATR

Azrié, Abed & Pedro Aledo Suerte (L'Empreinte Digitale) 157

Aztec Two-Step See It Was Like This... (Flying Fish) 82

Azumah Long Time Ago (Kaz) 103/104

Azuquita Y Su Melao La Salsa C'est Pas Compliqué! (Frémeaux & Associés) 244 ATR

Azzdine with Bill Laswell Massafat (Barraka El Farnatshi Prod. Barbarity) 258 ATR

Azzouz, Naziha (Adel Salameh &) Kanza (Enja) 229

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