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Charlie's Angle

In sorting out this confusion, there has long been a symbiosis between fRoots as the main magazine, and Charlie and the other key world music radio presenters. People's ears are perked by something on the radio, then they can read about it in our pages and they've got the purchase information and more background. It works the other way round as well - radio fleshing out the written word so that a writer's enthusiasms get the aural dimension.

"The case immediately springs to mind where Jenny Cathcart wrote the fRoots article about Viviane N'Dour, so I pursued Viviane's record and played it, and through that Max Reinhardt and Rita Ray heard it and put it onto their Shrine compilation. Then they were part of the panel that resulted in her headlining at the Barbican the other day, which is a lovely chain of events."

"It's a truism of marketing in general that one thing doesn't have an impact, it's the reinforcement of three or four things. That's why, in big advertising campaigns, you see the ad on TV but it's the still on the poster as you're driving along the road that reinforces, then a magazine picture of the same thing, and gradually you think 'OK, I've got the message'. So this is our own little version of that, and it's essential."

This feature first appeared in fRoots 218-219, Aug/Sep 2001


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