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The Retro Modernist

For Devon, “The beauty of getting married is that if you can deal with that one person and their inner workings every day – everything from whether or not they take care of themselves, to your differences and competitive stuff – after that standing beside them and approaching the world together is a breeze. It shines such an illuminating light on the rest of the world, once you start to understand the inner workings of someone, it’s like a microcosm of the rest of the world.”

Paul Curreri and Devon met at a gig, “The last song I did was a Johnny Cash number, I Still Miss Someone,” she says. “A verse into it, this dude climbs on stage. He’s got a moustache, and he’s a little drunk. He says, ‘I know this song and I’m going to sing it with you’. I was like, ‘Oh God, who the hell is this?!’. But I wanted to go with the flow, so I whispered in his ear that he could sing on the choruses. And at the end of the song, I asked him his name and announced it to the audience… ‘Alright, let’s hear it for my new friend, Paul Curreri!’”

Devon wants Paul to produce her next album. “He is an avid CD collector and music connoisseur. When I first started living with him we were listening to a lot of country blues stuff like Skip James and Robert Johnson and Doc Watson and he’s still crazy about all of them. We’ve shifted toward more African jazz and a little bit of reggae. Listening to reggae just brightens your day. We have a lot of Bob Marley and Black Uhuru, and recently we’ve been listening to this great blend of the two which is my favourite by far of jazz or African music, the Ethiopiques collection. So good.”

“Paul’s just such an inspiration to me,” she continues, one reason why she too is a fan of Keep Your Silver Shined. “My husband and my friends, Jeff and the musicians, because they contributed so much of what it is, to make it what it is, I’m comfortable saying that. Rich was playing it the other day and I couldn’t hear it well enough to know what it was and I said ‘What’s this? I love this record!’ and then I realised it’s my record… How convenient! It was really nice…”

Unlike the coffee. Now, remember, it’s ‘Sproule’, rhymes with ‘roll’. You’ll want to get it right.

fRom fRoots 289, July 2007


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