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Kristi's Secrets

You'd better listen to Thalia then...

Stunned by this turn of opinion on one of my favourite albums of the year, I am temporarily bewildered. Can this be a Ry Cooder moment? I think I'd better change the subject, and ask if their encounters with other musicians on the global world music scene have thrown up any desires for collaborations. Yes indeed...

"First it was the Schäll Sick Brass Band from Germany, and it happened. It was so funny. And the Italians at Womex. And with Rory McLeod, I would like to co-operate with Rory. And then I would like to meet once in my life and maybe even co-operate with Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz. They are a couple that I had been listening to from the end of the '80s. I've never met them in festivals, it's just their records. And many of the Indian musicians that we have met."

"When you play with musicians or with singers from other countries," considers Stathis, "it's not only the similarities that we have in common, but it's the differences which I like. I really felt it when we played with an Italian group in Canada. We were playing a traditional song and suddenly we heard something that we wouldn't have imagined to put there, and it fitted so good."

This feature first appeared in fRoots 237, March 2003


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